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9/20/12 A New Constitutional Convention? Mark Bennett 8/21/10 - Candidates Stump for Votes in Local Stops Katherine Glass 8/12/10 Abilene Reporter-News - Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Touts Change vs. Perry Re-Election Katherine Glass 7/30/10 Star-Telegram - Libertarians Say Message Catching on Katherine Glass 6/29/10 The Texas Tribune - Libertarian Katherine Glass Campaigns for Governor Katherine Glass 11/05/08 The Toledo Blade - Republicans Hold onto Ohio Supreme Court Seats Maureen O'Connor 11/05/08 The Record - McGrath Unseats Incumbent Supreme Court Judge Mike McGrath 11/04/08 Missoulian - McGrath Has Commanding Lead for Supreme Court Mike McGrath 11/04/08 Fox 40 "News" - Kitchens Too Hot for Smith, Wins Supreme Court Seat James Kitchens 10/14/08 Montana's News Station - MT Chief Justice Candidate Promises Transparency Mike McGrath 10/11/08 Rocky Mount Telegram - Edmunds Campaigns to Keep His Court Seat Robert Edmunds 9/27/08 The Salisbury Post - N.C. Supreme Court Candidate Travels State to Gain Voter Recognition Robert Edmunds 9/23/08 The Gaston Gazette - Most Voters Have Trouble Deciding Choice in Statewide Judicial Races Robert Edmunds 9/23/08 The Daily Tar Heel - Supreme Court Justice Edmunds Back, But Different Robert Edmunds 9/17/08 Goldsboro News-Argus - Judicial Candidates Seek Voter Attention Robert Edmunds 8/07/08 The Daily Record - Spotlight On Justice Edmunds Robert Edmunds 8/01/08 - Asarco Agrees to Cleanup Deal Mike McGrath 7/31/08 Speech to the Neshoba County Fair James Kitchens 7/29/08 ENC Today - N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Candidate Visits Kinston Robert Edmunds 7/06/08 Do We Want Imperialistic Judges? James Kitchens 7/04/08 Happy Independence Day! James Kitchens 7/01/08 Thoughts from the Road James Kitchens 6/17/08 Washington County GOP backing Jim Smith? James Kitchens 6/17/08 Helena independent Record - Judge: PPL Owes Rent Mike McGrath 6/11/08 Meridian Star - Chief Justice Speaks to Business-people in Meridian James Kitchens 6/11/08 Smith Backing Off Appointing Judges? James Kitchens 6/11/08 This Race is About Experience and Issues James Kitchens 6/11/08 Kitch Leads in Campaign Finance Reports James Kitchens 6/06/08 Is This Race Non-Partisan or What? James Kitchens 6/06/08 Justice Jim Smith Speaks James Kitchens 6/05/08 Down in the Big Easy James Kitchens 5/29/08 Meridian Star - Kitchens Running on Judiciary Campaign Reform James Kitchens 5/29/08 Feeling the Love from the Press James Kitchens 5/29/08 Kitch Visits the AFL-CIO Convention James Kitchens 5/28/08 The Newton Record - "Kitchens seeks support for high court race" James Kitchens 5/22/08 News-Record - State Supreme Court Justice Takes the High Road Robert Edmunds 5/22/08 Kitch is in his Element Meeting People James Kitchens 5/21/08 Jim Kitchens: I'm Running to Protect the Integrity of our Courts James Kitchens 5/15/08 Helenair - Web Site Seeks to Protect Kids From Online Predators Mike McGrath 5/12/08 Jim Kitchens Says No to Appointed Judges James Kitchens 5/11/08 Limits For Others, Just Not for Smith James Kitchens 5/11/08 Happy Mother's Day James Kitchens 5/11/08 Kitch Out-Raises Smith with Small Donors James Kitchens 5/10/08 Clarion Ledger - "Supreme Court Races" James Kitchens 4/23/08 The News and Observer - Edmunds Reaches Maximum Robert Edmunds 4/21/08 Jim Kitchens for MS Supreme Court James Kitchens 4/06/08 Billings Gazette - "Gazette Opinion: Montana Campaigns Curb Meth's Toll" Mike McGrath 4/03/08 McGrath Urges Congress to Restore Drug Enforcement Funds Mike McGrath 3/26/08 News-Record - "Doug Clark: Court Race Defies Superficial Portrayal" Robert Edmunds 3/11/08 The News and Observer - "Edmunds Stresses Republican Ties" Robert Edmunds 2/25/08 The Missoulian - "McGrath's View On Gun Rights Was Always Clear" Mike McGrath 2/20/08 Billings Gazette - "U.S. Supreme Court Allows Mont. Lawsuit Against Wyo. To Proceed" Mike McGrath 2/12/08 Billings Gazette - "McGrath Backs Gun Rights in Supreme Court Case" Mike McGrath 1/28/08 Helena Independent Record - "Supreme Court Backlog" Mike McGrath 1/22/08 McGrath Files for Chief Justice Mike McGrath 1/17/08 Missoulian - "Report Outlines Hospitals' 'Charity Care'" Mike McGrath 12/20/07 O'Connor Submits Petitions for Ohio Supreme Court Maureen O'Connor 10/24/07 Helena Independent Record - "Utility Agrees to Pay Rent on Riverbeds" Mike McGrath 4/27/07 Billings Gazette - "Attorney General Will Seek Chief Justice Post" Mike McGrath 1/24/07 MATR - "Meth Report Encouraging. Montana Is Making Significant Progress Against Methamphetamine" Mike McGrath 9/08/06 Billings Gazette - "Hunters Honor Attorney General" Mike McGrath 5/15/06 Remarks of Attorney General Mike McGrath at the Wheeler Conference: "Meth: What's Working? What's Next?" Mike McGrath 5/03/05 Billings Gazette - "Judge Tosses Challenge to Game Farm Initiative" Mike McGrath 4/23/05 Billings Gazette - "Attorney General Recounts Successes Vs. Meth" Mike McGrath 1/10/05 Billings Gazette - "McGrath Warns of Loss of Federal Drug-Fighting Money" Mike McGrath 10/19/04 Helena Independent Record - "McGrath Outlines Plans for Second Term as AG" Mike McGrath 12/29/03 Focus on Prevention of Child Abuse Needed Mike McGrath 10/08/03 Helena Independent Record - "McGrath: Meth ‘A Societal Problem'" Mike McGrath 10/21/02 The Lantern - "Two Supreme Court Races; Four Vying for Posts" Maureen O'Connor 1/23/02 Missoulian - "State Attorney General Optimistic Dam Will Be Removed" Mike McGrath Legal Background Robert Edmunds Personal and Family Robert Edmunds From Justice Edmunds Robert Edmunds Community Robert Edmunds About Maureen Maureen O'Connor Justice Maureen O'Connor Maureen O'Connor Welcome Maureen O'Connor News: McGrath Speaks About Montana's Natural Damage Litigation at Columbia Law School Mike McGrath Profile for Tom Oxford Tom Oxford A Note From Mike McGrath Mike McGrath News: Role of State Attorneys General in National Environmental Policy Mike McGrath About James Kitchens 1/01/16 Issue Position: Campaign for Justice Issues: Where's the Justice? Michelle MacDonald 1/01/16 Issue Position: Judicial Philosophy James Genovese 1/01/16 Issue Position: Pro-Life Mary Lou Keel 1/01/14 Issue Position: Judicial Philosophy David Viviano 5/01/08 Issue Position: Protecting Your Right to Elect Judges James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Toughness, Fairness In the Courts James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Upholding Strong Family Values James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Ensuring Equal Access to the Courts James Kitchens Issue Position: Judicial Philosophy Barbara Madsen Issue Position: Victim Services Mike McGrath Issue Position: Montana Lands Mike McGrath Issue Position: Guns Katherine Glass Issue Position: Property Tax and Franchise Tax Katherine Glass Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy Katherine Glass Issue Position: Border Katherine Glass Issue Position: Nullification Katherine Glass Issue Position: Eminent Domain & Toll Roads Katherine Glass Issue Position: Tribal Relations Mike McGrath

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