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9/15/14 Governor Patrick Leads Life Sciences Innovation Partnership Forum in Denmark Gov. Deval Patrick 9/02/14 Governor Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Brief Jewish Community Representatives on New York State Unity Delegation's Visit to Israel Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/12/14 Governor Rick Scott: We Must Stand With Israel Gov. Rick Scott 8/11/14 Associated Press - Cruz: 'We Need to Abolish the IRS' Gov. James Perry 8/10/14 New York State Government Leaders Announce Unity Trip to Israel Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/06/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Partnership With China Southern Airlines to Promote New York State as a Global Tourism Destination Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/03/14 CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley" - Transcript: Israel and Childrens' Immigration Crisis Gov. James Perry 8/01/14 Washington Times - A Linkage for Leadership in Cybersecurity Gov. Nathan Deal 7/30/14 Deal: We Will Show Compassion, Follow Rule of Law Gov. Rick Scott 7/30/14 Gov. Hickenlooper Issues Statement on Escalation of Violence in the Middle East Gov. John Hickenlooper 7/30/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Venezuela Gov. Rick Scott 7/18/14 Statement from Gov. Scott in Support of Israel Gov. Rick Scott 7/18/14 Governor Corbett Issues Statement in Support of Israel Gov. Thomas Corbett 7/17/14 Governor Quinn Statement on Tragedy in Ukraine Gov. Pat Quinn 7/17/14 Gov. Fallin Issues Statement in Support of Israel Gov. Mary Fallin 7/14/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in Support of Israel Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/14/14 Gov. Inslee and UK Minister of Energy and Climate Change Sign Agreement to Extend Collaboration on Climate Action Gov. Jay Inslee 7/11/14 FOX News "Hannity" - Transcript: Veterans Affairs Scandal Gov. James Perry 7/11/14 Isolationist Policies Make the Threat of Terrorism Even Greater Gov. James Perry 7/11/14 Statement by Gov. Perry in Support of Israel Gov. James Perry 7/01/14 Statement from Gov. Scott on Murder of Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers Gov. Rick Scott 6/30/14 Cuomo Administration Announces BNP Paribas to Pay $8.9 Billion, Including $2.24 Billion to DFS, Terminate Senior Executives, Restrict U.S. Dollar Clearing Operations for Violations of Law Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/23/14 Governor Bullock Announces Trade Mission to China Gov. Steve Bullock 6/23/14 Governor Hassan Statement on the Reported Release of Meriam Ibrahim Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/23/14 Governor Hassan Statement on the Reported Release of Meriam Ibrahim Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/05/14 Gov. Nixon Statement on Nomination of Kevin O'Malley as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 5/20/14 Gov. Scott Statement on U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Action on Venezuela Gov. Rick Scott 5/15/14 Governor and UK Delegation Hold Follow Up Meeting on Climate Partnership Gov. Jay Inslee 5/12/14 Governor Quinn Meets With President of Ireland Michael Higgins Gov. Pat Quinn 5/10/14 Governor Patrick Speaks at Latin American Studies Advisory Committee Event Gov. Deval Patrick 5/10/14 Governor Quinn Statement on Boko Haram Kidnappings Gov. Pat Quinn 5/09/14 Gov. Beshear to Lead Kentucky Export Initiative Trade Mission to United Kingdom Next Week Gov. Steven Beshear 5/05/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces Resumption of Virginia Poultry Exports to China Gov. Terry McAuliffe 4/27/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: State of Indiana and Possibility of Running for President in 2016 Gov. Mike Pence 4/15/14 Day 2: Governor Observes World-Class German Workforce Training Program Gov. Mike Pence 3/26/14 Gov. Scott Statement on Venezuela and Maria Corina Machado Gov. Rick Scott 3/25/14 \Governor Pence Leading Jobs Mission to Germany Gov. Mike Pence 3/25/14 Governor: Australia Trip Showcases Coal's Potential Gov. Matt Mead 3/21/14 Governor Patrick Announces Massachusetts-Mexican Partnership for 30-Megawatt Solar Electric Project in Zacatecas Gov. Deval Patrick 3/20/14 Governor Patrick Joins Masschusetts' Desalitech and International Water Innovation Leader Veolia to Celebrates Partnership Gov. Deval Patrick 3/19/14 Governor Patrick and Massport Discuss Opportunities for Increases Business With Officials at the Panama Canal Gov. Deval Patrick 3/18/14 Governor Patrick Delivers Remarks at CAPATEC Gov. Deval Patrick 3/18/14 Dalrymple Promotes North Dakota Trade Mission, Exports in Talks with Canadian Ambassador Doer Gov. Jack Dalrymple 3/13/14 Gov. Scott Applauds Rubio Resolution Condemning Venezuelan Regime Gov. Rick Scott 3/10/14 Noramco Foreign Trade Zone Approval Granted Gov. Jack Markell 3/10/14 Patrick Announces Innovation Mission to Panama and Mexico to Grow the Massachusetts Global Economy Gov. Deval Patrick 3/06/14 Governor Signs Joint Resolution Supporting Trade with Taiwan Gov. Matt Mead 3/06/14 State of Missouri Signs First-Ever Trade Agreement with Province of Ontario Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 3/05/14 California and Israel Sign Pact to Strengthen Economic, Research Ties Gov. Edmund Brown 3/05/14 During Trade Mission to Canada, Gov. Nixon Announces $3.2 Billion Trade Agreement with Québec Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 3/03/14 Governor Quinn Welcomes Indian Ambassador Subrahmanyam Jaishankar Gov. Pat Quinn 3/03/14 Statement on the Situation in Ukraine Gov. Dan Malloy 2/28/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - We Must Stand In Solidarity with the People of Venezuela Gov. Rick Scott 2/27/14 Gov. Nixon to Lead Trade Mission to Canada, Missouri's Largest Export Market Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 2/26/14 Governor Brown Meets With Ambassador of Peru and President of Portugal Today in San Francisco Gov. Edmund Brown 2/26/14 California and Peru Sign Agreement to Strengthen Economic, Environmental Ties Gov. Edmund Brown 2/26/14 Governor Brown Convenes International Trade and Investment Advisory Council, Appoints Former U.S. Ambassador as Chair Gov. Edmund Brown 2/24/14 2014 State of the State Speech Transcript Gov. John Kasich 2/20/14 Governor Quinn Statement Regarding Violence in Ukraine Gov. Pat Quinn 2/19/14 Johns Hopkins University Foreign Affairs Symposium Gov. Martin O'Malley 2/12/14 Governors Jan Brewer and Guillermo Padrés Announce "Global Advantage" Partnership to Attract International Business Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 2/05/14 Governor Bullock Congratulates Senator Baucus on Confirmation Gov. Steve Bullock 1/31/14 Gov. Perry Honors Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Gov. James Perry 12/20/13 Governor Corbett Announces Successful Efforts to Keep Italian Consulate in Philadelphia Open Gov. Thomas Corbett 12/13/13 Governor Sandoval Signs MOU with Mexico to Promote Tourism and Cultural Exchanges Gov. Brian Sandoval 12/10/13 Governor Patrick Joins Massachusetts' EnerNOC and Japan's Marubeni Corporation for Joint Venture Announcement in Tokyo Gov. Deval Patrick 12/10/13 Governor Patrick Announces Global Partnership Between Massachusetts' Desalitech and Japan's Toyo Engineering Corporation Gov. Deval Patrick 12/06/13 Governor Markell Orders Flags Lowered Gov. Jack Markell 12/05/13 Gov. Malloy Statement on the Passing of Nelson Mandela Gov. Dan Malloy 12/05/13 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of Nelson Mandela Gov. Edmund Brown 12/05/13 The Buzz: SC statements on the passing of Nelson Mandela Gov. Nimrata Haley 11/25/13 Governor Rick Scott: Obama's Nuclear Deal Does Nothing to Stop Iran's Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons Gov. Rick Scott 11/22/13 Governor Enlists 'Rainbow Warrior' Spirit in Support of the Philippines Gov. Neil Abercrombie 11/18/13 2013 SEUS-Japan Meeting Adjourns Gov. Phil Bryant 11/14/13 36th Annual SEUS-Japan Joint Meeting To Be Held in Biloxi Nov. 18th Gov. Phil Bryant 11/12/13 Governor Offers Condolences to Philippines Gov. Sean Parnell 11/12/13 Sasol's Louisiana Project Wins Foreign Direct Investment Deal of the Year Gov. Piyush Jindal 10/24/13 Gov. Scott Signs MOU With Israel Supporting Tech Projects Gov. Rick Scott 10/23/13 Gov. Perry Announces Creation of Texas A&M University Branch Campus in Israel Gov. James Perry 9/09/13 Snyder Makes Pitch for Japanese Firms to Invest in Michigan During Tokyo Visit Gov. Rick Snyder 9/07/13 Day 1: Governor begins first trade mission to Japan; Announces Japan Center & Gardens in Indiana Gov. Mike Pence 9/06/13 Snyder Makes Case for Investment in Michigan with Chinese Leaders Gov. Rick Snyder 9/05/13 Governor Invites Chinese Travelers to Visit Pure Michigan for Cultural, Recreational Fun Gov. Rick Snyder 8/19/13 Governor Inslee Welcomed Hyogo Governor Ido to Renew 50-yr Sister State Bond Gov. Jay Inslee 7/12/13 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Creating Jobs Through Global Partnerships Gov. Jack Markell 7/08/13 President Shimon Peres Conducted a Diplomatic Work Meeting with the Democratic Governor of Delaware, Jack Markell Gov. Jack Markell 6/14/13 Governor Martin O'Malley to Lead European Trade and Investment Mission Gov. Martin O'Malley 6/13/13 Iowa Agrees to Form Sister State with Kosovo Gov. Terry Branstad 6/12/13 Governor Patrick Welcomes President Humala of Peru to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick 6/10/13 Gov. Nixon to Lead Missouri Business Delegation on Trade Mission to France, the United Kingdom and Belgium Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 6/07/13 Governor Rick Scott: Chilean Trade Mission a Success Gov. Rick Scott 6/07/13 Governor Scott Walker Attends the U.S. -- Japan Economic Development Conference Gov. Scott Walker 6/03/13 Gov. Nixon Vetoes SB 267; Cites Concern that Legislation Would Negatively Impact Missouri Families' Ability to Adopt Children from Other Countries Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 5/20/13 Governor's Conference on Combating Human Sex Trafficking Gov. Martin O'Malley 4/24/13 Governor O'Malley Meets with Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Gov. Martin O'Malley 4/24/13 Governor Leads Historic Trade Mission to Israel Includes Visits to Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Ramallah Gov. Gary Herbert 4/17/13 Governor Scott Walker Celebrates Wisconsin -- Heilongjiang Sister State 30th Anniversary Gov. Scott Walker 4/15/13 Governor Brown Commits to Expanding Cooperation on Trade, Investments and Climate Change with China's Largest Provincial Economy Gov. Edmund Brown 4/14/13 California Strengthens Partnership with Sister-State in China Gov. Edmund Brown 4/10/13 Governor Corbett: Joint Declaration Signed with Rio de Janeiro to Create New Opportunities Gov. Thomas Corbett