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11/04/15 Governor Asa Hutchinson Announces Intent to Grant Executive Clemency Gov. William Hutchinson 10/19/15 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov Wyman on Decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals Upholding Connecticut's Gun Safety Laws Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/09/15 Reed, Raimondo Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence Gov. Gina Raimondo 10/08/15 Governor Dayton to Host Fifth Annual Governor's Pheasant Opener in Mankato, Celebrate Highway 14 Expansion, Drop Puck at MSU Mankato Hockey Game Gov. Mark Dayton 10/06/15 Blog: We Fill Our Culture With Garbage, and We Reap The Result Gov. Piyush Jindal 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate Gov. Scott Walker 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate Gov. John Kasich 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate Gov. Christopher Christie 9/14/15 Pheasant Action Plan Outlines Ten Steps to Improve Hunting, Habitat Gov. Mark Dayton 8/18/15 Governor McCrory Signs Bill That Allows Armed Security at Guard Recruiting Offices Gov. Patrick McCrory 8/18/15 Governor McCrory Signs Bill that Allows Armed Security at Guard Recruiting Offices Gov. Patrick McCrory 7/24/15 Protecting Those Who Protect Us Gov. William Hutchinson 7/22/15 New Safety Measures, Faster Handgun Permit Process For Military Gov. William Haslam 7/22/15 Governor Doug Ducey Authorizes Adjutant General to Arm Arizona National Guard Gov. Doug Ducey 7/21/15 Governor Wolf Orders Flags At Half-Staff To Honor Victims Of Chattanooga Shooting Gov. Thomas Wolf 7/21/15 Governor Doug Ducey Orders Lowering Of Flags In Honor Of Chattanooga Victims Gov. Doug Ducey 7/21/15 Governor Brown Orders Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff in Honor of the Chattanooga Shootings Victims Gov. Kate Brown 7/21/15 Deal Orders Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Fallen Soldiers Gov. Nathan Deal 7/20/15 Gov. Malloy Directs Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Military Members Killed in Tennessee Gov. Dannel Malloy 7/20/15 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff in Honor of United States Marines and Navy Officer Killed in Chattanooga Gov. Paul LePage 7/18/15 Governor Abbott to Order National Guard to Carry Guns on Base Gov. Gregory Abbott 7/18/15 Utah Troops Allowed to Carry Weapons at Military Facilities Gov. Gary Herbert 7/06/15 Governor Hassan's Veto Message Regarding SB 116 Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/29/15 Governor Christie Takes Commonsense Steps To Protect Individuals' Right To Firearms For Self-Defense And Protection Gov. Christopher Christie 6/26/15 Faith Amid Tragedy Gov. William Hutchinson 5/26/15 Governor Cuomo Announces $13.3 Million to Fight Gun Violence Across New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/12/15 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bills to Clarify Definition of Firearms, Bring State in Line with Federal Statutes Gov. Rick Snyder 5/11/15 Oregon Firearms Safety Act Gov. Kate Brown 5/01/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Signing S.141 Gov. Peter Shumlin 4/30/15 Governor Abbott Files Amicus Brief Supporting California Citizens' Second Amendment Rights Gov. Gregory Abbott 4/29/15 Governor Hassan's Statement on Senate Bill 116 Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 4/10/15 Governor Bryant Signs Gun Rights Measures into Law Gov. Phil Bryant 4/03/15 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Statement on Signing SB45, Constitutional Carry Gov. Samuel Brownback 4/02/15 Governor Phil Bryant Comments on 2015 Legislative Session Gov. Phil Bryant 3/30/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces Actions on 2015 Legislation Gov. Terry McAuliffe 3/20/15 Governor Tomblin Vetoes SB347, Citing Law Enforcement and Public Safety Concerns Gov. Earl Tomblin 3/04/15 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bills Streamlining Concealed Pistol Licensing in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder 2/06/15 Gov. Malloy Introduces Legislation Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence Gov. Dannel Malloy 1/15/15 Gov. Rick Snyder Vetoes Bills That Could Have Exposed Domestic Abuse Victims to Violence, Intimidation Gov. Rick Snyder 1/14/15 First State of the Commonwealth Address Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/07/15 2015 State of the State Address Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/15/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence in the Commonwealth Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/05/14 Statement from Gov. Jay Inslee About Yesterday's Election Results Gov. Jay Inslee 11/05/14 Hickenlooper Defeats Beauprez for Colorado Governor Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/22/14 CBS Denver - In Bid To Keep Office, Hickenlooper Touts Strong Economy, Pragmatic Compromise Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/22/14 Bloomberg - Colorado's Hickenlooper Faces Backlash in Governor's Race Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/21/14 Asa Endorsed by Former NRA President; Ross Flip-Flops on 2nd Amendment Gov. William Hutchinson 10/19/14 Durango Herald - The Guv Visits Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/17/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on Guilty Plea of Man Who Violated 2013 Assault Weapon Ban Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/08/14 WBAL - Anthony Brown, Larry Hogan Spar in First Gubernatorial Debate Gov. Larry Hogan 9/30/14 Governor Mary Fallin Comments on Moore Attack Gov. Mary Fallin 9/26/14 Gov. Phil Bryant Encourages Mississippians to Participate in 42nd National Hunting and Fishing Day Gov. Phil Bryant 9/22/14 News OK - Ad Flap Stirs up Oklahoma Governor's Race Gov. Mary Fallin 9/18/14 Washington Post - Hogan Accuses Brown of Running "Dishonest' Ads that Distort His Record Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 Governor McCrory Makes Passing a Cell Phone to a Prisoner a Felony Gov. Patrick McCrory 9/18/14 National Rifle Association Endorses Otter Gov. Clement Otter 9/18/14 CBS Baltimore - Hogan Refutes Ads, Calls Brown's Campaign Dishonest Gov. Larry Hogan 9/15/14 Gov. Beshear Signs Bills Supporting Law Enforcement Gov. Steven Beshear 9/04/14 Governor Jindal Reminds Hunters to Take Advantage of Sales Tax Holiday Gov. Piyush Jindal 8/16/14 Washington Post - Brown and Hogan, Maryland's Candidates for Governor, Face Off ... Almost Gov. Larry Hogan 8/15/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Preventing Gun Violence While Strengthening Delaware Cities Gov. Jack Markell 8/13/14 Governor Markell Announces Gun Investigations Unit at State Police Gov. Jack Markell 8/12/14 Remarks by Gov. Nixon to Community Meeting of Civic and Faith Leaders in North St. Louis County Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 8/11/14 Gov. Nixon Asks US Department of Justice for an Independent Investigation of Fatal Shooting in Ferguson Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/28/14 Making Arkansas Competitive: A New Jobs Plan for 2015 & Beyond Gov. William Hutchinson 7/23/14 The Washington Free Beacon - GOP Gov. Nominee Hammers Maryland's O'Malley Over Berretta Defection Gov. Larry Hogan 7/23/14 WMAL - Larry Hogan Says Beretta's Move is About More than Gun Laws Gov. Larry Hogan 7/23/14 The Daily Record - Hogan Blames O'Malley, Brown for Beretta's Departure Gov. Larry Hogan 7/22/14 The Baltimore Sun - Beretta to Move Gun Production from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan 7/17/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Additional Funding to Make Schools Safer Gov. Dannel Malloy 7/14/14 Gov. Nixon Announces Final Bill Actions Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/14/14 Gov. Nixon Announces Final Bill Actions Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/07/14 Gov. Christie on Preventing Gun Violence: Every Life Is Valuable Gov. Christopher Christie 7/07/14 Governor Sam Brownback Issues statement on Protecting Kansans' Second Amendment Gov. Samuel Brownback 7/07/14 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Statement on Protecting Kansans' Second Amendment Gov. Samuel Brownback 7/02/14 Governor Christie Sends Legislature Mental Health Reforms to Address Violence Gov. Christopher Christie 6/30/14 Laws Passed During 2014 Legislative Session Set to Take Effect Gov. Phil Bryant 6/23/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bills to Increase Penalties for Drive-By, Occupied Building Shootings Gov. Rick Snyder 6/16/14 Gov Malloy Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Concerning 'Straw' Purchases of Guns Gov. Dannel Malloy 6/02/14 Gov. Malloy Joins Leaders Seeking More Information from the Gun Industry Gov. Dannel Malloy 5/06/14 Governor Continues to Press on Defending Second Amendment Gov. Matt Mead 5/01/14 Governor Cuomo Announces More than $13.2 Million to Reduce Shootings and Firearm-related Homicides Across the State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/27/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: State of Indiana and Possibility of Running for President in 2016 Gov. Mike Pence 4/25/14 Gov. Phil Bryant Awarded NRA Defender of Freedom Award Gov. Phil Bryant 4/23/14 Deal Signs Bill Underscoring Second Amendment Rights Gov. Nathan Deal 4/18/14 US Supreme Court Discusses 2nd Amendment Case Wyoming is Asking Court to Hear Gov. Matt Mead 4/11/14 Investing in Wisconsin's Communities: Governor Scott Walker Signs Bill to Help Combat Milwaukee Gun Violence Gov. Scott Walker 4/03/14 Gov. Malloy: One Year Later, Historic Gun Violence Prevention Bill is Making Connecticut Safer Gov. Dannel Malloy 4/02/14 Governor Bryant Signs Bill Giving Mississippi Sportsmen Annual Tax Holdiays Gov. Phil Bryant 3/25/14 Governor Tomblin Issues Statement on the Signing of Senate Bill 317 Gov. Earl Tomblin 2/14/14 Governor Malloy: State Will Accept Assault Weapon and Large Capacity Magazine Application Submitted but not Received by Deadline Gov. Dannel Malloy 2/12/14 Governor Cuomo Promotes NYS Lifetime Adventure License Series for Hunting, Fishing and Visiting NY State Parks Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/12/14 18 States Join Wyoming in Asking U.S. Supreme Court to Hear 2nd Amendment Case Gov. Matt Mead 2/11/14 Snyder Signs Bills to Prevent Possession of Ammunition by Convicted Felons Gov. Rick Snyder 2/11/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Funding Available to Combat Gun Violence in 17 Communities Across New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/08/14 Governor Scott Walker Makes Announcement Related to Deer Trustee Report Implementation Gov. Scott Walker 2/05/14 Governor Cuomo Announces More Than $2 Million for Neighborhood-Based Violence Reduction Programs Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/30/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on Federal Court Decision Upholding State Gun Laws Gov. Dannel Malloy 1/28/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on the President's State of the Union Address Gov. Dannel Malloy 1/14/14 Gov. Phil Bryant Comments on Proposed Anti-Gun Legislation Gov. Phil Bryant