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11/21/14 Secretary Jewell, Gov. Hickenlooper, Colorado Congressional Delegation Announce Landmark Settlement for Colorado's Roan Plateau Gov. John Hickenlooper 11/20/14 Weekly Radio Address: Wisconsin -- The World's Deer Hunting Destination Gov. Scott Walker 11/20/14 SPF North America, Inc. Expanding Greenwood County Manufacturing Facility Gov. Nimrata Haley 11/17/14 Governor Bentley Announces $9.6 Million for Gulf Restoration Projects in Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley 11/17/14 Governor Patrick Announces Funding for Environmental Projects in Lenox, Pittsfield Gov. Deval Patrick 11/13/14 Gov. Scott Reduces Cost of Lifetime Sportsman's License Gov. Rick Scott 11/13/14 Gov. Nixon Calls on Missouri Hunters to Donate Deer through Share the Harvest Program this Season Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/12/14 Gov. Hickenlooper, Senators Bennet and Udall and Congressman Tipton Issue Statements on Gunnison Sage Grouse Listing Decision Gov. John Hickenlooper 11/11/14 Veterans Day: A Video Message from Governor Scott Walker Gov. Scott Walker 11/11/14 Riverine Fisheries International LLC to Build Fish Processing Operation in Hickman Gov. Steven Beshear 10/31/14 Governor Quinn Announces Investment in Feed Technology Complex at University of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn 10/30/14 Governor Dayton Encourages Minnesotans to Register for First-Ever Pheasant Summit, Invites Public to Submit Topics and Ideas Gov. Mark Dayton 10/23/14 Governor McCrory Unveils New Polar Bear Exhibit at NC Zoo Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/21/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Biotech Agricultural Export Deal to China Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/16/14 Governor McCrory Celebrates 147th State Fair Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/15/14 Gov. Nixon Presents Agricultural Achievement Award to Animal Nutrition Company BioZyme, of St. Joseph Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 10/15/14 Secretary Jewell Commends Wyoming Ranchers for Commitment to Conserving Sagebrush Habitat Gov. Matt Mead 10/10/14 Governor and Interior Secretary Jewell Applaud Ranchers for Sage Grouse Conservation Gov. Matt Mead 10/09/14 Governor Dayton to Host Fourth Annual Governor's Pheasant Opener in Worthington Gov. Mark Dayton 10/04/14 Governor Quinn Announces Major Investments in Conservation and Illinois State Parks Gov. Pat Quinn 10/02/14 Governor Quinn Statement on the 10th Annual Chicago River Summit Gov. Pat Quinn 9/30/14 Governor Mead is Disappointed Wyoming's Wolf Management Case is Remanded Back to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gov. Matt Mead 9/30/14 Corbett Administration Announces the Release of Economic Growth Initiative Grant to Southwest Pennsylvania Animal Shelter Gov. Thomas Corbett 9/29/14 Governor Mead Appreciates Judge Jackson's Swift Response to Wyoming's Emergency Rule on Gray Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/28/14 Owens Station Shooting Sports & Hunter Education Center Dedicated as Downstate State-Owned Facility Gov. Jack Markell 9/26/14 Gov. Phil Bryant Encourages Mississippians to Participate in 42nd National Hunting and Fishing Day Gov. Phil Bryant 9/26/14 Governor Dayton Announces Plans for Minnesota Pheasant Summit Gov. Mark Dayton 9/25/14 Governor Scott Walker Celebrates Expansion, Job Creation at Fromm Family Foods Gov. Scott Walker 9/24/14 Governor Mead Signs and Files Emergency Rule for Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/24/14 Gov. Malloy: Land Transfer Will Honor Sandy Hook Victim Gov. Dannel Malloy 9/23/14 Governor Mead Responds to District Judge Ruling on Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/23/14 Governor Otter, BPA Reach $40 Million Agreement for Habitat and Access Gov. Clement Otter 9/20/14 Gov. Malloy Announces the Formation of the Important Bird Areas Advisory Committee Gov. Dannel Malloy 9/19/14 Delmarva Fox Squirrel Now Proposed for Removal from Endangered Species List Near Half Decade of Conservation Efforts by Landowners, Other Partners Key to Rebound Gov. Martin O'Malley 9/19/14 Blog: Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup 2014 Gov. Dennis Daugaard 9/18/14 Gov. Beshear Breaks Ground on Breathitt Veterinary Center Gov. Steven Beshear 9/15/14 Gov. Heineman & First Lady Ganem Urge "Pet Pre-PAW-edness" Gov. Dave Heineman 9/15/14 Governor Signs Bills Supporting Farmers, Food Banks Gov. Steven Beshear 9/12/14 Governor Chafee, R.I. DEM Director Coit, Congressional Delegation and Local Officials Tour Hillsdale Forest and Wildlife Reservation Gov. Lincoln Chafee 9/10/14 Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference Keynote Address Gov. Jay Inslee 9/10/14 Court Rules for Wyoming - Allows Wild Horse Roundup to Proceed Gov. Matt Mead 9/09/14 Governor Corbett Announces Pennsylvania is Receiving Federal Dollars to Plan Forest Management, Conservation for Bats Gov. Thomas Corbett 9/09/14 Governor Bullock Signs Executive Order Establishing the Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Program Gov. Steve Bullock 9/09/14 Governor's Pheasant Habitat Work Group Announces Recommendations Gov. Dennis Daugaard 9/09/14 Governor Steve Bullock Announces $2 Million Grant to Aid Conservation Efforts in the Flathead Gov. Steve Bullock 9/06/14 Governor Quinn Announces $1 Million Investment in Brookfield Zoo Improvements Gov. Pat Quinn 9/04/14 Gov. Scott and FWC Announce New License-Free Saltwater Fishing Day Sept. 6 Gov. Rick Scott 9/04/14 Governor Patrick Visits Dog Assistance Program Helping Veterans, Disabled Across the Commonwealth Gov. Deval Patrick 9/04/14 Governor Jindal Reminds Hunters to Take Advantage of Sales Tax Holiday Gov. Piyush Jindal 9/02/14 Governor Cuomo Signs Bill Aiding in Fight Against Aquatic Invasive Species Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/27/14 State Opposes Federal Closure of Bear Hunting Gov. Sean Parnell 8/25/14 Governor: BLM Must Take Immediate Action to Remedy Violations of Wild Horse Act Gov. Matt Mead 8/25/14 Governor Quinn to Salute Sister Rivers and Sister Lakes Partners Gov. Pat Quinn 8/20/14 Chinook Disaster Payments Being Processed Gov. Sean Parnell 8/19/14 Governor Bullock Welcomes Decision on Arctic Grayling Gov. Steve Bullock 8/18/14 Telemedicine Bill Becomes Law Gov. Sean Parnell 8/15/14 Blog: 2014 Nebraska State Fair Gov. Dave Heineman 8/15/14 Governor Seeks to Protect State Interests in Wild Horse Lawsuit Gov. Matt Mead 8/13/14 Governor Scott Walker Announces Launch of FFLIGHT Gov. Scott Walker 8/12/14 Governor Applaudds Fed Decision Not to List Wolverines Under the ESA Gov. Clement Otter 8/12/14 Governor Cuomo Signs New Law to Combat Illegal Ivory Trade and Protect Endangered Species Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/08/14 Governor Defends Wyoming Elk Feedgrounds from Western Watersheds Gov. Matt Mead 8/07/14 Manchin, Tomblin, Rahall Pleased NIH Releases Details on Research Studies of Chemicals Spilled in Elk River Gov. Earl Tomblin 8/05/14 Governor Christie Signs Bipartisan Legislation To Crack Down On Black Market Ivory Trafficking Gov. Christopher Christie 8/05/14 Wood Bison to be Reintroduced in Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell 8/02/14 Governor Quinn Takes Action to Strengthen Humane Treatment of Animals Law Gov. Pat Quinn 8/01/14 Blog: Livestock Friendly County Program Continues to Grow Gov. Dave Heineman 7/31/14 Governor Markell Signs Legislation to Strengthen Animal Welfare Laws Gov. Jack Markell 7/24/14 Governor Patrick Signs Legislation Prohibiting Possession, Sale, Trade, and Distribution of Shark Fins Gov. Deval Patrick 7/22/14 Governor Joins Wyoming Wildlife - the Foundation to Donate Bison Tags to Charity Gov. Matt Mead 7/22/14 Governor Tomblin Names New Head of West Virginia State Park System, DNR Law Enforcement Chief Gov. Earl Tomblin 7/18/14 Governor Designates $25,000 in Contingency Funds to Downeast Salmon Federation Gov. Paul LePage 7/17/14 The Blade - Gov. Kasich Signs Proclamation Supporting New Dredging Strategy for Toledo Harbor Gov. John Kasich 7/10/14 First Lady Ann LePage Draws Names for the 2014 Veterans Controlled Moose Hunt Gov. Paul LePage 7/10/14 New Raffle Generates Over $665,000 for Wyoming Wildlife Gov. Matt Mead 7/10/14 The Blade - Kasich Wants to Showcase Lake: Gov. Encourages Ohioans to Display Erie's Treasure to GOP Conventioneers Gov. John Kasich 7/10/14 Governor Brownback Responds to Pattern of Intrusion into Kansas Agricultural and Ranching Operations Gov. Samuel Brownback 7/10/14 Major Increase in Walleye-Stocked Lakes under Governor Scott Walker's Wisconsin Walleye Initiative Gov. Scott Walker 7/09/14 Governor Otter Reinforces Need for Controlling Wolves Gov. Clement Otter 7/09/14 Even though wildfires got off to an alarming start earlier this year, the threat of wildfire danger across Arkansas has fortunately lessened. But because of many factors, including storm damage, many areas are still at risk. In an effort to prevent fires in our State, the Arkansas Forestry Commission continues encouraging communities to join the National Fire Protection Association's Firewise program. The Commission's Firewise team works collaboratively with statewide fire departments on issues of wildfire prevention, response, and awareness-building. The program provides excellent hands-on training to firefighters, teaching them to recognize the unique challenges presented where developed areas are in close proximity to forested areas. In Arkansas, almost all communities fit this profile. The program encourages local solutions for safety, involving homeowners in preparing in advance for the risk of wildfire. It educates firefighters on ways to communicate with residents about the particular risks in those surroundings, so that brush, grass and forest fires don't have to become disasters. A major component of the program is the development of Community Wildfire Preparedness Plans. By identifying high wildfire-risk areas, departments can make wiser decisions about station locations, resource allocations and the distribution of safety material. And this is valuable training, because wildfires present different challenges than structural fires. That knowledge alone makes communities safer. And, by completing different steps in the program, fire departments also earn grant money that is used to purchase wildland firefighting gear, making communities safer still. Additionally, when community fire departments obtain their Firewise certification, it improves the department's Insurance Service Office ranking. This could potentially lower insurance premiums for area residents. And one day, Arkansans in communities that have obtained Firewise certification may automatically receive lower insurance rates, as is the case in California. I'm proud that for almost 10 years, Arkansas has had more Firewise communities than any other state. Last year, one of those communities - the town of Norphlet in Union County - was one of five recognized nationally for its fire-mitigation efforts. Norphlet, like many other towns in Arkansas, has been a Firewise community for several years. The high recertification rate indicates that Arkansas communities see much value in the program. Interested communities can receive help from Forestry Commission staffers, who are willing to visit fire crews and walk them through program requirements. This support is especially useful considering that most Arkansas fire departments are volunteer-based. Firewise is an easy-to-understand program with handouts, resources, how-to guides and carefully planned training initiatives. So far this year, the Arkansas Forestry Commission has suppressed more than 1,000 wildfires that burned approximately 15,000 acres. More than 75 structures have been lost. We are hopeful that Mother Nature will bring mild weather to Arkansas, thereby lowering wildfire risk, but our communities must always be prepared to protect lives and property. Firewise is one of the best ways to insure that preparation, and it's easy. By investing time in training, communities across Arkansas can avoid devastation from fires and maintain the signature lush beauty that our State is known for. Gov. Mike Beebe 7/08/14 Governor Bullock Announces $400,000 Grant for Parks, and Outdoor Recreation Gov. Steve Bullock 7/08/14 Special Interest Tax Breaks Jeopardize Outdoor Economy, Gov. Nixon says Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/08/14 Gov. Nixon Vetoes Two Bills Defining Captive Deer as Livestock Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/08/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on Old Saybrook Referendum Approving Purchase of the 'Preserve' Land Gov. Dannel Malloy 7/07/14 Governor Cuomo Announces First Invasive Species Awareness Week Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/07/14 Governor Otter Appoints Wolf Depredation Control Board Members Gov. Clement Otter 7/01/14 New Law Will Protect Health and Safety of Minnesota Dogs and Cats Gov. Mark Dayton 6/30/14 State to Intervene in Izembek Case Gov. Sean Parnell 6/26/14 Governor: BLM Plan for Lander Area Shows Positive Cooperation Gov. Matt Mead 6/18/14 Gov. Malloy Signs Legislation Increasing Standards for the Care of Animals at Pet Shops Gov. Dannel Malloy 6/17/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Agreement With Legislative Leaders on Bill to Fight Illegal Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn Trade Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/17/14 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Statement on New Lawsuit to List the Lesser Prairie Chicken as "Endangered' Gov. Samuel Brownback 6/13/14 Letter to Alfred Speer, Clerk of the Louisianna House of Representatives - Veto House Bill No. 22, 1091, 953 Gov. Piyush Jindal 6/13/14 The Hillsboro-Tribune - Governor Vsits Gales Creek Gov. John Kitzhaber 6/09/14 Dalrymple Meets with Interior Sec. Jewell Regarding Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act Gov. Jack Dalrymple 6/04/14 Gov. Scott and FWC Announce Saltwater and Freshwater License-Free Fishing Days Gov. Rick Scott 6/03/14 Governor Kitzhaber Praises Sustainability Certification for Oregon Trawl Fishery Gov. John Kitzhaber 6/03/14 Governor Sam Brownback Announces Further Action Regarding Lesser Prairie Chickens Gov. Samuel Brownback 5/29/14 RI Set to Receive $1.9 Million in Groundfish Disaster Relief Funds Gov. Lincoln Chafee 5/28/14 Governor Hassan Statement on Northeast Groundfish Disaster Assistance Funds Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan