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1/12/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces Equal Opportunity Legislative Agenda Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/01/15 Rush Transcript: Governor Cuomo's Inaugural Address in New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo 12/11/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Action to Help Ensure Transgender New Yorkers Receive Equal Access to Health Insurance Coverage Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/19/14 Bullock on Marriage Equality Ruling: "We Are Closer to Fulfilling Our Promise of Freedom, Dignity, and Equality for All Montanans" Gov. Steve Bullock 11/17/14 Governor McAuliffe Kicks Off VA-1 Tourism Summit, Announces New Task Force to Promote LGBT Tourism Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/06/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Issues Statement Following Court of Appeals Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Rick Snyder 10/22/14 Wall Street Journal - Cuomo, Astorino Trade Punches at Debate Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/21/14 Governor Otter Asks Federal Appeals Court for En Banc Review of Marriage Ruling Gov. Clement Otter 10/17/14 The Federal District Court Issues a Preliminary Injunction Allowing Same Sex Couples to Marry in Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 10/10/14 Governor McCrory Releases Statement Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/10/14 Governor Otter Reacts to US Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho Gov. Clement Otter 10/10/14 Governor Sam Brownback Responds to Suit Filed by Attorney General Schmidt Gov. Samuel Brownback 10/10/14 McAuliffe Administration to Local Divisions of Social Services: Same-Sex Spouses Can Now Legally Adopt Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/09/14 Governor Tomblin Issues Statement Regarding Same-Sex Marriage in West Virginia Gov. Earl Tomblin 10/08/14 Justice Kennedy Stays Appellate Court Mandate on Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho Gov. Clement Otter 10/07/14 Statements from Governor Brian Sandoval and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto on Ninth Circuit Ruling Gov. Brian Sandoval 10/07/14 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Idaho Prohibition on Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Clement Otter 10/06/14 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov. Wyman Statements on Supreme Court Decision to Reject Appeals in Marriage Equality Cases Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/06/14 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov. Wyman Statements on Supreme Court Decision to Reject Appeals in Marriage Equality Cases Nancy Wyman 10/06/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/06/14 Governor Discusses SCOTUS Decision Not to Hear Utah Same-Sex-Marriage Case Gov. Gary Herbert 10/06/14 Gov. Herbert Statement on Supreme Court Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Gary Herbert 10/06/14 Governor Hassan Statement on Marriage Equality Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 10/06/14 Governor Pence Issues Statement Regarding US Supreme Court's Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana Gov. Mike Pence 10/06/14 Gov. Fallin Responds to SCOTUS Decision to Allow Gay Marriage Gov. Mary Fallin 10/03/14 Special Edition Inside Interviews with Three Gubernatorial Candidates Gov. Clement Otter 9/19/14 Wolf Releases Statement Calling For Hate Crimes Legislation in Pennsylvania Gov. Thomas Wolf 8/20/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Supreme Court's Decision to Grant Stay in Same-Sex Marriage Case Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/28/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Ruling in Bostic v. Rainey Case Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/18/14 Governor's Response Regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Gov. Gary Herbert 7/18/14 Governor Mary Fallin Issues Statement on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Gov. Mary Fallin 7/16/14 Gov MAlloy and Lt. Gov. Wyman Statement on Today's State Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Same Sex Marriages Gov. Dannel Malloy 7/11/14 - Candidates for Governor Debate in Hot Springs Gov. Asa Hutchinson 7/10/14 Governor Hassan's Statement on Signing SB 394 Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 7/02/14 Governor Otter Questions Opponent's Commitment to Idaho Values Gov. Clement Otter 6/30/14 Governor McCrory Signs Executive Order for Equal Opportunities Gov. Patrick McCrory 6/30/14 Governor Otter Releases Statement in Reaction to U.S. Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling Gov. Clement Otter 6/25/14 Governor's Response to Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Gov. Gary Herbert 5/21/14 Bullock Statement on Rolando v State Gov. Steve Bullock 5/19/14 Governor Kitzhaber Releases Statement of Support for Marriage Equality for Oregonians Gov. John Kitzhaber 5/15/14 Appellate Court Stays Federal Magistrate's Same-Sex Marriage Decision Gov. Clement Otter 5/14/14 Governor Otter Seeks Emergency Stay on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Gov. Clement Otter 5/13/14 Governor Otter Reacts to Court Ruling on Idaho Same-Sex Marriage Ban Gov. Clement Otter 5/10/14 Governor Jindal To Give Commencement Address At Liberty University Gov. Piyush Jindal 3/26/14 Gov. Rick Snyder: Same-Sex Couples Wed on March 22 Were Legally Married Gov. Rick Snyder 3/04/14 Gov. Beshear: State to Pursue Appeal in Same Sex Marriage Case Gov. Steven Beshear 2/14/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Bostic v. Rainey Ruling Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/21/14 Gov. Nixon Delivers 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 1/14/14 Gov. Fallin Issues Statement on Marriage Ruling Gov. Mary Fallin 1/14/14 Governor McAuliffe Signs Executive Order Number 1 Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/14/14 Governor Pence's 2014 State of the State Remarks Gov. Mike Pence 1/11/14 Inaugural Address - 2014 Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/10/14 Statement on Same Sex Marriage Gov. Gary Herbert 12/20/13 Statement on Federal Court Ruling Gov. Gary Herbert 11/12/13 Gov. Malloy Statement on the Five-Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality in Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy 8/19/13 Gov. Christie Signs Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy On Minors Gov. Christopher Christie 8/01/13 August 1, 2013 is "Freedom to Marry Day' in Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton 6/29/13 Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of New "I Love NY LGBT" Tourism Website Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/28/13 MSNBC "The Rachel Maddow Show" - Transcript - Marriage Equality Gavin Newsom 6/26/13 Governor Pence Statement on Supreme Court Decisions Gov. Mike Pence 6/26/13 Gov. Malloy Applauds U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality Gov. Dannel Malloy 6/26/13 Gov. Peter Shumlin Issued a Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on DOMA Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/26/13 MSNBC "Hardball with Chris Matthews" - Transcript - Marriage Equality Gavin Newsom 6/26/13 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Historic Proposition 8 Ruling Gov. Edmund Brown 6/26/13 Statement from Gov. Inslee on Supreme Court ruling to overturn DOMA Gov. Jay Inslee 6/26/13 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on U.S. Supreme Court's Decisions Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/26/13 Governor Markell Statement on Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Rulings Gov. Jack Markell 6/26/13 Griffin: Voice of Arkansas Voters on Marriage Still Stands Tim Griffin 6/26/13 Governor Hassan Statement on Supreme Court Striking Down DOMA, Dismissing Prop 8 Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/26/13 Governor's Response to the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act Decision Gov. Gary Herbert 6/26/13 Governor Kitzhaber Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Gov. John Kitzhaber 6/24/13 Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the 2nd Anniversary of the Marriage Equality Act Being Signed Into Law in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/19/13 Governor Signs Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act Gov. Jack Markell 5/24/13 Gov. Malloy Signs New Laws Expanding Benefits for Veterans as Residents Prepare to Commemorate Memorial Day Gov. Dannel Malloy 5/14/13 Governor Dayton Signs Freedom to Marry Bill Gov. Mark Dayton 5/10/13 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Ensuring Equality and Safety for Future Generations Gov. Jack Markell 5/02/13 Gov. Malloy: New England Sets National Example of Equal Rights For Gay and Lesbian Americans Gov. Dannel Malloy 5/02/13 Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Rhode Island's Passage of Marriage Equality Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/12/13 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Marriage Equality -- Writing the Next Chapter in History Gov. Jack Markell 3/17/13 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript - Gov. Scott Walker 2/28/13 Governor Hassan, Attorney General Delaney Announce New Hampshire Has Joined Multi-State Effort in Support of Marriage Equality Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 2/28/13 Statement from Governor Jay Inslee on Washington State efforts urging U.S. Supreme Court to support marriage equality Gov. Jay Inslee 2/15/13 Statement from Governor Hassan on Introduction of Charlie Morgan Act by Senator Shaheen Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 1/10/13 2013 Colorado State of the State Gov. John Hickenlooper 11/05/12 Statement from Governor Cuomo on Comments Made by Rabbi Noson Leiter Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/18/12 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Court Decision Regarding Defense of Marriage Act Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/07/12 Pelosi, Nadler, 143 House Members File New Amicus Brief on Federal Case Against DOMA Kathleen Hochul 9/06/12 Human Rights Campaign Endorses Maggie Hassan for Governor Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 7/24/12 Governor Cuomo Issues Statement on One Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality Taking Effect in New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/10/12 Pelosi, Nadler, 130 House Members File Amicus Brief on Federal Case Against DOMA Kathleen Hochul 7/06/12 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Marriage Equality Act Upheld by New York State Appellate Court Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/02/12 Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring LGBT Pride Month Gov. Edmund Brown 5/14/12 Special Session Starts Today to Address Unfinished Business Gov. John Hickenlooper 5/13/12 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript Gov. John Hickenlooper 5/09/12 Governor Malloy on President Obama's Announcement Regarding Marriage Equality Gov. Dannel Malloy 5/09/12 Governor Shumlin's Statement Following President Obama's Support for Marriage Equality Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/09/12 Governor Brown Issues Statement on President Obama's Support of Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Edmund Brown 1/24/12 Governor Chris Christie: I Need to be Governed by the Will of the People Gov. Christopher Christie 1/24/12 Governor Christie on Same-Sex Marriage: Let the People of New Jersey Decide Gov. Christopher Christie 11/18/11 Expressing Support for Legislative Efforts to Combat Bullying in Schools Gov. Jay Inslee