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10/30/14 "The Governor Is Wildly Out of Touch" Rep. Joe Dorman 10/30/14 Dax Ewbank Endorses Joe Dorman Rep. Joe Dorman 10/29/14 Bell: Booker's Experts Have Been Proven Wrong Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/29/14 Takai Endorsed by National Social Security and Medicare Group Rep. K. Mark Takai 10/29/14 Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise - Dorman Touts Bipartisan Efforts Rep. Joe Dorman 10/29/14 Condoleezza Rice Endorses Joni Ernst Sen. Joni Ernst 10/28/14 Dr. Jacobs Endorses Steve Knight Sen. Stephen Knight 10/28/14 Republican Tom Ervin Suspends Campaign, Endorses Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/28/14 Daily Herald - Foster, Senger talk guns, national security Rep. Darlene Senger 10/28/14 The Winchester Star - Comstock Pushes Connections To Wolf, Legislators Rep. Barbara Comstock 10/28/14 Bell: Christie Right, Booker Wrong on Ebola Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/27/14 Sheheen Launches Two-Day "Honest Leadership" Push to Mark Two-Year Hacking Anniversary Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/27/14 KGOU - A Day With Dorman: Gubernatorial Challenger Hits the Road Before Election Day Rep. Joe Dorman 10/27/14 The Daily Ardmoreite - Aging Services Costs, Population Increasing Rep. Joe Dorman 10/27/14 Joni For Iowa Releases New Ad: "Grassley" Sen. Joni Ernst 10/27/14 KSWO - Dorman Campaigns in Last Week of Governor's Race Rep. Joe Dorman 10/26/14 Takai Endorsed by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Rep. K. Mark Takai 10/26/14 Joni Highlights Military Service In New TV Ad, "Difference" Sen. Joni Ernst 10/25/14 Muskogee Phoenix - Dorman Says Education Is Key in Governor's Race Rep. Joe Dorman 10/25/14 Joni Ernst Finishes 99 County Tour Early Sen. Joni Ernst 10/24/14 Sign the Petition: Raise the Minimum Wage! Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/24/14 Statesman Journal - Richardson Asks US Attorney to Investigate Kitzhaber Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/23/14 Zeldin Discusses Specific Plans to Move America in a Better Direction Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/23/14 Letter to S. Amanda Marshall, US Attorney for the District of Oregon - Potential Criminal Activities of Gov. Kitzhaber and First Lady Hayes Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/23/14 Oberweis Calls on Durbin to Release Secret Internal Sexual Harassment Report Sen. James Oberweis 10/23/14 Blog: We're in the Home Stretch! Rep. Susan Wismer 10/23/14 Hatch Statement in Re: Board of Regents Tuition Vote Sen. Jack Hatch 10/23/14 In Fifth Debate, Richardson Confronts Kitzhaber on Ethics Scandal Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/23/14 Bell and Booker to Debate Tomorrow Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/23/14 Mary Fallin's Hypocrisy Continues Rep. Joe Dorman 10/23/14 Regents Finally Take Action to Certify State's Pass Standards Rep. Joe Dorman 10/22/14 Daily Herald - 11th hopefuls discuss foreign policy, environment Rep. Darlene Senger 10/22/14 Rep. Wismer Presents Changes She Would Bring to the Governor's Office During KELOLAND Debate Rep. Susan Wismer 10/22/14 Chicago Sun-Times - At Durbin Debate, Oberweis Flips, Says He Now Backs Gay Marriage Sen. James Oberweis 10/22/14 Crony Capitalist Durbin Donor and Anti-Oberweis SuperPac Funder Got Questionable Federal Contract That Shortchanged Company Now Supplying Ebola Vaccine Sen. James Oberweis 10/22/14 MPR News - In First Debate, Peterson, Westrom Battle Over Health Care Sen. Torrey Westrom 10/22/14 Carter: Deal's Education Task Force Is an Admission of Failure Sen. Jason Carter 10/22/14 Daily Repulic - Logue wins US Chamber of Commerce support AM Dan Logue 10/22/14 Hogs Are Back in New Joni For Iowa TV Spot Sen. Joni Ernst 10/21/14 Respected Pediatrician Endorse Steve Knight Sen. Stephen Knight 10/21/14 Exactly Who We Need Rep. Shirley Ringo 10/21/14 Takai Voted Today at City Hall Rep. K. Mark Takai 10/21/14 Jack Hatch: Farm Safety Is No Joke Sen. Jack Hatch 10/21/14 New York State Senator Zeldin Supports Women's Initiatives, Part 4 Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/21/14 Breaking: On Gov. Deal's Watch, Georgia Stays Dead Last in Unemployment Sen. Jason Carter 10/20/14 Tonight: Watch the Debate! Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/20/14 New Ad: Sheheen Blasts Haley for Misrepresenting State of SC Economy Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/20/14 Edmond Sun - Democrats' "Dream Team' Brings Vision to Edmond Rep. Joe Dorman 10/20/14 Statement by Joni Ernst in Response to Braley Surrogate Questioning Her Patriotism Sen. Joni Ernst 10/20/14 Simon Conway & Joni Ernst Respond to Congressman Braley Surrogate's Attack on Joni's Patriotism Sen. Joni Ernst 10/20/14 After Making Georgia a Laughingstock, Deal Goes into Damage Control Sen. Jason Carter 10/20/14 Edmond Sun - "You Are a Person, Not a Diagnosis' Rep. Joe Dorman 10/20/14 Branstad Launches Tour to Mislead Iowans One Last Time Sen. Jack Hatch 10/19/14 Early Voting Begins Rep. Bruce Westerman 10/19/14 Tulsa World - Rep. Joe Dorman: Putting People Before Politics Rep. Joe Dorman 10/18/14 Seattle Post‑Intelligencer - Kitzhaber Embattled as He Seeks 4th Term Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/18/14 The Post and Courier - Sen. Lindsey Graham Turns to Getting Out the Vote in Race Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/17/14 Zeldin for Congress Launches Second TV Ad of General Election: "Term Limit Tim" Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/17/14 Joni Ernst Issues Statement Regarding President Obama's Appointment of Ebola "Czar" Sen. Joni Ernst 10/17/14 Knight to President: We Don't Need a Political Czar, We Need a Medical Overseer Sen. Stephen Knight 10/17/14 Delegate Comstock's Statement On Costly, Job Killing EPA Rule Rep. Barbara Comstock 10/17/14 Joni Hits Road For "Iowa Knows Best" Tour of Iowa's 99 Counties Sen. Joni Ernst 10/17/14 New York State Senator Zeldin Supports Women's Initiatives, Part 3 Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/16/14 Valley News - Garcia Criticizes U.S. Approaches Rep. Marilinda Garcia 10/16/14 In Second Debate, Emily Cain Stands Up for Middle Class, Highlights Bipartisan Record on Behalf of Maine Sen. Emily Ann Cain 10/16/14 New York State Senator Zeldin Supports Women's Initiatives, Part 2 Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/16/14 New Report Confirms Failures of Fal-esi Education Policies Rep. Joe Dorman 10/16/14 Zeldin Reissues Call for President Obama to Suspend West Africa Travel to US Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/16/14 Carter Statement on Jobs Report Showing Loss of 15,000 Private Sector Jobs Sen. Jason Carter 10/16/14 To Fee Or Not To Fee Sen. Earl Carter 10/16/14 Joe Dorman Agrees to Second Debate at OU Rep. Joe Dorman 10/16/14 Major Momentum for Joe Dorman Rep. Joe Dorman 10/16/14 Joe Dorman Receives GOP Support Rep. Joe Dorman 10/16/14 Dennis Richardson Unveils Oregon Reboot Plan Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/16/14 In Push for Transparency from Richardson, Kitzhaber Caves to Pressure for Probe of First Lady's Pay-to-Play Scandal Rep. Dennis Richardson 10/16/14 Joe Dorman Proves He Will Be an Education Governor Rep. Joe Dorman 10/16/14 Los Angeles Deputies Endorse Steve Knight Sen. Stephen Knight 10/16/14 Cain To Striking Fairpoint Workers: I Stand With You Sen. Emily Ann Cain 10/16/14 Leading Republicans Support Cain for Congress Sen. Emily Ann Cain 10/15/14 Joni Ernst Releases Statement in Response to Reports of Ebola Cases in the U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst 10/15/14 Joni for Senate Releases New 30-Second TV Ad, "Biscuit" Sen. Joni Ernst 10/15/14 New York State Senator Zeldin Supports Women's Initiatives, Part 1 Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/15/14 Talk Business - Fourth District Candidates Discuss Wide Range Of Topics In AETN Forum Rep. Bruce Westerman 10/14/14 Sen. Hatch Announces Tax-Exempt Public Service Pensions Act Sen. Jack Hatch 10/14/14 Watson Coleman Announces Gun Safety Policy Priorities AM Bonnie Watson Coleman 10/14/14 Vincent's Plan: Honest Leadership for South Carolina Jobs Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/14/14 Joni Ernst Statement on Dr. Doug Butzier Sen. Joni Ernst 10/14/14 Westerman Wins Second Straight Debate Rep. Bruce Westerman 10/14/14 Knight to Strickland: Jobs more Important Than Politics Sen. Stephen Knight 10/14/14 Rep. Wismer: Governor Daugaard Must Direct Regents to Free EB-5 Files Rep. Susan Wismer 10/14/14 Where We Stand Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/14/14 Joni Ernst Calls on Congressman Bruce Braley to Update Congressional Website to Reflect True Numbers Sen. Joni Ernst 10/14/14 Knight to Strickland: Jobs More Important than Politics Sen. Stephen Knight 10/13/14 Let's Keep Our Promises Rep. Amanda Curtis 10/13/14 Joni Ernst Discusses Michelle Obama and Bruce "Bailey" with Sean Hannity Sen. Joni Ernst 10/13/14 Hutto Endorses Citizen Funded Election Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/13/14 George Sinner Launches Series of Roundtable Discussions to Address Womens' Issues Sen. George Sinner 10/13/14 Bishop and Dems Feverishly Inject Lie after Lie into NY-1 Race Sen. Lee Zeldin 10/13/14 Blog: Commit to Vote on Super Sunday Sen. Wendy Davis 10/13/14 The Wall Street Journal - Politicians Court the Millennials, but Will They Vote? Rep. Marilinda Garcia