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10/29/16 The Detroit News - Rep. Walberg, Driskell Duel Over Trade, Trustworthiness Rep. Gretchen Driskell 10/26/16 Andy Biggs' Statement on Obamacare Premiums Increases Sen. Andy Biggs 10/24/16 There are More Debates this Weekend Rep. John Shaban 10/14/16 Orlando Political Observer - Luis Gutierrez and Darren Soto Push Puerto Rican Voter Turnout in Orlando Sen. Darren Soto 10/13/16 Human Rights Campaign - LGBTQ Visibility at Orlando Congressional Debate Sen. Darren Soto 10/13/16 Statement Regarding Biggs Increasing Lead to 16 Votes Sen. Andy Biggs 10/13/16 Statement on Jones Urging Courts to Delay Mailing of Military Ballots​ Sen. Andy Biggs 10/13/16 Andy Biggs Wins Recount, Increasing Lead to 27 Votes​ Sen. Andy Biggs 10/13/16 Andy Biggs Statement on Christine Jones Conceding Race​ Sen. Andy Biggs 10/13/16 Statement Regarding Court Order to Add More Votes in AZ-5 Election​ Sen. Andy Biggs 10/12/16 Cole Presented Clear Plan For West Virginia Sen. William Cole 10/12/16 Planned Parenthood Joins Team Soto! Sen. Darren Soto 10/11/16 News 13 - 9th District Candidates Soto, Liebnitzky Differ on Priorities, Focus Sen. Darren Soto 10/10/16 Ambassador John Bolton Endorses Kathy Szeliga for Senate Rep. Kathy Szeliga 10/10/16 The Delaware To-do List Item #5: Restore Prosperity And Bring Back Quality Jobs (Part Three) Sen. Colin Bonini 10/08/16 Star Tribune- Terri Bonoff: "It's Too Late for Erik Paulsen to Disavow Donald Trump." Sen. Terri Bonoff 10/08/16 Hawks Statement On Noem And Trump Rep. Paula Hawks 10/05/16 The Frederick News Post- Raskin, A Constitutional Law Professor, Wants to Reform Washington Sen. Jamin Raskin 10/05/16 Bill Cole Offers Voters A Plan To Move West Virginia Forward Sen. William Cole 10/04/16 Hartford Courant - Lack of Debates in Senate Race Leaves Carter Frustrated Rep. Dan Carter 10/04/16 Orlando Sentinel - Liebnitzky, Soto Face Off in Congressional Race Sen. Darren Soto 10/03/16 The Daily Reporter - Driskell Challenges Incumbent Walberg Rep. Gretchen Driskell 10/02/16 The Dominion Post- Bill Cole Profile Story Sen. William Cole 10/01/16 Grand Forks Herald- Candidate Marvin Nelson: Invest Legacy Fund Dollars In Nitrogen Plant Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/30/16 Driskell Calls out Walberg for Bill to Delay Christmas Bonuses for 4 Million Americans Rep. Gretchen Driskell 9/30/16 Jack Martins: They Did What?! Sen. Jack Martins 9/28/16 5th District Republican Nominee Tom Garrett Hits the Airwaves Sen. Thomas Garrett 9/28/16 Jack Martins: Congress Right to Stand With 9/11 Families and Override President's Veto Sen. Jack Martins 9/28/16 Carter: Disturbing Reports Coming Out of the VA Rep. Dan Carter 9/27/16 WKTV - First 22nd Congressional District Debate Draws Big Crowd AM Claudia Tenney 9/27/16 The Patch- 3rd District Candidate Terri Bonoff: Donald Trump Is a Threat to this Nation Sen. Terri Bonoff 9/26/16 Newtown Daily Voice - Senate Candidate From Bethel Vows Changes To Stimulate Troubled Economy Rep. Dan Carter 9/25/16 The Uptake- Businesses Should Influence What Is Taught In Schools, Says Congressional Candidate Sen. Terri Bonoff 9/23/16 Mcginty Calls for Toomey to Stop Attacking Consumer Watchdog Rep. William Kortz 9/23/16 Mcginty Calls for Toomey to Stop Attacking Consumer Watchdog Sen. Wayne Fontana 9/22/16 Capitol Report- Getting Incumbents To Debate Can Be Tough Sen. Terri Bonoff 9/21/16 Latest Terror Attacks Are Evidence of DHS' Inability to Vet Refugees Sen. Thomas Garrett 9/21/16 Jack Martins: It's Wrong to Bring Captured Terrorists to US Mainland Sen. Jack Martins 9/21/16 Jeff Stone Announces Congressional Salary Will Be Donated to Charity Sen. Jeff Stone 9/20/16 Carter: "In Today's Day and Age, These Are the Things Government Can't Afford to Get Wrong." Rep. Dan Carter 9/20/16 We Live in a Dangerous World Rep. John Shaban 9/20/16 Dittmar Campaign Launches False Attack Ad Sen. Thomas Garrett 9/19/16 Jack Martins Statement on Domestic Terrorist Attacks Sen. Jack Martins 9/15/16 Jack Martins Applauds Record Military Aid Package for Israel Sen. Jack Martins 9/14/16 Driskell Sets Record Straight in Third Ad Rep. Gretchen Driskell 9/11/16 Remember Rep. John Shaban 9/09/16 The Orlando Political Observer - Xavier Becerra Rallies With Darren Soto in Kissimmee for 9th Congressional Primary Run Sen. Darren Soto 9/08/16 National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Kathy Szeliga Rep. Kathy Szeliga 9/08/16 Cole Stands with UMWA Sen. William Cole 9/07/16 The Delaware To-do List Item #4: Restore Prosperity And Bring Back Quality Jobs (Part Two) Sen. Colin Bonini 9/05/16 Gretchen Driskell Honors Contribution of American Workers on Labor Day Rep. Gretchen Driskell 9/03/16 Midwestern Scout - Changing the System From Within: Marvin Nelson Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/03/16 Grand Forks Herald - With Gistory Against Him and a Slim Pocketbook in Hand, Democrat Marvin Nelson Aims for Governor's ffice Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/02/16 One on One with State Senator Jamie Raskin Sen. Jamin Raskin 9/02/16 The Jamestown Sun - Running for Governor Rep. Marvin Nelson 9/01/16 The 3rd Largest Political Party in Connecticut!!! Rep. John Shaban 8/30/16 Press Release from Marvin Nelson regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Source Water Protection Program Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/30/16 West Dakota Fox - State Budget Causes Concern Over Promised Funding for New Williston Basin International Airport Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/29/16 The Delaware To-do List Item #3: Restore Prosperity And Bring Back Quality Jobs (Part One) Sen. Colin Bonini 8/26/16 The Journal Inquirer - Blumenthal sends mixed signals on Iran, GOP opponent charges Rep. Dan Carter 8/25/16 WDAZ - Marvin Nelson: "Doug Burgum Playing Hidey Hide" Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/24/16 Driskell Slams Trade Deal Tim on TPP Rep. Gretchen Driskell 8/24/16 Justice's Risky Budget Scheme Sen. William Cole 8/23/16 This Edition of Himes' Greatest (Mis)Hits - aka "HIMESHITS" Rep. John Shaban 8/22/16 The Delaware To-do List Item #2: Stemming Illegal Immigration And Dangerous Refugee Settlement Sen. Colin Bonini 8/22/16 New Haven Independent - Carter: Blumenthal Giving 'Lip Service' to Sikorsky Workers Rep. Dan Carter 8/21/16 Martins Blasts Opponents For Trying to Keep Military Personnel From Voting in General Election Sen. Jack Martins 8/18/16 Cole Met With Huntington Drug Policy Task Force Sen. William Cole 8/18/16 Letter to Admiral Paul F. Zukunft Maloney, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard - Larkin, Skoufis & Neuhaus Call for Environmental Impact Study, Additional Public Hearings on Potential Oil Barges on Hudson River AM James Skoufis 8/18/16 Letter to Admiral Paul F. Zukunft Maloney, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard - Larkin, Skoufis & Neuhaus Call for Environmental Impact Study, Additional Public Hearings on Potential Oil Barges on Hudson River Sen. William Larkin 8/17/16 The Delaware To-do List Item #1: Budget Savings Without Tax Increases Sen. Colin Bonini 8/16/16 Justice Allies Launch False, Negative Attack on Cole Sen. William Cole 8/16/16 Cole Unveils Drug Plan Sen. William Cole 8/16/16 Abramson Releases Details of Health Care Cost Plan Rep. Max Abramson 8/14/16 Ruben Kihuen Statement on Social Security Anniversary Sen. Ruben Kihuen 8/12/16 Marvin Nelson, Democratic Candidate for Governor Calls Out Opponent Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/12/16 Gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson talks education funding, flood control in Minot Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/11/16 Townhall: Can Magic Happen Twice in Maryland? Rep. Kathy Szeliga 8/11/16 Democratic-NPL candidate for Gov. Marvin Nelson visits Williston Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/11/16 Down With Tyranny - Moving The Progressive Agenda Forward-- In North Dakota Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/10/16 Dold, Kirk Call for Moving Forward Commonsense Immigration Reform Sen. Christine Radogno 8/10/16 CT Dems Seek to Export CT's Failures to the Entire Nation Rep. John Shaban 8/09/16 Ruben Kihuen: Congressman Hardy's Opposition to Bipartisan Education Funding Is Shameful, Not Surprising Sen. Ruben Kihuen 8/09/16 The Ledger - Roundtable With Dreamers Spotlights Issues Affecting Hispanics Sen. Darren Soto 8/06/16 The Bismarck Tribune - Gubernatorial Candidates Weigh in on Special Session Rep. Marvin Nelson 8/05/16 Blumenthal On $400M Iran Payment; I Have Concerns About Timing And Appearance Rep. Dan Carter 8/04/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces 30 New Jobs in Warren County Rep. Christopher Collins 8/04/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces 30 New Jobs in Warren County Sen. Mark Obenshain 8/04/16 Gubernatorial Candidate Max Abramson Unveils Details of Drug Policy Plan Rep. Max Abramson 8/04/16 Cole Commits to Two Debates Sen. William Cole 8/04/16 Dwight Evans: Everyone Deserves Access to Fresh Foods Rep. Dwight Evans 8/04/16 Helping Ellicott City Rep. Kathy Szeliga 8/04/16 81 Years Old and Stronger Than Ever Sen. Darren Soto 8/03/16 The Hartford Courant - Blumenthal Sides With Malloy In Airport Backpack 'Mistake' Rep. Dan Carter 8/03/16 Carter: Obama Puts a Price on Americans Rep. Dan Carter 8/03/16 Cole Endorsed by WV Auto Dealers Sen. William Cole 8/02/16 Our Democratic Values Sen. Darren Soto 8/02/16 Statement: In Wake of Trump Disparaging Gold Star Parents, U.S. Senate Candidate Eliot Glassheim Again Calls on Sen. Hoeven to Withdraw His Support Rep. Eliot Glassheim 8/02/16 Tim Walberg Insults Military Families by Ignoring Attack Rep. Gretchen Driskell 8/01/16 Governor Cuomo Directs Department Of Corrections and Community Supervision to Restrict Sex Offenders on Parole From Playing Pokémon GO Sen. Jeffrey Klein

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