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9/19/14 Rep. Susan Wismer Discusses EB-5 and What She WIll Do If Elected Governor Rep. Susan Wismer 9/19/14 Rep. Wismer Has Strong Showing at Farmers Union Debate Rep. Susan Wismer 9/18/14 Why We Must Accept Medicaid Expansion Rep. Joe Dorman 9/18/14 Joe Dorman Launches Early TV Campaign Rep. Joe Dorman 9/18/14 Joe Dorman Calls New A-F School Grades "Meaningless" Rep. Joe Dorman 9/18/14 Remembering 9/11 Rep. Dennis Richardson 9/18/14 F Is for Failing and F Is for Fallin Rep. Joe Dorman 9/17/14 Red Dirt Report - Dorman Talks Top Campaign Issues During Recent "Birthday Bash" Rep. Joe Dorman 9/16/14 National Right to Life Committee Endorses Jenkins Sen. Evan Jenkins 9/16/14 Hutto Condemns Graham's "Chicken Little' like Fear Mongering Sen. Charles Bradley Hutto 9/16/14 Jenkins Airs 2 New TV Ads Sen. Evan Jenkins 9/16/14 New Jenkins TV Ad: "Parked" Sen. Evan Jenkins 9/15/14 Video: Joni Ernest Releases New Ad Sen. Joni Ernst 9/15/14 Westerman Announces Immigration Policy Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/13/14 Carter Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act Sen. Jason Carter 9/13/14 News 9 - Report Ranks Oklahoma Among Worst In Nation For Nursing Home Care Rep. Joe Dorman 9/12/14 National Right to Life Endorses Cresent Hardy for Congress AM Cresent Hardy 9/12/14 Governor Chafee, R.I. DEM Director Coit, Congressional Delegation and Local Officials Tour Hillsdale Forest and Wildlife Reservation Sen. Catherine Cool Rumsey 9/12/14 Governor Chafee, R.I. DEM Director Coit, Congressional Delegation and Local Officials Tour Hillsdale Forest and Wildlife Reservation Rep. Lawrence Valencia 9/12/14 Sheheen Calls for Four Additional Debates Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/11/14 Boyle Receives Endorsement of PA AFL-CIO Rep. Brendan Boyle 9/11/14 Cresent Hardy's Statement on the Anniversary of 9/11 AM Cresent Hardy 9/11/14 Thom Tillis Statement On 13th Anniversary Of September 11 Rep. Thom Tillis 9/11/14 McAlester News-Capital - Dorman: Fallin Failing Okla. Schools Rep. Joe Dorman 9/11/14 Remembering 9/11 Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/10/14 Willamette Week - Cold Calculation Rep. Dennis Richardson 9/10/14 After Four Years Labrador Says, "Priest Lake Was Worth the Wait." Rep. Shirley Ringo 9/10/14 A Plan to End the Violence Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/14 Sheheen: Honest Leadership Requires Ethical Leaders Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/10/14 Ernst Condemns Braley for Voting Against Iowa Farmers Sen. Joni Ernst 9/10/14 Blog: My Response to the Workforce Summit Report Rep. Susan Wismer 9/10/14 Farmers And Cattlemen For Westerman Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/10/14 Joni Ernst Releases Statement in Response to the President's Address to the Nation Sen. Joni Ernst 9/09/14 Gorell Campaign Launches First Television Ad AM Jeff Gorell 9/09/14 SC Social Workers Endorse Vincent Sheheen for Governor Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/09/14 Westerman Praises Passage of WOTUS Bill Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/09/14 Less Hassles For Farmers, More Freedom To Trade Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/09/14 Journal Record - Not Quite Your Average Joe: Dorman Finds Common Chord on Campaign Trail Rep. Joe Dorman 9/08/14 'Pure Politics' By President Obama Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/08/14 State of the Port: Strong, No Thanks to Nikki Haley Sen. Vincent Sheheen 9/07/14 Muskogee Phoenix - Dorman Pours Enthusiasm Into Shoestring Campaign for Governor Rep. Joe Dorman 9/05/14 KRMG - Dorman Challenges Fallin on Gun Issue, Lack of Debates Rep. Joe Dorman 9/05/14 KXLH - Curtis Announces Jobs Plan Rep. Amanda Curtis 9/05/14 Helena IR: Senate Candidate Curtis Releases Seven-Part Jobs Plan Rep. Amanda Curtis 9/05/14 Let's Get Out There! Rep. Shirley Ringo 9/04/14 Joe Dorman Says Oklahoma's Laborers Critical to Success of State Rep. Joe Dorman 9/04/14 Blog: Fair Season Has Come and Gone! Rep. Susan Wismer 9/04/14 Bear Tooth NBC - Curtis Announces 7 Point Job Plan Rep. Amanda Curtis 9/04/14 Mary Fallin: Out of Touch on 2nd Amendment Rights Rep. Joe Dorman 9/04/14 Joe Dorman Says Loss of NCLB Waiver Due to Mary Fallin's Absence of Leadership Rep. Joe Dorman 9/04/14 Card Check Wrong For Arkansas Workers Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/04/14 Emily Cain Endorsed by National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Sen. Emily Ann Cain 9/04/14 Sinner Calls on Surface Transportation Board to Take Action for North Dakota Farmers Sen. George Sinner 9/04/14 Joe Dorman Statement on State Report of Clayton Lockett's Execution Rep. Joe Dorman 9/03/14 Carter Statement on Court's Finding that State Hid Evidence Sen. Jason Carter 9/02/14 ISIS' 'Despicable And Disgusting Act' Rep. Bruce Westerman 9/02/14 WUWM Milwaukee - Politics and Personalities Differ Dramatically in Race for Wisconsin's Open House Seat Sen. Glenn Grothman 9/02/14 Oberweis Poll Shows Race at 6 Points Sen. James Oberweis 9/02/14 George Sinner Calls for Renewal of Wind Energy Tax Credit Sen. George Sinner 9/02/14 Haslam, Ramsey and Harwell To Convene Education Summit Ronald Ramsey 9/02/14 Journal Record - Oklahoma Breaks New Ground With Performance-Informed Budgeting Rep. Joe Dorman 9/01/14 Labor Day Statement Rep. Barbara Comstock 9/01/14 Working Families First Rep. Shirley Ringo 9/01/14 KOIN 6 - Protestors Accuse Governor of Unequal Pay for Women Rep. Dennis Richardson 9/01/14 Jason Carter Statement on Labor Day Sen. Jason Carter 9/01/14 Norman Transcript - Cleveland County Democratic Party hosts annual Labor Day Picnic Rep. Joe Dorman 8/30/14 Washington Times - Common Core an Issue in Competitive Governor Race Rep. Joe Dorman 8/30/14 Dan Logue Opposes Overreaching Groundwater Regulations AM Dan Logue 8/30/14 The State - Vincent Sheheen Hopes Higher Turnout, Gov. Nikki Haley Administration Missteps Helps in Rematch Sen. Vincent Sheheen 8/29/14 Senator Steve Knight Finishes Strong Sen. Stephen Knight 8/28/14 Senator Knight's Podcast: August 28, 2014 Sen. Stephen Knight 8/28/14 Curtis: "It's Unacceptable that Congress is Failing our Students." Rep. Amanda Curtis 8/28/14 No Strategy = No Leadership Rep. Bruce Westerman 8/28/14 Richardson Campaign Releases Internal Poll Rep. Dennis Richardson 8/28/14 Hatch Statement in Re: Second Round of Secret Settlements Sen. Jack Hatch 8/28/14 Rep. Israel and NYS Senator Marcellino Warn New Yorkers of Increase in Scams and Fraud Targeting Seniors Sen. Carl Marcellino 8/28/14 Joni Ernst Releases Statement on the President's Executive Action on Immigration Sen. Joni Ernst 8/28/14 New Ad Highlights Tillis' Teacher Pay Raises, Hagan's Record Of Rubber-Stamping Obama Rep. Thom Tillis 8/28/14 Maloney Announces Major $11.5 Million Irene Investment Sen. John Bonacic 8/28/14 Governor's Campaign Promises Favors to Lawmakers Who Donate Sen. Jason Carter 8/28/14 Idaho is Waking Up Rep. Shirley Ringo 8/27/14 We Did It! Sen. Al McAffrey 8/27/14 Georgia's Teachers Endorse Carter's Bid for Governor Sen. Jason Carter 8/27/14 On Women's Equality Day, Ashford Commits to Paycheck Fairness, Unlike Congressman Terry Sen. Brad Ashford 8/27/14 George Sinner Announces "Support Our Future' Initiative Sen. George Sinner 8/27/14 Emily Cain Calls for Minimum Wage Raise Sen. Emily Ann Cain 8/27/14 Arrogant Durbin Agrees to Only 1 Televised Debate Sen. James Oberweis 8/26/14 Bishop's New Political Ad Attempts to Scare Voters with Lies Sen. Lee Zeldin 8/26/14 Joni Ernst Endorsed By US Chamber of Commerce Sen. Joni Ernst 8/26/14 Rep. Israel and NYS Assemblywoman Rozic Announce Legislation to Defray Cost of College Prep Expenses AM Nily Rozic 8/26/14 Westerman Earns Pro-Life Endorsement Rep. Bruce Westerman 8/26/14 Emily Cain Receives Endorsement from US Women's Chamber of Commerce on Women's Equality Day Sen. Emily Ann Cain 8/25/14 Water Bond is Game Changer for California AM Dan Logue 8/25/14 Senator Lee Zeldin Receives "Guardian of Small Business Award" from NFIB Sen. Lee Zeldin 8/25/14 Community First Economic Development for Iowa's Future Sen. Jack Hatch 8/25/14 Controller John Chiang Endorses Norma Torres for Congress Sen. Norma Torres 8/23/14 Bend Bulletin - Opinion: Both Oars in the Water Rep. Dennis Richardson 8/22/14 Two More National Vets Groups Endorse Senator-Soldier Lee Zeldin for Congress Sen. Lee Zeldin 8/22/14 New Funding Secured to Expand Proven-Effective Program that Boosts Student Achievement AM Sean Ryan 8/22/14 As Heavy Flooding Hits Hudson Valley, Maloney and Neuhaus Announce $13.7 Million to Strengthen Bridge Over Wallkill River Sen. William Larkin