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4/03/15 Governor Phil Bryant Comments on the Passing of Judge Dan Fairly Gov. Phil Bryant 3/26/15 Gov. Ricketts States Support for Law Enforcement Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/24/15 Gov. Nixon Appoints St. Louis Attorney Robert Heggie as Associate Circuit Judge in the 21st Circuit Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 3/23/15 Governor McCrory Announces Judicial Nomination Gov. Patrick McCrory 3/23/15 Governor McCrory Announces Business Court Nominee Gov. Patrick McCrory 3/11/15 Gov. Fallin Names Robert Hudson to Court of Criminal Appeals Gov. Mary Fallin 3/10/15 Maine Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LePage Administration Gov. Paul LePage 3/09/15 Gov. Nixon Statement on Action by the Missouri Supreme Court Regarding the City of Ferguson's Municipal Court Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 3/05/15 Commission on Judicial Selection Recommends Second Judicial District Candidates to Governor Dayton Gov. Mark Dayton 3/05/15 The Washington Times - The fallout of the latest Obamacare case on the states Gov. Mary Fallin 3/04/15 Governor Appoints Petersen to 3rd District Court Gov. Gary Herbert 3/03/15 Governor Asa Hutchinson Appoints Holly Meyer to 16th Judicial District, 2nd Division Circuit Court Gov. Asa Hutchinson 2/27/15 Governor Markell Nominates Jeffrey J. Clark to Superior Court of Kent County Gov. Jack Markell 2/27/15 Governor Dayton Announces Upcoming Vacancy on Minnesota Supreme Court Gov. Mark Dayton 2/23/15 Governor LePage Announces Judicial Re-Appointments Gov. Paul LePage 2/23/15 Governor Markell Nominates Collins J. Seitz, Jr. to Delaware Supreme Court Gov. Jack Markell 2/18/15 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement on Today's Hearing Regarding Repeal of Washington's Death Penalty Law Gov. Jay Inslee 2/13/15 Statement on Confirmation of Utah Supreme Court Justice Himonas Gov. Gary Herbert 2/12/15 Baker-Polito Statement on the Retirement of Appeals Court Chief Justice Phillip Rapoza Gov. Charles Baker 2/12/15 Baker-Polito Statement on the Retirement of Appeals Court Chief Justice Phillip Rapoza Karyn Polito 2/10/15 Gov. Nixon Names Sullivan as New Circuit Judge for St. Louis City Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 2/10/15 Gov. Nixon Appoints Longtime Assistant Prosecutor as Circuit Judge for Sixteenth Circuit (Jackson County) Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 2/09/15 Gov. Nixon Appoints Edina Man as New Knox County Eastern District Commissioner Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 2/09/15 Governor Cuomo Announces Confirmation of Leslie E. Stein and Eugene M. Fahey to Court of Appeals Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/06/15 Governor Baker's Executive Order Establishes Judicial Nominating Commission Gov. Charles Baker 2/06/15 Governor Dayton Announces Appointments to the Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals Gov. Mark Dayton 2/06/15 Statement from Governor Dayton Supporting Recommendation of Justice Wilhelmina Wright for Federal District Court Judge Gov. Mark Dayton 2/03/15 Governor Hogan Issues Executive Order On Judicial Nominating Commissions Gov. Larry Hogan 2/03/15 Governor Walker Appoints La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Gov. Scott Walker 1/30/15 Governor Tomblin Appoints Wilmoth to Serve as 20th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Gov. Earl Tomblin 1/29/15 Governor Sam Brownback nominates Kathryn Gardner to Kansas Court of Appeals Gov. Samuel Brownback 1/26/15 Governor Sam Brownback Makes Judicial Appointment to the 10th District Court Gov. Samuel Brownback 1/23/15 Governor Inslee Announces Appointment of Derek Vanderwood to Clark County Superior Court Gov. Jay Inslee 1/23/15 Governor McCrory Announces 24th District Judicial Appointment Gov. Patrick McCrory 1/16/15 Gov. Beshear's Statement Regarding Supreme Court Consideration of Same Sex Marriage Cases Gov. Steven Beshear 1/15/15 State of the State 2015 Gov. Samuel Brownback 1/15/15 Governor Cuomo to Nominate Justice Eugene M. Fahey to Serve on the New York State Court of Appeals Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/14/15 Governor Otter Names New District Judge in Grangeville Gov. Clement Otter 1/12/15 Haslam Announces Members Of Council For Judicial Appointments Gov. William Haslam 1/09/15 Governor Dayton Reappoints Bradford Delapena to the Minnesota Tax Court Gov. Mark Dayton 1/05/15 Governor Brown Swears in Justices Cuellar and Kruger to the California Supreme Court Gov. Edmund Brown 1/02/15 Governor Seeks Judicial Candidates for the Maine Courts Gov. Paul LePage 1/02/15 Gov. Nixon Appoints St. Francois County Associate Circuit Judge Wendy Wexler Horn as New Circuit Judge For 24th Circuit Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 12/30/14 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Statement Following District Court Decision Gov. Samuel Brownback 12/03/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo - Eric Garner Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/25/14 Statement by Gov. Nixon Regarding Events in Ferguson Last Night Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/25/14 Statement from Governor Hassan on Fred Fuller Oil Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 11/25/14 Transcript of Gov. Nixon's Prepared Remarks during Today's Media Availability Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/24/14 Gov. Jay Nixon Issues Statement Following Announcement of St. Louis County Grand Jury Decision Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/24/14 Gov. Nixon's Prepared Remarks During Today's Media Availability with County Executive Dooley, Mayor Slay and DPS Director Isom Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/24/14 Governor Brown Selects Leondra R. Kruger for California Supreme Court Gov. Edmund Brown 11/19/14 Bullock on Marriage Equality Ruling: "We Are Closer to Fulfilling Our Promise of Freedom, Dignity, and Equality for All Montanans" Gov. Steve Bullock 11/13/14 Governor McCrory, Joined by Governors Martin and Hunt, Takes Action to Defend North Carolina's Constitution Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/11/14 Gov. Nixon Announces Law Enforcement Planning Efforts in Advance of Grand Jury Decision Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/08/14 Gov. Malloy on the Nomination of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General Gov. Dannel Malloy 11/07/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Expected Nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/07/14 Deal: State Files Lawsuit Demanding Federal Action on Water Supply Gov. Nathan Deal 11/06/14 Governor Pence Statement on Indiana Supreme Court Ruling Gov. Mike Pence 11/06/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Issues Statement Following Court of Appeals Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Rick Snyder 11/03/14 Governor Scott Announces US Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Water Wars Case Gov. Rick Scott 10/22/14 Chicago Tribune - Federal Judge Deals Quinn Ethics Blow on IDOT Patronage Hiring Gov. Bruce Rauner 10/21/14 Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Wyoming Plan to Control SO2 Gov. Matt Mead 10/21/14 Governor Otter Asks Federal Appeals Court for En Banc Review of Marriage Ruling Gov. Clement Otter 10/17/14 The Federal District Court Issues a Preliminary Injunction Allowing Same Sex Couples to Marry in Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 10/10/14 Governor Sam Brownback Responds to Suit Filed by Attorney General Schmidt Gov. Samuel Brownback 10/10/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Helping Veterans with Dental Experience Return to Civilian Workforce Gov. Rick Snyder 10/10/14 Governor McCrory Releases Statement Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/10/14 Governor Otter Reacts to US Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho Gov. Clement Otter 10/09/14 Governor Tomblin Issues Statement Regarding Same-Sex Marriage in West Virginia Gov. Earl Tomblin 10/08/14 Governor McCrory Releases Statement on Voter ID Decision Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/08/14 Justice Kennedy Stays Appellate Court Mandate on Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho Gov. Clement Otter 10/07/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on US District Court's Redistricting Ruling Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/07/14 Statements from Governor Brian Sandoval and Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto on Ninth Circuit Ruling Gov. Brian Sandoval 10/07/14 Wyoming to 10th Circuit: EPA's Reservation Boundary Decision was Wrong Gov. Matt Mead 10/07/14 Federal Appeals Court Rejects Idaho Prohibition on Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Clement Otter 10/06/14 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/06/14 Governor Pence Issues Statement Regarding US Supreme Court's Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage in Indiana Gov. Mike Pence 10/06/14 Governor Hassan Statement on Marriage Equality Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 10/06/14 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov. Wyman Statements on Supreme Court Decision to Reject Appeals in Marriage Equality Cases Nancy Wyman 10/06/14 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov. Wyman Statements on Supreme Court Decision to Reject Appeals in Marriage Equality Cases Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/06/14 Gov. Fallin Responds to SCOTUS Decision to Allow Gay Marriage Gov. Mary Fallin 10/06/14 Governor McCrory Releases Statement on Supreme Court Decision Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/06/14 Gov. Herbert Statement on Supreme Court Decision Regarding Same-Sex Marriage Gov. Gary Herbert 10/06/14 Governor Discusses SCOTUS Decision Not to Hear Utah Same-Sex-Marriage Case Gov. Gary Herbert 10/01/14 Governor McCrory Issues Statement on Voter ID Decision Gov. Patrick McCrory 9/30/14 Governor Mead is Disappointed Wyoming's Wolf Management Case is Remanded Back to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gov. Matt Mead 9/30/14 Governor Mary Fallin Comments on Oklahoma Victory in Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit Gov. Mary Fallin 9/29/14 Governor Mead Appreciates Judge Jackson's Swift Response to Wyoming's Emergency Rule on Gray Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/25/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on the Resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder Gov. Dannel Malloy 9/25/14 Hogan at Press Conference: "Clear Violation of Federal and State Law by the O'Malley-Brown Administration and by Brown-Ulman Campaign for Governor" Gov. Larry Hogan 9/24/14 Governor Mead Signs and Files Emergency Rule for Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/24/14 Kasich Statement on Greene County Grand Jury Decision Gov. John Kasich 9/23/14 Governor Mead Responds to District Judge Ruling on Wolves Gov. Matt Mead 9/12/14 Governor Scott Walker Statement on Voter ID Ruling Gov. Scott Walker 9/11/14 Statement From Gov. Inslee on Today's Supreme Court Order Regarding McCleary Gov. Jay Inslee 9/04/14 Governor Pence Statement on 7th Circuit Ruling Gov. Mike Pence 8/28/14 Governor Hassan's Statement on Voucher Tax Credit Ruling Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 8/22/14 Washingon State Governor, Attorney General Lead Legal Response to Supreme Court Psychiatric Boarding Decision Gov. Jay Inslee 8/16/14 Gov. Nixon declares state of emergency, puts curfew in place to protect public safety and security in Ferguson Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 8/14/14 Gov. Nixon Announces Missouri State Highway Patrol Will Take the Lead on Security Responsibilities in Ferguson Gov. Jeremiah Nixon