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10/05/12 Doheny For Congress Releases Sixth Television Ad Matthew Doheny 10/01/12 Bill Owens Lies About Helping To Ease Regulation Matthew Doheny 9/20/12 A New Constitutional Convention? Mark Bennett 9/07/12 Raising Taxes Matthew Doheny 9/06/12 Obama & Owens Spending Like Greek Politicians Matthew Doheny 8/29/12 Doheny: The People Come First Matthew Doheny 8/27/12 Owens: I Killed Jobs Because No One Called Me Matthew Doheny 8/23/12 Owens' Jobs Sham Matthew Doheny 8/21/12 Bill Owens' Tax Dollar Giveaway Matthew Doheny 8/20/12 Owens' Anti-Growth Agenda Bad For New York Matthew Doheny 8/15/12 Doheny: Preserve Secret Ballot for Union Workers Matthew Doheny 8/14/12 Labor Leaders Own Owens Matthew Doheny 8/13/12 Prescription Pad: Four Ways To Help Our Service Economy Right Now Matthew Doheny 8/10/12 Owens Votes Against Relief For Farmers Hit By Skyrocketing Feed Costs Matthew Doheny 8/07/12 Doheny: Labor Department Should Follow Its Own Rules Matthew Doheny 8/05/12 Prescription Pad: Six Ways To Help The Tourism Industry Right Now Matthew Doheny 8/01/12 Does Our Current Congressman Support His Party's Job-Killing Minimum Wage Proposal? Matthew Doheny 8/01/12 Does Our Current Congressman Support His Party's Job-Killing Minimum Wage Proposal? Matthew Doheny 7/30/12 Congressman Woefully Ignorant of President's Remarks Matthew Doheny 7/29/12 Prescription Pad: Four Ways to Help the 21st District With Technology And Communications Matthew Doheny 7/26/12 The Owens Jobs Record: 5,300 More People Who Can't Find Work Matthew Doheny 7/25/12 Doheny Calls on Opponent to Cut Red Tape Matthew Doheny 7/24/12 Fort Drum Should Be East Coast's Missile Interceptor Base Matthew Doheny 7/23/12 Owens: "We Do Need To Raise Taxes" Matthew Doheny 7/21/12 Prescription Pad: Seven Ways to Help The Health Care Industry Right Now Matthew Doheny 7/19/12 The Obama-Owens Jobs Plan: 'You Didn't Build That' Matthew Doheny 7/17/12 Doheny Earns Endorsement From The "Voice of Small Business" Matthew Doheny 7/16/12 U.S. Chamber Endorses Matt Doheny Matthew Doheny 7/14/12 Statement From Matt Doheny On Jasper Nolan Matthew Doheny 7/13/12 Prescription Pad: Four Ways To Help The Agriculture Industry Right Now Matthew Doheny 7/11/12 On ObamaCare, Congressman Again Fails Constituents Matthew Doheny 7/06/12 Job Figures Show Obama-Owens Policies Aren't Working Matthew Doheny 7/06/12 Job Figures Show Obama-Owens Policies Aren't Working Matthew Doheny 7/05/12 Congressman, How Much Taxpayer Money Did You Waste This Time? Matthew Doheny 6/28/12 Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare Matthew Doheny 6/28/12 Doheny to Opponent: Demand Holder's Resignation Matthew Doheny 6/27/12 Doheny to Launch "50 Businesses, 50 Days" Tour Matthew Doheny 6/13/12 Statement from Matt Doheny Regarding Franked Mail Vote Matthew Doheny 6/07/12 My Opponent Says Tax He Supported Will Lead to Job Losses Matthew Doheny 6/04/12 Bill Owens: Where Are The Jobs? Matthew Doheny 5/21/12 My Opponent's Hypocrisy on Taxes Matthew Doheny 5/10/12 Owens Is No Friend of Fort Drum Matthew Doheny 5/07/12 Owens Wastes $553K in Taxpayer Money to Promote Failed Agenda Matthew Doheny 5/01/12 On Tax Freedom Day, a Receipt for My Opponent's Spending Matthew Doheny 10/08/10 Where is the Recovery, Bill? Today's Labor Numbers Confirm Failure of Policies Backed by Rep. Owens Matthew Doheny 10/05/10 Matt Comments on Hoffman Leaving Race Matthew Doheny 9/30/10 Doheny: Failure to Act on Tax Cuts Proves Pelosi and Owens Put Politics Ahead of Taxpayers Matthew Doheny 9/29/10 UNYTEA, Doheny Slams Owens & Pelosi: Barie Gives His Personal Endorsement To Doheny Matthew Doheny 9/20/10 Owens Waffles on Tax Cuts, Parties with Rahm Emanuel Matthew Doheny 6/18/10 Americans for Prosperity: No Climate Tax Matthew Doheny 11/05/08 Reno Gazette-Journal - Pickering Defeats Schumacher for Nevada Supreme Court Kristina Pickering 10/21/08 Las Vegas Now "Eyewitness News" - I-Team: Court Candidate Speaks on Corruption Investigation Kristina Pickering 7/15/08 Elko Daily Free Press - Pickering Seeks High Court's Seat B Kristina Pickering 6/02/08 Justices Agree To Strict Campaign Ethics Pledges Charles Johnson 5/28/08 Legal Newsline - Horton Narrowly Re-Elected to Idaho Supreme Court Joel Horton 5/21/08 Boise Weekly - "Judging Judges: Supreme Court election mixes politics and justice" Joel Horton 5/19/08 Las Vegas Review-Journal - "Saitta nets a low tally on judge survey" Mark Gibbons 5/13/08 Idaho Statesman - "Idaho Supreme Court candidates keep it civil" Joel Horton 5/13/08 Spokesman Review - "High court race offers contrast" Joel Horton 5/09/08 Bowling Green Daily News - Justice Abramson Speaks at Bowling Green Law Day Lisabeth Abramson 5/01/08 2008 Law Day Address Lisabeth Abramson 4/23/08 Idaho Mountain Express - "Justice Campaigns in Blaine County" Joel Horton 4/10/08 Legal Newsline - "Idaho SC Justice Seeks Full Term" Joel Horton 4/01/08 Courier-Journal - "Supreme Court Hopefuls Praised" Lisabeth Abramson 2/18/08 Huntington Herald-Dispatch - "Ky. lawyers, judges discuss how to prevent wrongdoing among attorneys" Lisabeth Abramson 2/07/08 Chief Justice Lambert forms Mass Tort and Class Action Litigation Committee to Safeguard Against Potential Abuses in Tort Litigation Lisabeth Abramson 1/19/08 Nevada Supreme Court: LV lawyer files to face chief justice Kristina Pickering 1/08/08 Las Vegas Review-Journal - "Gibbons Seeks Re-election to Supreme Court" Mark Gibbons 1/01/08 An Interview With Chief Justice Mark Gibbons Mark Gibbons 10/31/06 2006 Judicial Survey Response Mark Martin 10/31/06 2006 Judicial Survey Response Eric Levinson 10/31/06 2006 Judicial Survey Response Charles Waterbury 5/21/02 Judge of the Supreme Court: Position 1 Thomas Balmer My Ballot: Judge of the Supreme Court Position 1 Thomas Balmer Idaho Statesman - "My Ballot: Idaho Supreme Court" Joel Horton Welcome Mary Fairhurst The Honorable Martha L. Walters Martha Walters A Judge, Not a Politician Phil Johnson Biography Mark Gibbons Profile for Tom Oxford Tom Oxford About Justice Johnson Phil Johnson Lisabeth Hughes Abramson Profile Lisabeth Abramson Dallas Morning News - "My Ballot" Phil Johnson 1/01/14 Issue Position: Fairness Kevin Yeary 1/01/14 Issue Position: Judicial Philosophy David Viviano 1/01/14 Issue Position: Justice Kevin Yeary 1/01/14 Issue Position: Judicial Philosophy David Newell 1/01/14 Issue Position: Dependability Kevin Yeary Issue Position: Education Rep. Tom Letson Issue Position: Health Care Rep. Tom Letson Issue Position: Living Wage Rep. Tom Letson Issue Position: Healthcare Matthew Doheny Issue Position: In Response to Refusal to Require Insurer to Supply Cancellation Notice to Used Car Seller Karen Baker Issue Position: Gun Rights Matthew Doheny Issue Position: Education Matthew Doheny Issue Position: Economy Matthew Doheny Issue Position: National Security Matthew Doheny Issue Position: Taxes Matthew Doheny Issue Position: Congressional Reform Matthew Doheny Issue Position: Cap & Trade Matthew Doheny