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3/30/17 Weekly Radio Address: HARIBO a Great Fit in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 3/29/17 Remarks by President Trump in Listening Session on Opioids and Drug Abuse Gov. Christopher Christie 3/29/17 Governor Signs Bills to Increase Education Funding, Support for Teachers Gov. Gary Herbert 3/28/17 Inslee and West Coast Governors, Mayors Issue Statement on Trump Clean Power Plan Executive Order Gov. Jay Inslee 3/28/17 Governor McAuliffe Statement Regarding President Trump's Executive Order on Climate Change Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/28/17 Governor Mead Expressed Support Today for President Trump's Energy Independence Executive Order Gov. Matt Mead 3/28/17 Governor Kate Brown and West Coast Leaders Respond to the President's Order to Weaken Standards Protecting Air Quality and Climate Gov. Kate Brown 3/28/17 Governor Walker: Invest in Student Success and a Strong Workforce Gov. Scott Walker 3/28/17 Governor Kate Brown and West Coast Leaders Respond to the President's Order to Weaken Standards Protecting Air Quality and Climate Gov. Jay Inslee 3/27/17 Inslee Statement on House Budget Proposal Gov. Jay Inslee 3/27/17 Governor McAuliffe Proposes Amendment to Restore Virginia's One-Handgun-a-Month Law Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/27/17 Wolf Administration Works to Expand Vanpool Options for Workers, Assist Persons with Disabilities Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/27/17 Governor Christie: Everyone Is Going To See Improvement From This In Every Corner Of NJ Gov. Christopher Christie 3/27/17 Governor Christie Signs Legislation For Immediate TTF Road, Bridge, Transit Improvements Gov. Christopher Christie 3/27/17 Gov. Fallin Announces Outreach for Veterans Pilot Program Gov. Mary Fallin 3/27/17 Sandoval Statement on Meeting with Secretary Rick Perry Gov. Brian Sandoval 3/27/17 Governor McAuliffe Introduces Budget Amendment to Pursue Planning for Medicaid Expansion Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/27/17 Governor Walker Announces Fast Forward Worker Training Grants Covering Health Care Gov. Scott Walker 3/27/17 Governor Christie: This Plan Gets Our Road, Bridge And Mass Transit Needs Done Gov. Christopher Christie 3/27/17 Statewide Investments to Create $40 Million in New Payroll Gov. John Kasich 3/26/17 New York Daily News - Cuomo: Republicans Must Get Smart or They'll Lose Again Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/26/17 Governor Cuomo Announces New Actions to Increase Diversity in State Government Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/24/17 Governor Raimondo Touts Lowest Unemployment Rate Since May 2001 Gov. Gina Raimondo 3/24/17 Governor Walker Issues Statement Applauding the Presidential Approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline Gov. Scott Walker 3/24/17 Statement From Gov. Daugaard On Keystone XL Gov. Dennis Daugaard 3/24/17 Governor Bullock Announces Montana's Unemployment Rate Continues to Decline Gov. Steve Bullock 3/24/17 Governor Abbott Joins President Trump For Charter Communications Jobs Announcement Gov. Gregory Abbott 3/24/17 Gov. Christie: Your Mission Is For Clients To Reach Their Fullest Potential Gov. Christopher Christie 3/24/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/24/17 Gov. Ricketts Comments on Keystone XL Presidential Permit Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/24/17 Governor Cuomo Launches First-In-The Nation Public-Private Liberty Defense Project Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/24/17 Inslee Statement on Canceled Republican Health Care Vote Gov. Jay Inslee 3/23/17 Next Steps Unveiled to Address Opioid Epidemic, Help Prevent Addiction From Occurring Gov. Rick Snyder 3/23/17 Governor Kate Brown Calls for Health Care Plan that Moves Oregon Forward Gov. Kate Brown 3/23/17 Governor Bullock Proposes to Ban a Statewide General Sales Tax Gov. Steve Bullock 3/23/17 Raimondo Warns Against the Impact of TrumpCare Gov. Gina Raimondo 3/23/17 Next Steps Unveiled to Address Opioid Epidemic, Help Prevent Addiction From Occurring Brian Calley 3/23/17 Weekly Radio Address: Wisconsin's Economy in the Best Shape Since 2000 Gov. Scott Walker 3/23/17 Gov. Cooper Signs Executive Order Encouraging State Employee Participation in Government Gov. Roy Cooper 3/23/17 Governor Christie: This Is A Record That All New Jerseyans Should Be Happy With Gov. Christopher Christie 3/23/17 Governor Christie: There Is No Disputing NJ Republican Job Creation Gov. Christopher Christie 3/23/17 Burgum Signs "constitutional carry" Bill into Law Gov. Doug Burgum 3/23/17 Governor Herbert Signs Bill to Strengthen Impaired Driving Laws Gov. Gary Herbert 3/23/17 Governor Bullock Urges Legislature to Pass Fiscally Responsible Mail Ballot Bill Gov. Steve Bullock 3/22/17 Gov. Ricketts Unveils Analysis Showing Tax Proposal's Impact Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/22/17 Governor McAuliffe Statement on His Proposed Amendments to Coal Ash Bill Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/22/17 Governor Bullock: "It's Beyond Disappointing Republicans Refuse to Invest in our Kids" Gov. Steve Bullock 3/22/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Potential Income Tax Impacts of Congressmen Collins' and Faso's Proposed Amendment to the AHCA Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/22/17 Governor Bullock Urges Legislators to Pass Fiscally Responsible Budget Gov. Steve Bullock 3/22/17 Gov. Rick Snyder: Michigan's Labor Force Sees Continued Growth Gov. Rick Snyder 3/22/17 Joint Statement Regarding the Clean Power Plan By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California, and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles Gov. Edmund Brown 3/22/17 Governor Bullock Celebrates the Success of Small Businesses Across Montana Gov. Steve Bullock 3/22/17 Governor Bullock Champions Youth Suicide Prevention Efforts Gov. Steve Bullock 3/22/17 Joint Statement Regarding the Clean Power Plan By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California, and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles Gov. Jay Inslee 3/22/17 Joint Statement Regarding the Clean Power Plan By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California, and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles Gov. Kate Brown 3/21/17 Gov. Fallin Praises Senate for Passage of Criminal Justice Measures Gov. Mary Fallin 3/21/17 Governor, DoIT Unveil Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Services and Information Gov. Bruce Rauner 3/21/17 Governor Announces Talent Ready Utah Grant Program and Executive Board Gov. Gary Herbert 3/21/17 Gov. Scott: Florida Leads Nation in January Job Creation Gov. Rick Scott 3/21/17 Gov. Fallin Applauds House of Representatives for Passing Criminal Justice Bills Gov. Mary Fallin 3/21/17 Governor Christie: These Grants Are To Protect Against Any Acts Of Hate Gov. Christopher Christie 3/21/17 Governor Cooper Highlights NC GROW Free Community College Scholarship Proposal in Asheville Gov. Roy Cooper 3/21/17 Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on House Bill 1362 Gov. Larry Hogan 3/21/17 Idaho Press Tribune - Modernize oil and gas laws and protect landowner rights Gov. Clement Otter 3/21/17 Wolf Administration Strongly Opposes Eliminating Federal Home Heating Program Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/21/17 Governor Christie Announces $1 Million in Security Grants for Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Institutions in Nine Counties Gov. Christopher Christie 3/21/17 Radio Address: Market must drive energy costs, not handouts Gov. Paul LePage 3/21/17 Governor Kate Brown Statement Regarding Oregon's Record Unemployment Rate Gov. Kate Brown 3/20/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Repeal and Replacement of Affordable Care Act and the Collins Amendment Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/20/17 Gov. Christie: Our Community Colleges Are Key To Creating A Well-Educated, Well-Trained Workforce Gov. Christopher Christie 3/20/17 Gov. Christie: My Goal As Governor Is To Leave NJ Better Than I Found It Gov. Christopher Christie 3/20/17 Governor Bullock Calls on Legislators to Pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Solution Gov. Steve Bullock 3/20/17 Governor Christie: Helping Those Looking For A Second Chance Makes Our State A Better Place Gov. Christopher Christie 3/20/17 Justice Supports Broadband Expansion Legislation (HB 2998) Gov. James Justice 3/20/17 Governor Christie Partners with Community Colleges to Create New Economic Opportunities For All Residents Gov. Christopher Christie 3/19/17 Letter to the Honorable Donald J Trump, President of the United States - Presidential Major Disaster Declaration Request Gov. Edmund Brown 3/19/17 Governor Brown Requests Presidential Major Disaster Declaration Due to February Storms, Damage to Oroville Dam Spillway Gov. Edmund Brown 3/17/17 Arkansas's Tourism Boom Gov. William Hutchinson 3/17/17 Statement from Gov. Edwards on Restore Louisiana Procurement Process Gov. John Bel Edwards 3/17/17 Gov. Bevin Joins in Filing Pro-Life Amicus Brief in Federal Appellate Case Gov. Matt Bevin 3/17/17 New Federal Ruling May Provide Additional Benefits to Maine Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 3/17/17 Gov. Scott Fights for Changes to State Medicaid Program Gov. Rick Scott 3/17/17 Justice Restores Money for Public Broadcasting in FY18 Budget Gov. James Justice 3/17/17 Governor's Office of Science, Innovation and Technology Awards $1,000,000 for New and Expanded STEM Workforce Training Programs Gov. Brian Sandoval 3/17/17 Statement from Governor Phil Scott on Economic Priorities Gov. Phillip Scott 3/17/17 Governor Greitens' Statement on Changes in Missouri's Department of Corrections Gov. Eric Greitens 3/17/17 Governor Mead Takes Action on Gun Bills Gov. Matt Mead 3/17/17 Prioritizing Early Education, Fiscal Responsibility, and Opportunity for All Minnesotans Gov. Mark Dayton 3/17/17 Gov. Malloy's Proposed Budget Includes Needed Resources to Reduce Caseloads for Social Workers and Help Meet Critical Responsibilities Gov. Dannel Malloy 3/16/17 Governor Rauner Urges General Assembly to Ensure Pension Reform, Funding for Chicago Public Schools Gov. Bruce Rauner 3/16/17 Minnesota is Well On its Way to Full Compliance with Statewide, Bipartisan Water Quality Effort Gov. Mark Dayton 3/16/17 Inslee Says Trump Budget "Incredibly Harmful" to State and Local Governments Gov. Jay Inslee 3/16/17 Weekly Radio Address: Wisconsin Tourism is a Big Deal Gov. Scott Walker 3/16/17 Governor McAuliffe Statement on President Trump's Budget Proposal Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/16/17 Letter to the Honorable Mitch Carmichael, President of the Senate, and the Honorable Tim Armstead, Speaker of the House of Delegates - Amendments for State Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Gov. James Justice 3/16/17 Gov. Scott: State Attorney Aramis Ayala Must Recuse Herself Gov. Rick Scott 3/16/17 Arizona Department Of Child Safety Clears Inactive Case Backlog Gov. Doug Ducey 3/16/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Proposed Federal Budget Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/16/17 Deal grants funding for additional fire prevention aircraft, upgrades Gov. Nathan Deal 3/16/17 Michigan Residents will be Better Protected Under Smarter State Standards to Improve Lead and Copper Rule Gov. Rick Snyder

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