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2/04/15 Governor Tomblin Signs Senate Bill 280, Supporting Economic Development in West Virginia Sen. William Cole 1/12/15 - $55 million redesign, two-story building planned for Elizabeth NJ Transit station Sen. Raymond Lesniak 1/06/15 Sires Joins a Dozen State and Local Elected Officials in Calling on Port Authority to Withdraw Proposal to Eliminate Overnight PATH Service AM Vincent Prieto 11/21/14 Congressman Waxman, State Senator Lieu and State Senator-Elect Ben Allen Release Statement on UCLA Student Government Endorsement of Israel Divestment Policy Sen. Ben Allen 11/21/14 Letter to Feniosky Peña-Mora - 91st Street Marine Transfer Station Safety Plan Sen. Liz Krueger 11/21/14 Letter to Feniosky Peña-Mora - 91st Street Marine Transfer Station Safety Plan AM Dan Quart 11/21/14 Mayors of Many US Cities to Convene in New York City at Summit on Implementation of Executive Order on Immigration AM Francisco Moya 11/21/14 Letter to Feniosky Peña-Mora - 91st Street Marine Transfer Station Safety Plan AM Robert Rodriguez 11/06/14 Blog: Thank You Sen. James Oberweis 11/06/14 Thank You! Sen. Vincent Sheheen 11/03/14 President Bill Clinton Endorses George Sinner for U.S. House of Representatives Sen. George Sinner 11/03/14 Hutto Blasts Graham for "White Male Only' Comments Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/28/14 Republican Tom Ervin Suspends Campaign, Endorses Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/28/14 Durbin and Allies Ready to Spring Nov. 15 Surprise with Obamacare Premium Hikes Sen. James Oberweis 10/27/14 Sheheen Launches Two-Day "Honest Leadership" Push to Mark Two-Year Hacking Anniversary Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/25/14 Tribune Star - State, Federal Leaders Addressing Sexual Assault on Indiana Campuses Rep. Christina Hale 10/23/14 George Sinner Highlights Balanced, Common Sense Approach Sen. George Sinner 10/23/14 Oberweis Calls on Durbin to Release Secret Internal Sexual Harassment Report Sen. James Oberweis 10/23/14 The Sentinel - Immigration, Education Tackled at Candidate Forum Rep. Will Tallman 10/22/14 Crony Capitalist Durbin Donor and Anti-Oberweis SuperPac Funder Got Questionable Federal Contract That Shortchanged Company Now Supplying Ebola Vaccine Sen. James Oberweis 10/22/14 MPR News - In First Debate, Peterson, Westrom Battle Over Health Care Sen. Torrey Westrom 10/22/14 Chicago Sun-Times - At Durbin Debate, Oberweis Flips, Says He Now Backs Gay Marriage Sen. James Oberweis 10/21/14 George Sinner Announces Truth in Politics Initiative Sen. George Sinner 10/20/14 New Ad: Sheheen Blasts Haley for Misrepresenting State of SC Economy Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/18/14 The Post and Courier - Sen. Lindsey Graham Turns to Getting Out the Vote in Race Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/15/14 George Sinner Calls for Increased Access to Victim Services in North Dakota Sen. George Sinner 10/14/14 George Sinner Continues to Push for Action for North Dakota Farmers Sen. George Sinner 10/14/14 Vincent's Plan: Honest Leadership for South Carolina Jobs Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/13/14 Hutto Endorses Citizen Funded Election Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/13/14 George Sinner Launches Series of Roundtable Discussions to Address Womens' Issues Sen. George Sinner 10/09/14 Sinner Attends Meeting on Housing Issues in Williston Sen. George Sinner 10/08/14 Crookstone Times - 2014 Election: Westrom Cites Growing Debt Under Peterson, says Obamacare Must Go Sen. Torrey Westrom 10/08/14 Portage Life - Lakeshore Restoration Efforts Continue to Bolster Local Economy Sen. Karen Tallian 10/07/14 Daily Herald - Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Shows Divisions Between Oberweis, Durbin Sen. James Oberweis 10/07/14 Business North - Post Office Cuts Deemed 'Mindless,' 'Nonsensical' Rep. Jason Metsa 10/06/14 Lindsey Graham Cuts and Runs -- Cowers from Debating Opponents Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 10/06/14 Durbin Paid Top Woman Less than Man, Federal Records Show Sen. James Oberweis 10/06/14 George Sinner Calls on Kevin Cramer to Pull Ad, Apologize to Veterans Sen. George Sinner 10/06/14 Sheheen to Haley: Stop Hiding Behind Commercials & Debate Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/03/14 Sheheen: LAC Audit Confirms Haley Lied About Numbers As Children Died Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/02/14 Westrom Statement on New MNsure Rates Sen. Torrey Westrom 10/01/14 Lower the Confederate Flag and Raise the American Flag Sen. Vincent Sheheen 10/01/14 WBGZ Radio - Candidates Differ on Iraq View Sen. James Oberweis 10/01/14 Westrom Statement on the Importance of Congress' Relationship with Indian Tribes Sen. Torrey Westrom 10/01/14 On One-Year Anniversary of Shutdown, Sinner Shows Real Leadership Sen. George Sinner 9/30/14 Westrom Agrees to Three Candidate Debates in Minnesota's 7th Congressional District Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/30/14 George Sinner Vows to Advocate for Law Enforcement Needs Sen. George Sinner 9/29/14 Associated Press - US Sen. Durbin, State Sen. Oberweis Differ on Mandatory Background Checks for Gun Purchases Sen. James Oberweis 9/29/14 Veterans Back Vincent Sheheen Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/29/14 Durbin Caught Lying About IRS Contact at Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Session Sen. James Oberweis 9/25/14 Westrom Announces Endorsement from Ambassador John Bolton Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/24/14 Booker, Pallone, Sweeney Highlight Importance of NJ Steel Industry Sen. Stephen Sweeney 9/23/14 Westrom Kicks Off New Leadership Tour in West Central Minnesota Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/20/14 The State - A Closer Look at Haley's Economic "Magic' Claims Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/18/14 Sinner Announces Plan to Help Small Businesses and Balance the Budget Sen. George Sinner 9/16/14 Hutto Condemns Graham's "Chicken Little' like Fear Mongering Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 9/16/14 Westrom Statement on PreferredOne Decision to Pull Out of MNsure Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/12/14 Sheheen Calls for Four Additional Debates Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/11/14 Westrom Statement on U.S. Strategy for ISIS Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/10/14 A Plan to End the Violence Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/14 Sheheen: Honest Leadership Requires Ethical Leaders Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/14 SC Social Workers Endorse Vincent Sheheen for Governor Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/14 Westrom Statement on House Vote to Keep Navigable Waters Definition Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/08/14 State of the Port: Strong, No Thanks to Nikki Haley Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/08/14 Sinner, Axness Call Out Past and Present PSC for Failure to Lead Sen. George Sinner 9/07/14 Star Tribune - 'Young Gun' Torrey Westrom Hopes to Stir Up 7th District Race Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/05/14 George Sinner Hosts Second Student Roundtable Discussion Sen. George Sinner 9/04/14 Sinner Calls on Surface Transportation Board to Take Action for North Dakota Farmers Sen. George Sinner 9/04/14 Westrom, Rep. Fleming Host ObamaCare Roundtable in Alexandria Sen. Torrey Westrom 9/03/14 Congressman Scott Peters, Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins Hold Resource Workshop and Policy Summit for Women and Working Families AM Toni Atkins 9/02/14 Haslam, Ramsey and Harwell To Convene Education Summit Ronald Ramsey 9/02/14 George Sinner Calls for Renewal of Wind Energy Tax Credit Sen. George Sinner 9/02/14 Oberweis Poll Shows Race at 6 Points Sen. James Oberweis 8/30/14 The State - Vincent Sheheen Hopes Higher Turnout, Gov. Nikki Haley Administration Missteps Helps in Rematch Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/28/14 Maloney Announces Major $11.5 Million Irene Investment Sen. John Bonacic 8/28/14 Rep. Israel and NYS Senator Marcellino Warn New Yorkers of Increase in Scams and Fraud Targeting Seniors Sen. Carl Marcellino 8/27/14 George Sinner Announces "Support Our Future' Initiative Sen. George Sinner 8/27/14 Arrogant Durbin Agrees to Only 1 Televised Debate Sen. James Oberweis 8/26/14 Rep. Israel and NYS Assemblywoman Rozic Announce Legislation to Defray Cost of College Prep Expenses AM Nily Rozic 8/22/14 New Funding Secured to Expand Proven-Effective Program that Boosts Student Achievement AM Sean Ryan 8/22/14 As Heavy Flooding Hits Hudson Valley, Maloney and Neuhaus Announce $13.7 Million to Strengthen Bridge Over Wallkill River Sen. William Larkin 8/22/14 New Funding Secured to Expand Proven-Effective Program that Boosts Student Achievement Sen. Timothy Kennedy 8/20/14 Sheheen to Haley: Tell the Truth on Welfare to Work Numbers Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/18/14 Westrom Calls for Improved Energy Infrastructure at FarmBureau Forum Sen. Torrey Westrom 8/18/14 Maloney and Larkin Announce USCIS Expanding Biometric Services in the Hudson Valley Sen. William Larkin 8/18/14 Equal Pay for Equal Work Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 8/15/14 Dick Durbin's State Fair Report Card: -$5,033 per Family Sen. James Oberweis 8/13/14 Durbin Ducking Debates Sen. James Oberweis 8/13/14 Westrom Statement on Minnesota's Republican Primary Results Sen. Torrey Westrom 8/13/14 Rep. Israel Demands FAA Adhere to Agreement to Limit Number of Flights Flying Over Section of Nassau County Overnight AM Edward Ra 8/13/14 Letter to Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina - South Carolinians' Information Being in Jeopardy Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/13/14 Rep. Israel Demands FAA Adhere to Agreement to Limit Number of Flights Flying Over Section of Nassau County Overnight AM Michelle Schimel 8/13/14 Rep. Israel Demands FAA Adhere to Agreement to Limit Number of Flights Flying Over Section of Nassau County Overnight AM Charles Lavine 8/12/14 Educators Recommend South Carolina's Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 8/12/14 George Sinner Calls on Surface Transportation Board to Use Emergency Powers Sen. George Sinner 8/11/14 Letter to Daniel Elliott, Chairman of the Surface Transportation Board - Use Emergency Powers Sen. George Sinner 8/08/14 George Sinner and Rep. Collin Peterson Discuss Ag Solutions at Round Table Sen. George Sinner 8/07/14 Small Business Leaders Back Sheheen in Response to Chamber Endorsement Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/06/14 NBC 5 - Durbin, Emanuel Praise Walgreen's Decision to Remain in Illinois Sen. James Oberweis 8/05/14 Oberweis: Ban All Congressional c3Contact with the IRS Sen. James Oberweis