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7/08/14 Gov. Nixon Signs 14 bills, Including Fix to Comprehensive Criminal Code Overhaul Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/03/14 Gov. Nixon Signs Bill Permitting First Responders To Administer Heroin Overdose Antidote Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/03/14 Hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee - Border Crisis Gov. James Perry 6/30/14 Gov. Kasich Speaks Out Against Ohio Heroin Epidemic Gov. John Kasich 6/27/14 Governor O'Malley Establishes Overdose Prevention Council to Combat Overdoses in Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley 6/26/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bills to Prevent Methamphetamine Production Gov. Rick Snyder 6/24/14 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill to Help Provide Substance Abuse Treatment Gov. Rick Snyder 6/24/14 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Combat Heroin, Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/23/14 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Combat Heroin, Opioid and Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/18/14 Radio Address: Overall, Crime Down in Maine, But Drugs and Addiction Remain a Problem Gov. Paul LePage 6/18/14 Statement from Governor Hassan on Executive Council Approval of Contract to Help Implement Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/18/14 Governor Christie: My Friend Fell Victim To Addiction Gov. Christopher Christie 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Deval Patrick 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Peter Shumlin 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 6/17/14 Governor Christie: The Old Approach Is No Longer Acceptable Gov. Christopher Christie 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Lincoln Chafee 6/17/14 Governor Calls on Democratic Leadership to Convene Legislature and Pass Drug Bill Gov. Paul LePage 6/17/14 Gov. Malloy Signs Legislation Protecting Good Samaritans for the Administration of Drug Overdose Treatment Gov. Dan Malloy 6/17/14 Governor Patrick Joins with New England Governors in Massachusetts for Announcement of Regional Strategy to Address Opioid Abuse Epidemic Gov. Dan Malloy 6/16/14 Gov. Scott Signs Legislation Banning Six New Synthetic Drugs Gov. Rick Scott 6/11/14 Gov. Cuomo: "We have a Problem with Heroin and We are Going to Do Something About It." Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/11/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Statewide Initiative to Combat Heroin Use Gov. Andrew Cuomo 6/10/14 Governor Patrick Announces Opioid Task Force Recommendations and Actions to Strengthen Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery Services in Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick 6/03/14 Governor Releases $400,000 for Hawaii Meth Project Gov. Neil Abercrombie 6/03/14 Governor, Commissioners Announce Strategic Plan To Tackle Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Gov. William Haslam 6/02/14 Statement of Governor LePage on Rise in Number of Drug-Related Deaths Gov. Paul LePage 5/22/14 Governor Tomblin Announces $1.2 Million in Justice Reinvestment Treatment Supervision Grant Awards Gov. Earl Tomblin 5/21/14 Ensuring We Protect Vermont's Children and Support Our Families Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/21/14 Gov. Shumlin Calls for Immediate Steps to Ensure DCF is Better Able to Protect Children Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/14/14 Gov. Shumlin Announces Community Forum on Opiate Addiction Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/13/14 Governor McCrory Creates Task Force to Combat Substance Abuse and Underage Drinking Gov. Patrick McCrory 5/10/14 Creating Opportunity Gov. Peter Shumlin 5/09/14 Governor Corbett Addresses Opioid Issue Gov. Thomas Corbett 4/30/14 Governor Finds Funding to Pay For New Drug Enforcement Agents, Judges, Prosecutors Gov. Paul LePage 4/21/14 Gov. Scott: Drug Testing Case Continues in U.S. District Court Gov. Rick Scott 4/18/14 Legislature Kills Governor's Drug Crimes Bill Gov. Paul LePage 4/17/14 Governor Christie Continues Commitment To Providing Life-Changing Drug Treatment and Addiction Services Gov. Christopher Christie 4/10/14 Weekly Radio Address: Investing in Wisconsin's Communities -- Combating Heroin Addiction Gov. Scott Walker 4/07/14 Investing in Wisconsin's Communities: Governor Scott Walker Signs H.O.P.E. Bills into Law Gov. Scott Walker 4/04/14 Governor Hassan Praises Federal Approval of New Treatment for Heroin and Opioid Overdose Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 4/03/14 Governor Christie: Every Life We Save Is A Life Worthwhile Gov. Christopher Christie 4/02/14 Governor Christie: Treatment Is Impossible For Someone Who's Died Gov. Christopher Christie 3/27/14 Governor Patrick Delivers Remarks on the Opiate Crisis Gov. Deval Patrick 3/26/14 Governor Bryant Signs TANF Reform Measure into Law Gov. Phil Bryant 3/21/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Finding Solutions to Address the Addiction Epidemic Gov. Jack Markell 3/21/14 Christie Administration Grants Waiver For EMTs To Administer Medication In Life Threatening Overdose Situations Gov. Christopher Christie 3/13/14 Governor Christie: The War On Drugs Hasn't Worked Gov. Christopher Christie 3/12/14 Mississippi Legislature Adopts TANF Reform Measure Gov. Phil Bryant 3/12/14 Let's Enhance Our Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Use Among Minors Gov. Dan Malloy 3/03/14 Governor Susana Martinez Signs Legislation to Fight Performance Enhancing Drugs in Horse Racing Gov. Susana Martinez 2/27/14 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company to Open New Facility in Hopkinsville; Expand Existing Operation Gov. Steven Beshear 2/25/14 Governor Mary Fallin Thanks Senate Panel for Passing Bill That Cracks Down on Doctor Shopping Gov. Mary Fallin 2/25/14 Providing A 21st Century Education Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/14 2014 State of the State Speech Transcript Gov. John Kasich 2/22/14 Gov. Fallin Calls for Increased Flexibility for States as Governors Meet in Washington Gov. Mary Fallin 2/19/14 Governor Cuomo Announces New York State Department of Health to Award $9 Million to Groups Promoting Tobacco-Free Communities in New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/18/14 Statement from the Office of Governor Lincoln D. Chafee Regarding Drug Overdose Death Gov. Lincoln Chafee 2/13/14 Radio Address: The War on Drug Dealers: Why Getting Tough on Crime is Part of the Plan to Recovery Gov. Paul LePage 2/10/14 Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Measures Pass Full House Gov. Phil Bryant 2/10/14 ICYMI: Gov. Perry Participates in Criminal Justice Panel at World Economic Forum Gov. James Perry 2/04/14 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Paul LePage 2/03/14 Governor Cuomo Announces Progress on State's Efforts to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/23/14 Governor Tomblin Announces GACSA Progress and Recommendations Report Available Online Gov. Earl Tomblin 1/16/14 Haslam Introduces Anti-Meth Production Legislation Gov. William Haslam 1/15/14 Gov. Shumlin's 2014 Budget Address Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/15/14 Gov. Shumlin Outlines Balanced Budget that Promotes Job Growth and Protects Vulnerable Vermonters Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/14/14 Governor Chris Christie's 2014 State of the State Address As Prepared for Delivery Gov. Christopher Christie 1/08/14 Ohio Launches Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative, "Start Talking!" Gov. John Kasich 1/08/14 Gov. Shumlin's 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Peter Shumlin 1/08/14 Governor Delivers State of the State Address Gov. Earl Tomblin 1/07/14 State of the Commonwealth Gov. Steven Beshear 1/07/14 Governor Beshear's State of the Commonwealth Address Gov. Steven Beshear 1/07/14 Governor LePage: EBT Fraud is a Real Problem Gov. Paul LePage 1/01/14 Gov. Shumlin: State of Our State is Strong, but Risks Ahead from Heroin and Opiate Trafficking Gov. Peter Shumlin 12/27/13 Arbitration Panel Rules in Favor of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin 12/20/13 Governor Jindal Highlights State Police Operation Carpe Diem and Successes in Fight Against Crime Gov. Piyush Jindal 12/17/13 Schools to Carry Epinephrine Injectors to Help Protect Students from Dangerous Food Allergies Gov. Rick Snyder 11/13/13 Radio Address: Drug-Dependent Newborns, a Disturbing Trend Gov. Paul LePage 11/08/13 The Idaho Meth Project and Office of Drug Policy Host Screening of "Out of Reach" -- a Teen Filmmaker's Short Film about Medicine Abuse Gov. Clement Otter 10/18/13 Governor LePage to Host Drug Crimes and Awareness Summit Gov. Paul LePage 10/07/13 Ohio Opens New Front in the Fight Against Opiate Abuse Gov. John Kasich 9/17/13 Governor Tomblin Announces Substance Abuse Prevention Services Grant Gov. Earl Tomblin 8/27/13 Governor Signs Bills to Fight Meth Production Gov. Jack Markell 8/25/13 The Washington Times - McCrory Does Not Fear Critics or His Party on Matters of Principle Gov. Patrick McCrory 8/22/13 Governor McCrory Calls for General Assembly to Reconvene for a September Session Gov. Patrick McCrory 8/20/13 Governor Jan Brewer: Arizona Wins National Award for Prescription Drug Initiative Gov. Janice Kay Brewer 8/20/13 Patrick Administration Announces Completion of Review of Individuals Potentially Impacted by Failures of Former DPH Forensic Drug Lab Gov. Deval Patrick 8/19/13 The Wilson Times - Editorial: Drug Tests' Dubious Savings Gov. Patrick McCrory 8/15/13 Governor McCrory Vetoes Drug Testing But Mandates Sharing Criminal Information For Work First Applicants Gov. Patrick McCrory 8/13/13 ov. Nixon Visits Warrensburg Senior Center to Discuss his Veto of a $200 million Sales Tax Increase on Missourians Who Need Prescription Drugs Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 8/05/13 Governor Bentley Signs Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion Bills Gov. Robert Bentley 7/31/13 Gov. Beshear Ceremonially Signs Law Banning Synthetic Drugs Gov. Steven Beshear 7/26/13 Gov. Nixon and Education Leaders Discuss Negative Impact of House Bill 253 on Missouri Schools Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 7/25/13 One Year In, Landmark Prescription Drug Bill Shows Huge Impact Gov. Steven Beshear 7/23/13 Governor's Signature Reins in Medication Costs for Serious Health Conditions Gov. Jack Markell 7/02/13 Governor Markell Signs Good Samaritan Bill to Prevent Overdose Deaths Gov. Jack Markell 6/20/13 Governor Jindal Signs Legislation to Lower Recidivism Rates, Reduce Louisiana's Prison Population Gov. Piyush Jindal 6/14/13 Gov. Perry Vetoes SB 227 Gov. James Perry 6/14/13 Gov. Perry Signs Drug Screening Legislation Gov. James Perry