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3/08/17 2017 Governor's Trade Excellence Award Winners Honored Gov. Robert Bentley 2/16/17 Governor Bentley Announces Alabama Exports Set New Annual Record in 2016 Gov. Robert Bentley 2/10/17 Gov. Ricketts Comments on Japanese Prime Minister's Visit with President Trump Gov. Pete Ricketts 2/02/17 Gov. Snyder Wraps Up Investment Mission to Israel, Promotes Tech Collaborations and Investment Opportunities Gov. Rick Snyder 1/26/17 Gov. Rick Snyder Leading Delegation to Israel to Enhance Business Ties with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder 1/24/17 Gov. Ricketts Comments on Trans-Pacific Partnership Withdrawal Gov. Pete Ricketts 11/28/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Exports to Chile and Costa Rica for Virginia Manufacturer Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/28/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Exports to Chile and Costa Rica for Virginia Manufacturer Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/18/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Virginia Agricultural Trade Office in Southeast Asia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/11/16 Governor McAuliffe to Lead Trade and Marketing Mission to the Pacific Rim Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/04/16 Governor Wolf Signs Bill Prohibiting State from Contracting with Businesses that Boycott Israel Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/02/16 Nebraska Beef in Europe Gov. Pete Ricketts 10/31/16 Governor Cuomo Calls On Canada to Resolve Potential Export Barriers to New York Milk Suppliers Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/21/16 Bringing Jobs Back to Arkansas Gov. William Hutchinson 10/20/16 Gov. Hutchinson Bringing 400 New Jobs Back from China; Makes Announcement Live via Skype from Beijin Gov. William Hutchinson 10/07/16 Governor Walker Invited to Speak in Korea about Alaska's Energy Opportunities Gov. Bill Walker 10/05/16 REMARKS: Governor Ducey Addresses The Canadian Club Of Toronto Gov. Doug Ducey 10/03/16 Branstad to Lead Trade Mission to China and Japan Gov. Terry Branstad 9/30/16 Gov. Edwards to Lead Louisiana Trade Mission to Cuba Gov. John Bel Edwards 9/22/16 Growing Trade with Japan Gov. Pete Ricketts 9/21/16 Gov. Ricketts Lauds Move by China to Resume Beef Imports Gov. Pete Ricketts 9/12/16 Growing Illinois' Relationship with Japan Gov. Bruce Rauner 9/12/16 Governor Walker Attends Midwest U.S. -- Japan Association Conference in St. Louis Gov. Scott Walker 8/24/16 Maryland, Japan Formalize Trade Relationship with Memorandum of Cooperation Gov. Larry Hogan 8/17/16 Gov. Rick Snyder Requests MISO to Study Benefits of Better Electrical Connections Between Michigan's Two Peninsulas and Canada Gov. Rick Snyder 8/16/16 Governor McAuliffe to Lead Trade and Marketing Mission to Colombia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 8/10/16 Gov. Ricketts Announces Taiwanese Intent to Purchase Over $400 million in Nebraska Ag Commodities Gov. Pete Ricketts 8/04/16 Governor Sandoval Signs Statement of Intent with State of Queensland to Collaborate on Mining, Education, Water, and Technology Innovation Gov. Brian Sandoval 8/02/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Funding for Agriculture, Forestry Export Promotion Efforts Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/27/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces Major New Exports to China for Frondita Biogroup Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/18/16 Commissioner Boyd to Lead Tennessee Delegation to SEUS-Japan Conference in Tokyo Gov. William Haslam 7/15/16 Wrap-up: Governor McAuliffe Completes 18th International Trade Mission Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/15/16 Governor Establishes Council on Freight Rail Gov. Mark Dayton 7/15/16 Gov. Edwards Announces Support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Gov. John Bel Edwards 7/13/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Exports for Virginia Lumber Companies to the United Kingdom Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/08/16 Governor McAuliffe Leads Marketing and Trade Mission to Israel and United Kingdom Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/07/16 Governor Announces The C.F. Sauer Company Expands International Sales through Virginia's International Trade Programs Gov. Terry McAuliffe 6/28/16 Inslee And Japan Ambassador Sign Agreement To Strengthen Trade Ties And Increase Cooperation Gov. Jay Inslee 6/27/16 Deal Hails Panama Canal Expansion Gov. Nathan Deal 6/24/16 AR Economic Milestones Gov. William Hutchinson 6/23/16 Governor McAuliffe Statement on the Selection of Todd Haymore as Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Gov. Terry McAuliffe 6/20/16 Gov. Hickenlooper to Visit Brazil for Biennial of the Americas and Trade & Investment Mission Gov. John Hickenlooper 6/16/16 Bolstering Our Business Ties Abroad Gov. Scott Walker 6/15/16 First Family, Avedisian, Coit to Go Clamming Tomorrow Gov. Gina Raimondo 6/15/16 Kentucky's First-Quarter 2016 Exports Surge on Aerospace, Automotive Parts Gov. Matt Bevin 6/15/16 Governor Walker Attends International Dairy Trade Show in Guadalajara, Mexico Gov. Scott Walker 6/15/16 Governor Walker Meets with Jalisco Governor Sandoval Gov. Scott Walker 6/14/16 Governor Walker Meets Leaders from Key Companies with Strong Wisconsin Ties Gov. Scott Walker 6/13/16 Governor Walker Aims to Strengthen Wisconsin-Mexico Trade Gov. Scott Walker 5/27/16 Growing Overseas Trade Gov. Pete Ricketts 5/24/16 Gov. Ricketts Announces International Trade Mission to Asia Gov. Pete Ricketts 5/16/16 Governor McAuliffe to Lead Marketing and Trade Mission to Boston and Canada Gov. Terry McAuliffe 5/16/16 Governor Abbott Rejects Obama Administration's Request To Lift Iran Sanctions Gov. Gregory Abbott 5/10/16 Governor Walker to Lead Business Development Mission to Mexico in June Gov. Scott Walker 5/10/16 Delaware Delegation Backs U.S. Challenge To China's Unfair Taxes On Poultry From Delaware And Other States Gov. John Carney 5/04/16 Governor Haslam, Commissioner Boyd Meet With Shanghai Mayor, Co-host Tennessee Investment Seminar Gov. William Haslam 4/29/16 Gov. Rick Snyder: European Mission Strengthened Relationships, Made Case for Investing in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder 4/28/16 Governor Haslam, Commissioner Boyd to Take "Tennessee Story" to Asia Gov. William Haslam 4/28/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces Successful Virginia Wine Promotion and New Exports to the United Kingdom Gov. Terry McAuliffe 4/25/16 Gov. Rick Snyder Seeks Expanded Investment, New Jobs in Michigan at Opening of Hannover Messe Gov. Rick Snyder 4/25/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Forest Product Exports to Germany Gov. Terry McAuliffe 4/20/16 Governor Rick Scott to Lead Trade Mission to California Gov. Rick Scott 3/31/16 Governor Abbott Meets With Nuevo León Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón Gov. Gregory Abbott 3/29/16 Governor Doug Ducey Appoints Marcos Garay New Executive Director of the Arizona-Mexico Commission Gov. Doug Ducey 3/10/16 CNN/Transcript of Republican Debate in Miami Gov. John Kasich 3/08/16 Gov. Ricketts Highlights Global Success of the STEP Program in Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/03/16 Eleventh GOP Primary Debate Gov. John Kasich 2/25/16 After Efforts from Dayton, Klobuchar, Franken, and Nolan, White House Announces New Actions To Crack Down On Illegal Steel Dumping Gov. Mark Dayton 2/22/16 Governor Abbott Meets With Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Gov. Gregory Abbott 2/10/16 Deal Announces Sixth Record Year in International Trade Gov. Nathan Deal 2/10/16 Gov. Ricketts Celebrates First Beef Exports to Israel in a Decade Gov. Pete Ricketts 2/06/16 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated Gov. Christopher Christie 2/06/16 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated Gov. John Kasich 2/02/16 Gov. Jay Inslee Statement Regarding REC Silicon In Moses Lake Gov. Jay Inslee 1/13/16 Governor Terry McAuliffe Delivers State of the Commonwealth Address Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/06/16 Conference Report for the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 Gov. John Carney 12/15/15 5th Republican Presidential Debate Gov. John Kasich 12/15/15 5th Republican Presidential Debate Gov. Christopher Christie 12/14/15 Weekly Column: The State of Nebraska Agriculture Gov. Pete Ricketts 12/10/15 Governor Abbott Addresses 16th Annual U.S. India Chamber Of Commerce Banquet In Dallas Gov. Gregory Abbott 12/08/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces Lifting of Kuwait Ban on Virginia Poultry Products Gov. Terry McAuliffe 12/04/15 Gov. Jay Inslee statement on Ex-Im Bank reauthorization Gov. Jay Inslee 11/24/15 Governor Abbott To Lead Business Development Mission To Cuba Gov. Gregory Abbott 11/24/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces Lifting of Oman Ban on Virginia Poultry Products Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/23/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Virginia Apple Exports to India Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/20/15 Governor Appoints New AGDC Board Members Gov. Bill Walker 11/18/15 Governor McAuliffe Touts Success in the United Arab Emirates during Trade and Marketing Mission Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/13/15 Governor McAuliffe Leads International Trade and Marketing Mission to the Middle East and India Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/13/15 AR mission to Asia Gov. William Hutchinson 11/12/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Seafood Export Deals to Canada Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/11/15 New York Times - Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate Gov. John Kasich 11/06/15 Governor Asa Hutchinson Announces Trade Mission to Japan/China Gov. William Hutchinson 11/03/15 Letter to Congressional Leadership - Cuban Credit Extensions Gov. William Hutchinson 11/02/15 Kasich Unveils Further Details Of Strategy To Dismantle The Washington Bureaucracy Gov. John Kasich 10/28/15 State of Maryland, Gyeonggi Province Sign Memorandum of Understanding Gov. Larry Hogan 10/28/15 Time - Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder Gov. Christopher Christie 10/28/15 Time - Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder Gov. John Kasich 10/22/15 Governor Bullock to Lead Business and Education Delegation to Taiwan and South Korea Oct. 23 -- 30 Gov. Steve Bullock 10/21/15 Gov. to Host Legislative Briefing on Saurday Gov. Bill Walker 10/19/15 Gov. Hickenlooper Meets With Prime Minister Netanyahu, Concludes Economic Development Trip In Israel Gov. John Hickenlooper

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