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4/14/14 Gov. Scott: The VA's Lack of Urgency is Concerning Gov. Rick Scott 4/11/14 Governor Brownback Vetoes Senate Bill 99 - Signs 16 Bills Gov. Samuel Brownback 4/10/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces Successful Launch of DMV/VDH Vital Records Partnership Gov. Terry McAuliffe 4/09/14 Wyomingites Have Trust in State Government Gov. Matt Mead 4/08/14 Governor Bullock Applauds Report Showing Improved Transparency in Montana Government Gov. Steve Bullock 4/07/14 Deal Proposes Reforms for Campaign Finance Commission Gov. Nathan Deal 3/31/14 Gov. Malloy Launches Data.CT.Gov to Give Public Unprecedented Amount of Access to Government Data Gov. Dan Malloy 3/26/14 Statement from Governor McCrory on the Arrest of Mayor Patrick Cannon Gov. Patrick McCrory 3/25/14 Governor Pence Signs Bills Supporting Government Reduction, Transparency Gov. Mike Pence 3/20/14 Gov. Malloy Seeks to Eliminate Approximately 1,000 Pages of State Regulations Gov. Dan Malloy 3/17/14 Governor Pence Announces First-ever State Performance and Data Analytics Tool Gov. Mike Pence 3/14/14 Governor's Column: Eliminating Unnecessary Red Tape Gov. Dennis Daugaard 3/13/14 I Grew Up With A Sicilian Mom And Irish Dad Gov. Christopher Christie 3/12/14 Remarks by Gov. Jan Brewer Park Meadows Elementary School Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 3/12/14 Gov. Proposes Funding for Stevens' Records Gov. Sean Parnell 3/11/14 Gov. Hickenlooper Signs Bill to Boost Rural Economic Development Gov. John Hickenlooper 3/11/14 Governor Scott Walker Signs Assembly Bill 277 Gov. Scott Walker 3/10/14 Gov. Fallin Issues Statement on Municipal Government Week Gov. Mary Fallin 3/10/14 Governor Issues Executive Order to Improve Customer Service Gov. Rick Snyder 3/10/14 Governor Jindal Marks Opening of 2014 Legislative Session, Highlights New Careers of Louisianians Across the State Gov. Piyush Jindal 3/06/14 State Of South Dakota To Incorporate E15 Into State Fleet, Fuel Sites Gov. Dennis Daugaard 3/04/14 Governor Christie: I Never Promised You That This Was Going To Be Mistake Free Gov. Christopher Christie 3/04/14 Governor Dayton Proposes 1,000 Ways to Make State Government Work Better Gov. Mark Dayton 3/04/14 Governor Releases $1.5 Milliion for Maui's Heritage Hall Gov. Neil Abercrombie 2/28/14 President Obama Reappoints Gov. Abercrombie to Council of Governors Gov. Neil Abercrombie 2/26/14 Governor Christie: New Jerseyans Are A Really, Really Funny People Gov. Christopher Christie 2/25/14 Governor Has Productive Trip to Nation's Capital Gov. Matt Mead 2/22/14 Gov. Fallin Calls for Increased Flexibility for States as Governors Meet in Washington Gov. Mary Fallin 2/21/14 Governor's Column - Better Government: Driver Licensing Gov. Dennis Daugaard 2/20/14 Governor Quinn Announces Coordinated Measures Being Taken for Extreme Weather Across Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn 2/20/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Funding for Eastman Business Park Bioscience Manufacturing Center in Rochester Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/20/14 Governor Malloy Orders Unprecedented Amount of State Data to be Made Available to the Public in Major Transparency and Open Government Effort Gov. Dan Malloy 2/19/14 Gov. Nixon Signs Legislation to Help Deployed Members of the Military Seek Elected Office Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 2/19/14 Governor Cuomo Outlines Proposal to Cut Property Taxes on Long Island Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/18/14 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Calpers Vote Gov. Edmund Brown 2/18/14 Governor Quinn Announces Illinois is the Nation's Top Green Building State Gov. Pat Quinn 2/18/14 Governor Christie Announces New Leadership Transition At New Jersey Transit And New Jersey Turnpike Authority Gov. Christopher Christie 2/18/14 Maryland Second in the Nation in LEED Green Building Activity Gov. Martin O'Malley 2/14/14 Governor Malloy and Lt. Governor Wyman to Launch Annual Statewide Series of Community Forums Gov. Dan Malloy 2/13/14 Governor Releases Auditor General's Report On Economic Development Office Gov. Dennis Daugaard 2/13/14 Dalrymple Assembles Emergency Table-Top Exercise Gov. Jack Dalrymple 2/12/14 Excerpts From Governor Christie's Conversation At The Economic Club Of Chicago Gov. Christopher Christie 2/05/14 Gov. Nikki Haley Signs S.22 -- Government Restructuring Act Of 2014 Gov. Nimrata Haley 1/29/14 Governor Quinn Delivers 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Pat Quinn 1/28/14 Colorado Launches Go Code Colorado to Make Public Data More Accessible Gov. John Hickenlooper 1/23/14 Governor Christie & Mayor Redd: Working Together To Make Camden A Better Place Gov. Christopher Christie 1/22/14 Governor Nikki Haley's 2014 State Of The State Address As Prepared For Delivery Gov. Nimrata Haley 1/22/14 Gov. Nixon Discusses "Good Schools, Good Jobs" Plan During Visit to Veterans Elementary School in Hannibal Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 1/21/14 Governor Christie: We Cannot Fall Victim To The Attitude Of Washington, DC Gov. Christopher Christie 1/17/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Major Upgrade Coming to State's Online Presence Gov. Dan Malloy 1/16/14 Governor Bentley Announces Support for Legislation to Strengthen Alabama's Open Meetings Law Gov. Robert Bentley 1/14/14 Governor McAuliffe Signs Executive Order Establishing Gift Limit for Administration Officials and Executive Branch Ethics Commission Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/14/14 State of The State Address of Governor Dennis Daugaard Gov. Dennis Daugaard 1/14/14 Governor Christie: I Am Always Determined To Do Better Gov. Christopher Christie 1/12/14 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript: New Jersey Port Authority Scandal, Unemployment Benefits, Maryland Health Insurance Marketplace, and Marijuana Legalization Gov. Martin O'Malley 1/10/14 Governor's Column - Update On Audits Gov. Dennis Daugaard 1/09/14 Governor Cuomo's 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/09/14 Governor Christie: I Will Take Action No Matter How Much It Hurts Personally Gov. Christopher Christie 1/08/14 Governor Chris Christie: This Type Of Behavior Is Unacceptable And I Will Not Tolerate It Gov. Christopher Christie 1/08/14 Governor Pence Comments on Release of House Republican Agenda Gov. Mike Pence 1/02/14 Gov. Malloy Directs Winter Storm Release of State Workforce Gov. Dan Malloy 12/20/13 Letter to State Employees - Authorizing Bonuses Gov. Mike Pence 12/13/13 Governor Christie: The Mets Doing Anything Is A Great Relief Gov. Christopher Christie 12/12/13 Gov. Snyder Congratulates Legislature on Successful Year, Actions to Keep State's Comeback on Track Gov. Rick Snyder 12/12/13 New Report Highlights Efficiencies, Innovations in Arizona State Government Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 11/26/13 Governor Sets December 9 Deadline for State Board of Education Applications Gov. Clement Otter 11/26/13 Governor Pence Accepts Resignation of State Auditor Gov. Mike Pence 11/25/13 State Agencies Reduce Rules, Governor and Partners Propose Future Plans for Making Rules More Accessible Gov. Matt Mead 11/25/13 Governor Pence Named Vice Chair of National Board of Directors for Jobs for America's Graduates Gov. Mike Pence 11/22/13 Statement from Governor Jan Brewer Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 11/20/13 Governor Rick Scott Applauds the Appointment of Marshall Criser III as Chancellor of Florida's University System Gov. Rick Scott 11/20/13 The First 1,000 Days of Governor Paul R. LePage Gov. Paul LePage 11/20/13 Governor Names Sarah Allen State Procurement Administrator Gov. Neil Abercrombie 11/15/13 Governor's Column - Moving State Government toward Transparency and Accessibility Gov. Dennis Daugaard 11/13/13 Joe Balash Named DNR Commissioner Gov. Sean Parnell 11/12/13 Commissioner Hultberg Resigning Post Gov. Sean Parnell 11/08/13 Governor Brownback Honors State Employees Gov. Samuel Brownback 11/07/13 Angela Rodell Named Revenue Commissioner Gov. Sean Parnell 10/28/13 Blog: President Bill Clinton Campaigning With Terry McAuliffe Across Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/25/13 Governor Beebe's Weekly Column and Radio Address: Simplifying Government Services Gov. Mike Beebe 10/24/13 Governor Christie: These Are The Kinds Of Friends You Want To Have Gov. Christopher Christie 10/24/13 Gov. Shumlin, Emergency Board Approve an Additional $2.1 Million for LIHEAP Gov. Peter Shumlin 10/23/13 Radio Address: Lessons from the Federal Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/23/13 Governor Christie: We Curse At Each Other, But We Get Things Done Gov. Christopher Christie 10/23/13 Gov. Malloy: State Government is Leaner, More Cost Effective Gov. Dan Malloy 10/21/13 Governor Christie: When We Work Together, We Get It Right Gov. Christopher Christie 10/21/13 RI GAP Report Says Governor Chafee Continues to Increase Female Representation on Boards, Commissions, and in Staff and Cabinet Level Positions Gov. Lincoln Chafee 10/21/13 Colorado Congressional Delegation, Governor Mark Access to New Emergency Transportation Funding Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/18/13 Governor LePage Thanks Maine State Employe Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/13 Senator-Elect Cory Booker: I'm Really Proud Of What We've Done Together Gov. Christopher Christie 10/17/13 Gov. Scott: Our Nation's Leaders Have Their Heads in the Sand About Our Economic Future Gov. Rick Scott 10/17/13 Snyder: Washington Needs to Fix Its Broken Political Culture Gov. Rick Snyder 10/17/13 Statement of Governor LePage on End to Federal Government Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/13 All State Employees Back to Work Frida Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/13 Gov. Jay Inslee's Statement Regarding End of Federal Government Shutdown Gov. Jay Inslee 10/16/13 Governor Thanks Legislature for Timely Action Gov. Gary Herbert 10/16/13 Governor Christie: Frankly They Could Give A Damn About All The Politics Gov. Christopher Christie 10/16/13 McAuliffe Urges Support of Senate Compromise Gov. Terry McAuliffe 10/16/13 Gov. Malloy Statement on Bipartisan Congressional Deal to Open the Federal Government, Avoid Default Gov. Dan Malloy 10/16/13 Governor's Statement on the End of the Federal Government Shutdown Gov. Neil Abercrombie