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7/21/14 Atlantic Journal-Constitution - Nathan Deal Says He Won't 'Leave Anything on Table' in Re-Elect Bid Gov. Nathan Deal 7/21/14 Governor Otter Blasts President's Potential Boulder-White Clouds National Monument Designation Gov. Clement Otter 7/14/14 Gov. Herbert Named Vice Chair of National Governors Association Gov. Gary Herbert 6/23/14 Governor Sends Notice of Intent to Veto 10 Bills Gov. Neil Abercrombie 4/26/14 Governor Scott Walker Attends 2014 Council of Great Lakes Governors Executive Meeting Gov. Scott Walker 4/21/14 Governor McAuliffe Marks 100 Days of His Administration, Launches Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/26/14 Statement by Gov. Perry on President Obama Extending Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Gov. James Perry 3/26/14 Governor Christie: I Never Thought I'd Be The Weather Governor Gov. Christopher Christie 3/25/14 Governor Christie: Anybody Here Could Be Governor Gov. Christopher Christie 3/17/14 Governor Beebe Issues Line-Item Veto Gov. Mike Beebe 3/10/14 Governor Beebe Announces Intent to Grant Pardons Gov. Mike Beebe 2/17/14 Branstad Establishes Council to Guide Expansion of National Service Gov. Terry Branstad 2/03/14 Interview: News 12 NJ - Governor Christie: I'll Be Damned If I Let Anything Get In The Way Of My Job Gov. Christopher Christie 2/03/14 Interview: News 12 NJ - Governor Christie To New Jersey: Something Like This Will Not Happen Again Gov. Christopher Christie 2/03/14 Interview: News 12 NJ - Governor Christie: They Know Me Gov. Christopher Christie 2/03/14 Interview: News 12 NJ - Governor Christie: The Answer Is Unequivocally No Gov. Christopher Christie 1/28/14 Gov. Perry Response to State of the Union Gov. James Perry 1/14/14 Governor McAuliffe Signs Executive Order Establishing Gift Limit for Administration Officials and Executive Branch Ethics Commission Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/06/14 Governor Patrick Delivers Remarks at Inauguration of Mayor Walsh Gov. Deval Patrick 12/24/13 Letter to Utah's Executive Cabinet - Amendment 3 Ruling Gov. Gary Herbert 12/14/13 Governor Declines Commission's Pay Raise Gov. Sean Parnell 11/27/13 Gov. Nixon Appoints Deputy Probate Commissioner Burnett as Circuit Judge for Jackson County Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/27/13 Gov. Heineman Appoints Derek Vaughn of Omaha to Count Court, 4th Judicial District Gov. Dave Heineman 11/27/13 Dalrymple Names Wade Mann Director of the Office of Administrative Hearings Gov. Jack Dalrymple 11/26/13 Governor Sets December 9 Deadline for State Board of Education Applications Gov. Clement Otter 11/26/13 Governor McCrory Announces Appointments Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/26/13 Governor Dayton Signs Executive Order 13-13 Gov. Mark Dayton 11/25/13 Governor Appoints Peters to the Bethel Court Gov. Sean Parnell 11/25/13 Notice of Intent to Appoint by Governor Dayton Gov. Mark Dayton 11/25/13 Gov. Heineman Appoints James Stecker of Columbus to District Court, 5th Judicial District Gov. Dave Heineman 11/22/13 Governor Dayton Appoints Jennifer L. Frisch to Fill Second Judicial District Vacancy Gov. Mark Dayton 11/22/13 Dr. Joe Parks Named Director of MO HealthNet Division, Gov. Nixon Announces Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/22/13 Governor McCrory Announces Appoinments to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Board of Trustees Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/21/13 Gov. Nixon Appoints St. Louis Attorney Phil Hess to Missouri Court of Appeals Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/21/13 Governor Appoints Christian to District Court Gov. Sean Parnell 11/21/13 Gov. Nixon Makes Appointments to Two Boards Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/21/13 Governor Dayton Appoints Suzanne Bollman and Amy R. Brosnahan to Fill Tenth Judicial District Vacancies Gov. Mark Dayton 11/21/13 Governor Bentley Statement on the Pardoning of the Scottsboro Boys Gov. Robert Bentley 11/15/13 Ken Edmunds Named New Idaho Department of Labor Director Gov. Clement Otter 9/07/13 Governor Quinn Announces Executive Appointments Gov. Pat Quinn 7/22/13 Gov. Beshear Announces Creation of Office of Entrepreneurship within Cabinet for Economic Development Gov. Steven Beshear 5/13/13 Branstad Names CPA Mary Mosiman as New State Auditor Gov. Terry Branstad 5/06/13 Statement on President Obama's Visit to Texas Gov. James Perry 3/18/13 Statement from Governor Martin O'Malley on President Obama's Nomination of Thomas Perez as US Secretary of Labor Gov. Martin O'Malley 3/13/13 Governor Rick Scott Statement on the Resignation of Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Gov. Rick Scott 3/05/13 Governor Appoints Dooley to Superior Court Gov. Sean Parnell 3/05/13 Governor Elevates Kauvar to Fairbanks Court Gov. Sean Parnell 2/19/13 Governor Beebe Announces 28 Appointments to Boards and Commissions Gov. Mike Beebe 2/19/13 Governor Hassan Names New Commissioner of the New Hampshire Banking Department Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 2/14/13 Governor Brewer Names Mohave County Superior Court Judge Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 2/13/13 Gov. Heineman Names Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann Gov. Dave Heineman 2/07/13 Governor Appoints Kara Brighton to Public Service Commission Gov. Matt Mead 2/07/13 Gov. Shumlin taps Van Wyck to replace the late Rep. Greg Clark Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/03/13 Executive Order 13-03: Amendment to Executive Order 12-18 Gov. John Kitzhaber 1/30/13 Governor Deval L. Patrick U.S. Senate Interim Appointment Remarks Gov. Deval Patrick 1/30/13 Governor Pence Names Head of Department of Child Services Gov. Mike Pence 1/29/13 Statement on Senator Kerry Confirmation Gov. Deval Patrick 1/29/13 Governor Walker Announces Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Chief Executive Officer Gov. Scott Walker 1/25/13 Senate File 104 Will Receive Thorough Review Gov. Matt Mead 1/22/13 Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of 'Open Budget' Transparency Portal Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/07/13 EO-1 Establishing a Procedure for the Appointment of Justices and Judges Gov. Patrick McCrory 12/20/12 Governor Corbett Unveils PennWATCH Transparency Website Gov. Thomas Corbett 11/30/12 Branstad, Reynolds Visit Every County Gov. Terry Branstad 7/26/12 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Pending Legislation Gov. Christopher Christie 6/26/12 Governor Jan Brewer Extends Rulemaking Review and Moratorium Process for State Agencies Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 6/20/12 Statement from David Dewhurst on President Obama's Abuse of Power David Dewhurst 6/14/12 Open burning, Private Use of Fireworks Banned in Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper 6/14/12 Executive Order Launches Regulatory Reform and Review Gov. Jack Markell 5/25/12 Governor LePage Takes Action on Bond Proposals Gov. Paul LePage 5/23/12 Governor Walker Signs Green Tier Executive Order Gov. Scott Walker 5/16/12 Governor Cuomo Announces Proposed Regulations to Ensure That State-Funded Providers Do Not Pay Excessive Executive Compensation or Administrative Costs Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/09/12 Dettinger Files for Employment Exemption Gov. Earl Tomblin 5/08/12 Governor Bentley Returns School Calendar Bill with Executive Amendment Gov. Robert Bentley 5/04/12 Gov. Hickenlooper Vetoes Regional Tourism Projects Bill Gov. John Hickenlooper 5/04/12 Governor Susana Martinez Announces Settlement Reached with Albuquerque Journal Over Richardson-Era Lawsuit Gov. Susana Martinez 4/25/12 Malloy Administration on Quinnipiac Poll Gov. Dan Malloy 4/23/12 Governor, Advocates for the Blind Working to Enhance Delivery of Services Gov. Rick Snyder 4/19/12 Raising Taxes is a Local Choice; Governor Says Mayors have Options Gov. Paul LePage 4/17/12 Governor Heineman Makes a Statement on Veto Overrides Gov. Dave Heineman 4/16/12 Governor's Veto Keeps Efficient and Uniform Management in Place Gov. Samuel Brownback 4/09/12 Governor Heineman Vetoes Electronic Horse Gambling Bill Gov. Dave Heineman 3/16/12 Letter to Matt Michels President of the Senate; Veto Message for SB157 Gov. Dennis Daugaard 3/09/12 Governor Creates Sage-Grouse Task Force Gov. Clement Otter 2/23/12 Jim Kempton Appointed to Fill Region 4 Seat on Idaho Transportation Board Gov. Clement Otter 1/20/12 Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Secretary Michael Duvall to Join LANL Site Office as Key Security and Safety Official Gov. Susana Martinez 1/18/12 Remembering Bill Janklow Gov. Dennis Daugaard 1/13/12 Governor Fallin Announces Appointment of Joy Hofmeister to the State Board of Education Gov. Mary Fallin 1/10/12 Letter to President Obama Gov. Mary Fallin 1/10/12 Phil Bryant Sworn in as the 64th Governor of Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant 1/05/12 Gov. Nikki Haley Joins Scott, Duncan in Condemning Obama's NLRB Recess Appointments Gov. Nimrata Haley 12/21/11 Gov. Shumlin Announces Reorganization in Agency of Human Services Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/19/11 Gov. Walker Signs Executive Order Relating to Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Gov. Scott Walker 11/22/11 Governor Susana Martinez Signs Executive Order to Activate Unemployment Fund Council Gov. Susana Martinez 11/15/11 Text of Gov. Perry's Uproot and Overhaul Washington Speech Gov. James Perry 11/15/11 Gov. Perry Unveils "Uproot and Overhaul Washington" Plan Gov. James Perry 10/24/11 Reggie Newson Appointed Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development Gov. Scott Walker 10/20/11 Governor Markell Signs Executive Order To Simplify and Clarify State Agency FOIA Policies Gov. Jack Markell 10/19/11 Governor Cuomo Puts Forth Port Authority Appointments and Reorganization Plans Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/21/11 Sandoval Announces Economic Development And Staff Changes Gov. Brian Sandoval 8/13/11 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Presidential Announcement Remarks Gov. James Perry