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4/17/15 Gov. Malloy Selects Dr. Dianna Wentzell As Commissioner Of The Department Of Education Gov. Dannel Malloy 4/16/15 Governor Bentley Announces $7.34 Million in Bond Refinancing Savings Gov. Robert Bentley 4/07/15 Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bipartisan Measure to Expand Parental Choice, Educational Excellence to All Arizona Children Gov. Doug Ducey 4/03/15 Gov. Nixon Vetoes Bill that Would Have Prohibited Superintendents from Serving on School Boards Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 4/01/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Preliminary Approval of H.361 Gov. Peter Shumlin 3/30/15 Gov. Malloy: Program That Effectively Disrupts School-To-Prison Pipeline Should Be Expanded Gov. Dannel Malloy 3/27/15 Governor Takes Action on 59 Bills Including Investments in Transportation, Education Equalization Gov. Gary Herbert 3/25/15 Pennsylvania Releases Request for Information on 'Pay for Success' Opportunities Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/23/15 Governor Ducey's Remarks to the Arizona State Board of Education Gov. Doug Ducey 3/23/15 I'm for Arizona standards Gov. Doug Ducey 3/20/15 Governor Doug Ducey Announces Appointments to the Arizona Board of Education Gov. Doug Ducey 3/20/15 Governor Wolf Discusses Budget's Commitment to Increase Early Childhood Education Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/18/15 Gov. Malloy: Graduation Rates Continue To Climb Gov. Dannel Malloy 3/18/15 Governor Scott: We Must Reduce Testing in Florida Schools Gov. Rick Scott 3/16/15 Governor Wolf's "Schools That Teach Tour" stops in Lebanon County Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/13/15 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Supporting Student Progress Through Effective Assessments Gov. Jack Markell 3/12/15 Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bipartisan, Balanced Budget Gov. Doug Ducey 3/11/15 Gov. Wolf Presents Legislation to Enact His Budget Proposal Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/06/15 Wolf Administration Denounces Senate Republicans "Just Saying No' To Helping Schools Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/05/15 Governor Brown Names Lindsey Capps as Education Policy Advisor Gov. Kate Brown 3/04/15 Branstad, Reynolds to recognize five new Home Base Iowa Communities, three new Home Base Iowa Champs Friday Kim Reynolds 3/04/15 Branstad, Reynolds to recognize five new Home Base Iowa Communities, three new Home Base Iowa Champs Friday Gov. Terry Branstad 3/03/15 Governor Abbott Visits Midland, Tours Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School Gov. Gregory Abbott 3/02/15 Governor Scott Presents Lee County Public Schools With $4.2 Million Gov. Rick Scott 3/02/15 Gov. Inslee Statement on Senate Approval of Transportation Package Gov. Jay Inslee 3/01/15 Blog: Grab your favorite book and celebrate March is Reading Month Gov. Rick Snyder 2/27/15 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Legislative Session Gov. Peter Shumlin 2/25/15 Governor Cuomo Outlines $25 Million Pilot to Support Pre-K for 3 Year-Olds Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/25/15 Governor Scott Presents More Than $124 Million in School Recognition Awards Gov. Rick Scott 2/25/15 Governor Christie: It Bankrupted Detroit, It Bankrupted General Motors, And It Will Bankrupt Us Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/15 Governor Scott Hosts Teacher of the Year Summit Gov. Rick Scott 2/17/15 2015 State of the State Address Gov. Gregory Abbott 2/13/15 Gov. Fallin Taps Public School, Career Tech & Higher Ed Leaders to Serve on Education Advisory Panel Gov. Mary Fallin 2/12/15 Governor Launches Pathways to Prosperity Initiative for Delaware Students Gov. Jack Markell 2/11/15 Partnership Gives Teacher Prep Students Year-Long Classroom Residency Gov. Jack Markell 2/10/15 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Executive Orders Gov. Samuel Brownback 2/10/15 Governor Pence Announces $1 Million in CTE Innovative Grant Opportunities Gov. Mike Pence 2/09/15 Washington Examiner - An Education System for the 21st Century Gov. Piyush Jindal 2/05/15 Lt. Governor Guadagno Addresses 100th Annual New Jersey State Agricultural Convention Kimberly Guadagno 1/22/15 State of the State Gov. Bill Walker 1/09/15 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Expanding Language Learning Opportunities for Delaware Students Gov. Jack Markell 1/08/15 Governor Mary Fallin Announces Appointment to State Board of Career and Technology Education Gov. Mary Fallin 1/08/15 Weekly Radio Address: A Grand Vision for the Future Gov. Scott Walker 1/08/15 Alabama DHR Selected to Receive $41 Million Child Care Grant Gov. Robert Bentley 1/08/15 Governor Makes Appointments to Board of Education Gov. Dennis Daugaard 1/07/15 2015 Inaugural Address Gov. Dannel Malloy 1/07/15 Gov. Beshear: Kentucky "Back with a Vengeance' Gov. Steven Beshear 1/07/15 Governing - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's 2015 State of the State Speech Gov. Steven Beshear 1/07/15 Governor McAuliffe Announces Education Legislation at Norfolk Technical Center Gov. Terry McAuliffe 1/06/15 Governor Gina M. Raimondo's Inaugural Address Gov. Gina Raimondo 1/05/15 Inaugural Address Gov. Doug Ducey 1/05/15 Governor Scott Walker's 2015 Inaugural Address Gov. Scott Walker 1/05/15 Governor Mark Dayton's Inaugural Address Gov. Mark Dayton 1/02/15 Highlights from Governor Rick Snyder's 2015 Second Inaugural Address Gov. Rick Snyder 1/01/15 Issue Position: Education Gov. Phil Bryant 12/30/14 Weekly Radio Address: Building on Our Successes for Wisconsin's Future Gov. Scott Walker 12/19/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor will Continue Leading the Office of Early Childhood Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/18/14 Strong Family Demand for On My Way Pre-K Pilot Program; More than 1,800 Applications Received for Programs in Allen, Lake, Marion and Vanderburgh counties Gov. Mike Pence 12/17/14 Statement from Gov. Nixon on New Missouri Commissioner of Education Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 12/12/14 Vermont Awarded $33 Million Federal Preschool Expansion Grant Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/10/14 Governor Quinn Announces Illinois Wins $80 Million Federal Investment for Early Childhood Education Gov. Clement Otter 12/10/14 Connecticut Wins Competitive Federal Grant to Expand High-Quality Preschool Nancy Wyman 12/10/14 Connecticut Wins Competitive Federal Grant to Expand High-Quality Preschool Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/10/14 Vermont Wins $33 Million for Pre-K, Delegation and Governor Announce Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/10/14 Gov. Malloy: Connecticut Wins Competitive Federal Grant to Expand High-Quality Preschool Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/10/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces $17.5 Million Federal Preschool Expansion Grant Gov. Terry McAuliffe 12/10/14 Governor Cuomo Announces $25 Million to Expand Pre-K in Communities With High Student Needs Gov. Andrew Cuomo 12/10/14 Delaware Awarded $5.5 Million Grant to Expand Services for Infants and Toddlers Gov. Jack Markell 12/05/14 Gov. Malloy: State Wins Grant to Make Schools Safer, Healthier Places to Learn Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/05/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Work Readiness Modules Offered Through SkillsOnline Gov. Terry McAuliffe 12/04/14 Governor Pence Dissolves Center for Education and Career Innovation; Commends Agency's Work; Commits to Aligning Statewide Efforts in Education and Workforce Development in Other Ways Gov. Mike Pence 12/03/14 2015-2017 Executive Budget Address Gov. Jack Dalrymple 12/01/14 Inaugural Address - Honoring the Past and Charting a New Tomorrow Gov. David Ige 12/01/14 Gov. Shumlin, Tax Commissioner, Ed. Secretary Address Education Spending and Property Taxes Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/25/14 Governor McAuliffe Announces SOL Innovation Committee's Interim Recommendations Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/25/14 Governor Bullock's Budget Prioritizes Job Creation, Language Preservation, Economic Development, and Education for Tribal Nations Gov. Steve Bullock 11/24/14 SOAR Initiative Targets Action Plans for Region Gov. Steven Beshear 11/20/14 Gov. Bryant Named Chair-Elect of Jobs for America's Graduates Gov. Phil Bryant 11/20/14 Governor's New YouthWorks Initiative Creates Internships and Work Experience for Thousands of Students Gov. Jay Inslee 11/20/14 Sussex County Teen Represents Delaware during "One-Millionth JAG Student" Event in Washington, D.C. Gov. Jack Markell 11/19/14 Governor Scott Walker Proclaims Education Week Gov. Scott Walker 11/18/14 Governor Tomblin Receives Final Report from the West Virginia Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Gov. Earl Tomblin 11/17/14 Governor Bryant Releases FY 2016 Executive Budget Recommendation Gov. Phil Bryant 11/16/14 The Monitor - Greg Abbott: Strong Voice for the Rio Grande Valley Gov. Gregory Abbott 11/14/14 Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Awards $30,000 in Scholarships Gov. Mike Pence 11/12/14 Governor Pence Congratulates Indiana JAG Student on Representing Indiana at National Leadership Awards Ceremony Gov. Mike Pence 11/05/14 Gov. Nixon Releases More Than $5.6 Million for A+ Scholarships, Drug Taskforces, Missouri Rx and Other Priorities Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/03/14 I Am Your Candidate Gov. Gregory Abbott 11/01/14 KOTV - Oklahoma Governor Candidates Make Final Weekend Push Before Election Gov. Mary Fallin 11/01/14 Hickenlooper and Garcia Get Out the Vote in Colorado Springs Today Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/31/14 Governor McCrory Says More Needs to be Done to Slow Teacher Turnover Gov. Patrick McCrory 10/31/14 Blog: Building a 10-Year Plan for Education Gov. Gary Herbert 10/31/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Additional Funding to Make Schools Safer Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/31/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Additional Funding to Make Schools Safer Nancy Wyman 10/31/14 Blog: Getting Out the Vote in State College with Ice Cream and Tom Wolf Gov. Thomas Wolf 10/31/14 Gov. Malloy: State's Long-Term Debt for Teachers' Pensions Cut by $325 Million Over Last Two Years Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/30/14 Blog: Sharon, Meadville, Erie, and Dubois Are Fired Up to Vote for Tom Wolf on November 4 Gov. Thomas Wolf 10/29/14 Haley for Governor Releases New Ad "Stronger" Gov. Nimrata Haley 10/28/14 Blog: Day 3 of the Fresh Start Bus Tour Visits McKeesport, Washington, and Aliquippa Gov. Thomas Wolf 10/26/14 Blog: Fresh Start Bus Tour Rolls Into Central and Western Pennsylvania Gov. Thomas Wolf