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11/28/16 Governor Wolf Reminds Pennsylvanians of New Criminal Record Sealing Law Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/28/16 Blog - A Record of Fiscal Responsibility Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/28/16 Better Care, Healthier People, Smarter Spending Gov. Gina Raimondo 11/28/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Exports to Chile and Costa Rica for Virginia Manufacturer Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/28/16 Snyder's-Lance to Add 100 Jobs in Mecklenburg County Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/28/16 Governor Tomblin Urges Passage of Federal Miners Protection Act Gov. Earl Tomblin 11/28/16 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Call for a Secretarial Disaster Designation for Wisconsin Counties that Suffered Crop Losses Due to Frost and Freezing Temperatures Gov. Scott Walker 11/28/16 Governor Cuomo Announces Milestone Reached in LIRR's Main Line Expansion Project Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/23/16 Governor Rick Snyder issued the Following Statement Regarding the Shooting of a Wayne State University Police Officer Last Night Gov. Rick Snyder 11/23/16 Governor Bentley Issues Statement in Response to Complaint Filed by Ray Lewis Gov. Robert Bentley 11/23/16 Governor Tomblin Announces $5 Million FEMA Grant for Flood-Related Case Management Gov. Earl Tomblin 11/22/16 Letter to the Honorable Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Regarding the Security of the Southern Border Gov. Gregory Abbott 11/22/16 State Design Contracts Signify Progress Towards Municipal Water for PFOA-Impacted Bennington County Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/22/16 Governor Chris Christie Saves Pennsylvania Reciprocity Agreement After Achieving Over $250M in Taxpayer Savings Gov. Christopher Christie 11/22/16 Gov. Nixon Announces Plan of Support for New Pfizer Facility in Chesterfield Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/22/16 Governor Cuomo Announces More than $10 Million to Fund Employment and Re-Entry Services Throughout New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/22/16 Gov. Shumlin Statement on Vermont National Guard Deployment Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/22/16 Haslam Eases Truck Restrictions To Help Farmers During Drought - See more at: Gov. William Haslam 11/22/16 When Will The United States Catch Up on Paid Family Leave? Inslee Hopes State Research Will Keep Federal Efforts From Stalling Gov. Jay Inslee 11/22/16 Governor Bullock Announces Montana's Unemployment Rate Steady at 4.3 Percent in October Gov. Steve Bullock 11/22/16 Governor Baker Establishes Massachusetts Digital Healthcare Council Gov. Charles Baker 11/22/16 Gov. Malloy Statement on Federal Judge's Injunction Regarding Overtime Pay for Millions of Working Americans Gov. Dannel Malloy 11/22/16 Governor Wolf Announces $300 Million Investment for Port of Philadelphia to Double Container Capacity, Create Jobs Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/22/16 Gov. Scott: State Clearing Northern Miami Beach Zika Zone; Feds Need to Expedite More Resources Gov. Rick Scott 11/22/16 Letter to the Honorable Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, the Honorable Harry Reid, Democratic Leader of the U.S. Senate, the Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives - Call to Increase Government Funding to Help Address the Heroin and Opioid Crisis Gov. Margaret Wood Hassan 11/22/16 Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Expanding Opportunities for Individuals to Receive Commercial Driver License Testing Gov. Rick Snyder 11/22/16 Governor Rauner Holds Townhall to Discuss Economic Reforms Gov. Bruce Rauner 11/22/16 Court Rules in Favor of Gov. Matt Bevin in Workers' Compensation Nominating Committee Lawsuit Gov. Matt Bevin 11/21/16 Gov. Scott: Florida Sets Another Tourism Record Gov. Rick Scott 11/21/16 Governor Bentley Approves $690,000 in Emergency Funding for Firefighting Efforts Gov. Robert Bentley 11/21/16 Although Gov. Shumlin is Leaving Office, Energy Revolution to Continue in 2017 Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/21/16 Governor Larry Hogan Announces $765 Million for New Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge Gov. Larry Hogan 11/21/16 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Regarding Indian Point Nuclear Facility Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/21/16 Opioid Addiction Crisis Declared a Public Health Emergency in Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/21/16 Governor McCrory Announces Designation for U.S. 264 to Greenville Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/21/16 Concluding His Final Foreign Trade Mission, Gov. Nixon Reports on Missouri's Record Success in Expanding Exports and Attracting Global Investment Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/21/16 Governor's Task Force on Teacher Preparation for Early Literacy Instruction Recommendations Gov. Phil Bryant 11/21/16 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Arrest of Brooklyn Man Attempting to Support ISIL Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/21/16 Hogan Administration Announces First SmartBuy Purchase Gov. Larry Hogan 11/21/16 Governor Cuomo and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson Announce Security Recommendations to Bolster Safety Protocols at John F. Kennedy Airport Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/21/16 Baker-Polito Administration Launches Expanded STEM Internship Program for High School Students at Companies around the State Gov. Charles Baker 11/21/16 Governor Ducey Signs Amended Tribal Gaming Compact Gov. Doug Ducey 11/21/16 Governor Cuomo Announces New Pilot Program to Help Veterans in Nursing Facilities with Receiving their Benefits Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/21/16 Governor Tomblin Joins Department of Commerce for Trade Mission to Cuba Gov. Earl Tomblin 11/21/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Cybersecurity Partnership with Government of Victoria, Australia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/21/16 Governor Larry Hogan Announces Over $46 Million in Federal Funding for Crime Victims Gov. Larry Hogan 11/21/16 Governor Cuomo Announces Ground Breaking of $16 Million Lofts at University Heights in Downtown Buffalo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/20/16 Governor Cuomo Announces Actions to Protect Civil Rights and Combat Hate Crimes Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/20/16 Remarks as Delivered: Governor Cuomo Calls on New Yorkers to Unite in the Fight for Tolerance and Justice Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/19/16 Governor Walker's Statement on Interior's Offshore Leasing Plan Gov. Bill Walker 11/18/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces Third Consecutive Month of Virginia Labor Force Increase Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/18/16 Governor Bentley Activates National Guard Unit to Assist in Dekalb County Firefighting Efforts Gov. Robert Bentley 11/18/16 Rauner Administration Moves to Improve Outcomes for Dually-Involved Youth Gov. Bruce Rauner 11/18/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Virginia Agricultural Trade Office in Southeast Asia Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/18/16 Gov. Rick Snyder Visits Michigan's Sister State in China Gov. Rick Snyder 11/18/16 Raytheon Plans Southern Arizona Expansion Gov. Doug Ducey 11/18/16 Commonwealth Cornerstone Group Receives $80 Million of New Markets Tax Credits Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Miami Area Added More Than 15,000 New Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Tampa Area Added More Than 33,000 New Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Dayton-Smith Administration Announces Grants to Fund School Counselors and Student Support Staff at 77 Schools Gov. Mark Dayton 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Orlando Area Continues to Lead the State in Job Creation Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Fort Lauderdale Area Added More Than 25,000 Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Haslam Issues Statements on Rep. Beth Harwell's Nomination for Another Term as House Speaker and the Election of Republican Caucus Leadership Positions - See more at: Gov. William Haslam 11/18/16 Elkamet Expansion Brings 25 Jobs to Henderson County Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Pensacola Area Added 3,500 New Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Governor Kate Brown, West Coast Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Climate Action Gov. Jay Inslee 11/18/16 State Accepts Offers Totaling $12.6 Million for Three Properties as Part of Governor McCrory's Project Phoenix Initiative Gov. Patrick McCrory 11/18/16 Governor Larry Hogan Announces Agreement Between Two Major Korean Energy Firms and Montgomery College Gov. Larry Hogan 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Northeast Florida Added 25,000 Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Governor Kate Brown, West Coast Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Climate Action Gov. Edmund Brown 11/18/16 Gov. Rick Snyder Promotes Michigan as Travel Destination, State's Automotive Leadership During China Investment Mission Gov. Rick Snyder 11/18/16 Pence Statement on October Employment Report as Indiana Economy Continues to Grow Gov. Mike Pence 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Southwest Florida Added More than 12,000 New Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Gov. Malloy Statement on the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General Gov. Dannel Malloy 11/18/16 West Coast Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Climate Action at Close of COP22 Gov. Edmund Brown 11/18/16 Joint Statement in Support of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusiveness Phillip Scott 11/18/16 Gov. Malloy Announces Funding to Continue Connecticut's Popular Rebate Program for Electric Vehicles Gov. Dannel Malloy 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: Florida Businesses Created Nearly 9,000 New Jobs in October Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Dalrymple Continues to Press Obama Administration to End Pipeline Delay Gov. Jack Dalrymple 11/18/16 Gov. Nixon Meets with Bayer AG CEO Werner Baumann to Discuss Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/18/16 Governor Wolf Announces $2 Million Investment in Manufacturing in Johnstown Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/18/16 Governor Bentley Releases Statement on Sessions Appointment to Trump Administration Gov. Robert Bentley 11/18/16 Governor Kate Brown, West Coast Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Climate Action Gov. Kate Brown 11/18/16 Gov. Scott: West Palm Beach Area Added More Than 8,000 New Jobs Over the Year Gov. Rick Scott 11/18/16 Letter to MaryEllen Elia, Commissioner of the New York State Education Department - Regarding Increased Incidents of Hate Speech, Bullying, and Discrimination Against Students Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/18/16 Joint Statement in Support of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusiveness Gov. Peter Shumlin 11/18/16 Life Sciences Firm Acquires New York Company, Moves Operations to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence 11/17/16 Governor Cuomo Announces Grand Opening of $24.4 Million Mixed-Use Housing Development in West Seneca Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/17/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces New Partnership with Korea Electric Power Corporation to Enhance Energy Sector in the Commonwealth Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/17/16 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Recent Incidents of Bias, Discrimination Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/17/16 Gov. Nixon Signs Missouri's First-Ever Business Co-Investment Agreement with Israel Gov. Jeremiah Nixon 11/17/16 Pelosi Remarks at Photo Opportunity Following Meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence Gov. Mike Pence 11/17/16 Blue Ribbon Package Raises The Salary Bar For South Dakota Teachers Gov. Dennis Daugaard 11/17/16 Governor Walker's Statement on Superior Court PFD Lawsuit Ruling Gov. Bill Walker 11/17/16 Governor McAuliffe Announces Federal Disaster Assistance for State and Local Governments Impacted by Hurricane Matthew Gov. Terry McAuliffe 11/17/16 Morgan Stanley to Expand Operations in Baltimore City, Plans to Create 800 New Jobs Gov. Larry Hogan 11/17/16 Wolf Administration Develops Safe Schools Response Plan In Wake of Intolerant, Racist Incidents Gov. Thomas Wolf 11/17/16 Raimondo's Statement on Rhode Island's Economic Data Gov. Gina Raimondo 11/17/16 Weekly Radio Address: Celebrating Wisconsin's Deer Hunting Tradition Gov. Scott Walker 11/17/16 Governor Walker Addresses Water Quality in Kewaunee County Gov. Scott Walker

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