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7/20/15 Governor Bryant Authorizes National Guard Adjutant General to Arm Personnel at State Military Facilities Augustus Collins 4/21/15 As Data Breaches in New York Triple, Gillibrand Announces Bipartisan Cyber Security Measures to Better Prepare Businesses and Protect Consumers Against From Attacks Eric Schneiderman 9/09/14 Kasich and Taylor Isse Patriot Day Resolution, Order Public Flags Flown at Half-Staff Mary Taylor 7/11/12 Haslam Executive Order Suspends Hay Transportation Rules Julius Johnson 1/08/12 Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Endorses Mitt Romney Pam Bondi 8/28/11 Governor Christie and Lt. Governor Guadagno Announce Statewide Hurricane Irene Business Recovery Assistance Kimberly Guadagno 8/02/10 With Iran Saber Rattling, Rand Paul Says Nuclear Iran is Not a Threat to U.S. National Security Jack Conway 7/15/10 Putnam Seeks Greater FEMA Accountability for Taxpayers Adam Putnam 7/15/10 Flood Insurance Reform Priorities Act of 2010 Adam Putnam 3/06/09 More Big Government Adam Putnam 10/27/08 The Union Leader - Six Candidates Weigh in on War, Economy Councilor Joseph Kenney 9/11/08 Kennedy Statement On Seventh Anniversary Of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks John Kennedy 3/26/07 MSNBC Hardball-Transcript Adam Putnam 3/21/07 Wexler and 246 Members of Congress Urge EU Not to Provide Aid to New Palestinian Government Adam Putnam 10/25/06 CNN Larry King Live - Transcript Michael DeWine 10/25/06 CNN The Situation Room - Transcript Michael DeWine 9/28/06 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 5825, Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act Adam Putnam 9/19/06 Wyden, Bond, Senators Ask for Review of Classified Information in Senate Intelligence Report, Say Documents Were Overclassified Michael DeWine 9/13/06 Putnam Meets with South Korean President Adam Putnam 9/11/06 Putnam Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks on New York and Washington, DC Adam Putnam 9/10/06 Newark Advocate - Speaking the Language of Small Business Michael DeWine 8/23/06 Ohio Candidates Stress National Security Michael DeWine 8/22/06 The Plain Dealer - DeWine Pushes Homeland Security Issue Michael DeWine 8/13/06 The Chronicle-Telegram - DeWine Targets Brown's Turf Michael DeWine 6/30/06 The Greeneville Sun - House Candidate Roberts Emphasizes His Support For Pres. Bush On Iraq Richard Roberts 6/15/06 Declaring That the United States Will Prevail in the Global War on Terror Adam Putnam 6/08/06 Senate Passes Resolution Urging Government of Libya to Work in Good Faith to Settle Terrorism Cases Michael DeWine 5/24/06 The Kingsport Times-News - Roberts Airing TV, Radio Ads To Introduce Himself To NET Voters Richard Roberts 5/24/06 Libya and Pan AM Bombing Michael DeWine 5/23/06 Senators Feinstein, DeWine, Durbin, Santorum Lead Bipartisan Coalition of 52 Senators Calling for Increased U. S. Foreign Assistance Michael DeWine 5/16/06 Hearing of the HELP Subcommittee on Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities Michael DeWine 5/13/06 The Greeneville Sun - 8 GOP Congressional Candidates Tackle Questions From Citizens Richard Roberts 4/06/06 Remarks (as Prepared): Congressional Fire Services Institute Dinner Michael DeWine 3/16/06 DeWine, Graham, Hagel & Snowe Introduce the Terrorist Surveillance Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 12/15/05 House Demonstrates Commitment to War on Terror Adam Putnam 11/10/05 Opening Statement to Conference Committee: USA Patriot Act Michael DeWine 7/13/05 Putnam Statement on FEMA Findings and Recommendations Adam Putnam 7/07/05 Putnam Statement on Terrorist Bombings in London Adam Putnam 5/18/05 Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006 Adam Putnam 5/12/05 Floor Statement Israeli Independence Michael DeWine 4/27/05 Putnam Calls on FEMA to Speed up Reimbursement Payments Adam Putnam 3/12/05 Putnam Recives Assurances on FEMA Hurricane Disaster Assistance Delivery for Florida Adam Putnam 12/01/04 Toledo To Recieve Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 11/29/04 Amherst to Recieve Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 11/29/04 Bucyrus To Receive Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 11/29/04 Sardis To Recieve Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 11/29/04 Lakeside To Receive Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 11/29/04 McConnelsville To Recieve Fire Fighting Assistance From DeWine Bill Michael DeWine 10/10/04 Thank You, Chairman Tom Davis of Virginia and Staff Adam Putnam 10/06/04 Congresswoman Harris Leads Bipartisan Effort Seeking Extension of Hurricane Relief Application Deadline Adam Putnam 9/30/04 Ohio Flooding Michael DeWine 9/22/04 Executive Session Michael DeWine 9/22/04 Hearing of the National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee Adam Putnam 9/22/04 Hearing of the Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee Adam Putnam 9/21/04 Press Stakeout Following Republican Senate Policy Luncheon with: Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Mike Dewine Michael DeWine 9/20/04 Hearing of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee Michael DeWine 8/19/04 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee Michael DeWine 6/16/04 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Michael DeWine 6/08/04 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee Michael DeWine 11/07/03 Honoring Our Armed Forces Michael DeWine 10/24/03 Army Private First Class Branden F. Oberleitner Michael DeWine 9/11/03 DeWine Statement on 9/11 Anniversary Michael DeWine 7/24/03 CNN International Insight - Transcript Michael DeWine 6/09/03 Floor Statement: Tribute to Alfred Lerner Michael DeWine 4/28/03 Floor Statement Tribute to Fallen Ohio Servicemen Michael DeWine 2/11/03 Senate Select Intelligence Committee Holds Hearing on Worldwide Threats to Intelligence Community Michael DeWine 1/01/ Our Nation's Security Linked To Veterans' Promises Peter Goldmark 1/01/14 Issue Position: Supporting Firefighters Rebecca Otto 1/01/14 Issue Position: Issues Sid Miller 1/01/14 Issue Position: General Bob Livingston's Platform Robert Livingston 1/01/14 Issue Position: Securing Our Border Ken Paxton 1/01/14 Issue Position: School Safety Cynthia Coffman 1/01/12 Issue Position: Strengthening America's Standing Abroad Hector Balderas Issue Position: National Security Adam Putnam Issue Position: Military/Veterans Stephanie Bell Issue Position: National Security Susan Bitter Smith Issue Position: National Security Kirk Bushman Issue Position: National Security Elaine Marshall Issue Position: On War in Afghanistan Elaine Marshall Issue Position: Keep Our People Safe Nick Jordan Issue Position: National Security John Kennedy Issue Position: Common Sense Reforms Josh Mandel