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6/29/16 Letter to the Honorable Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, and The Honorable John Cornyn, Majority Whip - Urging Action on WRDA Sen. Marco Rubio 5/25/16 Lee Unveils Article I Regulatory Budget Act Sen. Marco Rubio 5/23/16 Letter to Senator Johnny Isakson, Chairman, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and Senator Senator Richard Blumenthal, Ranking Member, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee - Urging Action On Delayed VA Medical Leases Sen. Timothy Kaine 3/02/16 Warner & Kaine To Senate GOP: Uphold Your Constitutional Duty By Holding A Hearing & Vote On Supreme Court Nominee Sen. Timothy Kaine 2/25/16 On Steps Of Supreme Court, Warner & Kaine Join Call For A Hearing & Vote On President Obama's Nominee Sen. Timothy Kaine 2/14/16 Kaine Statement on the Supreme Court Sen. Timothy Kaine 2/08/16 Letter to the Hon. Michael B. Enzi, Chairman, Senate Budget Committee - Hearing on the FY17 budget request Sen. Timothy Kaine 1/22/16 Business Insider - Government Spending Is Out Of Control Sen. Rand Paul 1/21/16 McConnell, Paul, Lee, & Booker Sponsor Bill to Bring Accountability to Federal Prisons Sen. Rand Paul 1/20/16 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislative Performance Review Act of 2016 Sen. Rand Paul 1/08/16 Statement From Governor Christie On Legislation To Expand Gaming To North Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie 12/21/15 Sen. Rand Paul Reintroduces Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act Sen. Rand Paul 12/18/15 Sen. Rand Paul Announces Senate "Audit the Fed" Vote Sen. Rand Paul 12/16/15 Senators Introduce Legislation to Honor Amb. Christopher Stevens, Glen A. Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith - Heroes Killed in Libyan Consulate Attack Sen. Marco Rubio 12/04/15 Rubio Highlights More Than 30,000 Constituents Helped In New Constituent Service Report Sen. Marco Rubio 12/04/15 Sen. Cruz to Obama Administration: Release Details of the Iran Nuclear Deal Sen. Rafael Cruz 11/19/15 - Exclusive - Rand Paul Forces Mitch McConnell to Pull Bill Off Senate Floor Over Refugee Housing: "I Will Not Back Down' Sen. Rand Paul 11/17/15 Senate Passes Resolution of Disapproval Protecting Kentucky's Coal Industry, Co-Sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul Sen. Rand Paul 11/12/15 Kasich Calls for Realistic Approach at Town Hall Meeting with Sen. Tim Scot Gov. John Kasich 11/10/15 Rubio Opposes Obama's U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Nominee Sen. Marco Rubio 11/03/15 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript: Senator Tim Kaine on the Middle East Sen. Timothy Kaine 11/02/15 Roll Call - Rand Paul Goes Viral, Thanks to Mike Lee Sen. Rand Paul 10/27/15 Sen. Cruz: Stop John Boehner's "Golden Parachute' Budget Deal Sen. Rafael Cruz 10/27/15 The Washington Examiner - Rand Paul Vows to Filibuster Debt Ceiling Deal Sen. Rand Paul 10/02/15 Letter to Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner, Majority Whip Cornyn, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Chairmen Grassley, Chaffetz, Goodlatte, and Upton - Political Nature of GOP Planned Parenthood Oversight Sen. Timothy Kaine 9/28/15 US Term Limits - Rand Paul Signs U.S. Term Limits Pledge Sen. Rand Paul 9/28/15 Gov. Christie: To The Legislature, I Couldn't Have Vetoed The Most Tax Increases Without You Gov. Christopher Christie 9/25/15 The Hill - Trump on Boehner Resignation: 'It's a Good Thing' Donald Trump 9/25/15 Governor Pence Statement on Passing of Former Representative Bill Crawford Gov. Mike Pence 9/25/15 Breitbart - Rand Paul: Boehner's Successor Should Be Someone Who Was Elected In Past Six Years Sen. Rand Paul 9/23/15 Politico - The Republican Party's Surrender Politics Sen. Rafael Cruz 9/22/15 Letter to Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General for Government Accountability Office - Internet Domain Names Sen. Rafael Cruz 9/21/15 Time - Rand Paul: Here's How the GOP Can Stop Government Dysfunction Sen. Rand Paul 9/10/15 Politico - We Can Stop the Iran Deal and Here's How to Do It Sen. Rafael Cruz 9/10/15 Kaine Statement On Iran Deal Vote Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/17/15 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, U.S. Senate - Schedule Bipartisan Budget Negotiations Immediately Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/05/15 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 Sen. Timothy Kaine 7/28/15 Dr. Rand Paul Applauds House Passage of REINS Act Sen. Rand Paul 7/27/15 Letter to the United States Congress - No Deal for Iran Michael Huckabee 7/26/15 Sen. Cruz: Today's Events Show the McConnell-Reid Leadership Team Operates for One Party: The Washington Party Sen. Rafael Cruz 7/22/15 Rush Limbaugh - Ted Cruz Destroys the ICE Director Sen. Rafael Cruz 7/01/15 Governor Pence Pens Op-ed Regarding Indiana Laws Taking Effect Today Gov. Mike Pence 6/29/15 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Pending Legislation Gov. Christopher Christie 6/24/15 ICYMI: Sen. Cruz: It's Time to Break the Washington Cartel Sen. Rafael Cruz 6/18/15 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 Sen. Timothy Kaine 6/15/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Enact Congressional Transparency Sen. Rand Paul 6/05/15 Breitbart - Hundreds Pack Manchester Office to Hear Rand Paul Bash 'Arrogant Washington Machine': 'They Don't Read the Bills' Sen. Rand Paul 5/27/15 Us Magazine - Senator Rand Paul Cuts His Own Hair: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me Sen. Rand Paul 5/27/15 Letter to Jacob Lew, Secretary U.S. Department of the Treasury - Witness Refusal Sen. Rafael Cruz 5/08/15 Governor Pence Pens Op-ed Regarding Accomplishments of 2015 Legislative Session Gov. Mike Pence 5/07/15 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript: National Security Threats and Congress's Role in the Middle East Sen. Timothy Kaine 5/05/15 Los Angeles Times - Column: Does Congress Know We're At War? Sen. Timothy Kaine 5/01/15 Slaughter's Official Portrait as Chair of Committee on Rules Unveiled Hillary Clinton 4/23/15 Sen. Cruz: Senate Should Not Confirm Loretta Lynch Sen. Rafael Cruz 4/23/15 Sen. Rand Paul Reintroduces Constitutional Amendment Requiring Congress to Live by the Laws it Passes Sen. Rand Paul 4/12/15 Wall Street Journal - Congress Takes Up Iran-Oversight Fight Sen. Timothy Kaine 3/27/15 Kaine Statement On Minority Leader Harry Reid Sen. Timothy Kaine 3/24/15 Governor Pence Statement on Senator Dan Coats' Announcement Not to Seek Re-election in 2016 Gov. Mike Pence 3/12/15 Sen. Rand Paul Introduces "Read the Bills' Resolution Sen. Rand Paul 3/03/15 Governor Pence Statement Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech Before Joint Session of Congress Gov. Mike Pence 2/27/15 Governor Pence Statement on Passing of Former Indiana State Senator Sue Landske Gov. Mike Pence 2/04/15 Sen. Paul Asks Kentucky General Assembly to Pass Expungement Legislation Sen. Rand Paul 1/30/15 Letter to Keith Faber, President of the Ohio Senate and Cliff Rosenberger, Speaker of the Ohio House - State of the State Gov. John Kasich 1/12/15 Washington Post - Ted Cruz to Senate Republicans: We Must "Earn the Mandate we Were Given' Sen. Rafael Cruz 1/05/15 Kasich Statement on the Commencement of the 131st General Assembly Gov. John Kasich 12/15/14 Vote Explanation Sen. Marco Rubio 11/14/14 Letter to Harry Reid, Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader, of the Senate - Monthly Bipartisan Lunches Sen. Marco Rubio 11/14/14 Letter to Harry Reid, Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader, of the Senate - Monthly Bipartisan Lunches Sen. Timothy Kaine 11/12/14 Kasich Statement on Legislative Leaders of 131st General Assembly Gov. John Kasich 10/14/14 Governor Pence Statement on House Republican Legislative Agenda Gov. Mike Pence 10/10/14 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript: Republican Party and the Black Community and Foreign Policies Sen. Rand Paul 9/10/14 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader - Continuing Resolution Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/11/14 Governor Christie: Do You Want To Do Something Or Be Something? Gov. Christopher Christie 8/05/14 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript: Harry Reid and the Senate Sen. Rand Paul 7/31/14 National Review Online - The Unintended Consequences of Interventionism Sen. Rand Paul 5/16/14 Cornyn, Cruz, Sessions File Brief in Support of Obamacare Challenge Sen. Rafael Cruz 3/11/14 Washington Examiner - Ted Cruz: CIA Hacking of Senate Computers Would be 'Consistent With a Pattern' of Obama Disrespecting Congress Sen. Rafael Cruz 3/06/14 One Year Anniversary of Sen. Paul's Filibuster Sen. Rand Paul 1/01/14 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge Harry Pavilack 12/11/13 Nomination of Patricia M. Wald to be a Member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Sen. Rand Paul 11/21/13 CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Filibuster Rule and Military Sexual Assault Sen. Rand Paul 11/07/13 Sen. Paul Introduces Legislation to Enact Congressional Transparency Sen. Rand Paul 11/05/13 Fox News - Why I Believe Legislative Prayer is Constitutional Expression of Religious Freedom Sen. Marco Rubio 10/18/13 Statement On The Passing Of U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young Sen. Marco Rubio 10/03/13 Contract from America Sen. Rand Paul 10/03/13 Contract from America Sen. Marco Rubio 10/03/13 Contract from America Sen. Rafael Cruz 9/20/13 Statement on Possible Republican Filibuster of Continuing Resolution Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/22/13 Virginian-Pilot - Six Months in, Sen. Kaine is Still Finding his Footing Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/06/13 Enzi, Barrasso Defend Legislative Prayer Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/02/13 Sen. Toomey Joins Sens. Coburn & Paul To Restore Constitutional Limits On Congressional Power Sen. Rand Paul 7/30/13 Vote Explanation Sen. Marco Rubio 7/29/13 Kaine Named Chairman Of Foreign Relations Subcommittee On The Middle East Sen. Timothy Kaine 7/17/13 Executive Session Sen. Marco Rubio 6/03/13 Rubio Mourns the Loss of Senator Frank Lautenberg Sen. Marco Rubio 4/10/13 Kaine Announces Support For Burwell Nomination During Confirmation Hearing Sen. Timothy Kaine 1/25/13 Sen. Paul Statement on Senate Rules Change Sen. Rand Paul 1/03/13 CNN "The Situation Room" - Trancript - New Members of Congress Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/03/12 Press Availability With South Sudanese Foreign Minister Nhial Deng Hillary Clinton 5/31/12 School's Not Out Yet Gov. Christopher Christie

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