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4/28/15 President Obama Announces His Intent to Nominate Peter V. Neffenger to Lead the Transportation Security Administration Pres. Barack Obama 3/31/15 AUSTIN, TEXAS WINS PRESTIGIOUS HUD SECRETARY AWARD Julián Castro 3/26/15 Energy Department Offers Conditional Commitment to Alcoa to Support Manufacturing of Aluminum for Automotive Sector Ernest Moniz 2/23/15 Remarks by the President to the National Governors Association Pres. Barack Obama 2/22/15 Star-Ledger - Republicans Must Put Safety of American People Above Politics Jeh Johnson 2/21/15 Statement by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on the West Coast Port Agreement Penny Pritzker 2/13/15 Blog: Report to the President on America's National Travel and Tourism Goal Jeh Johnson 2/13/15 Blog: Report to the President on America's National Travel and Tourism Goal Penny Pritzker 2/11/15 Hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee - Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill: Laying the Foundation for U.S. Economic Growth and Job Creation Part I Anthony Foxx 2/10/15 FMCSA Establishes Committee to Update Truck and Bus Driver Training Anthony Foxx 2/10/15 Lowest Numbers of Tarmac Delays on Record in 2014 Anthony Foxx 2/06/15 DOT Announces Civil Penalty, Increased Oversight for Wheelchair Lift Manufacturer Anthony Foxx 2/06/15 FHWA Releases Results and Analysis of the First Four Crash Tests of ET-Plus Guardrail End Terminals Anthony Foxx 2/05/15 Blog: Commercial Space Transportation gears up for a future Beyond Traffic Anthony Foxx 2/05/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $55 Million in Grants To Put More Zero-Emission Buses Into Service Across America Anthony Foxx 2/05/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $120 Million Loan for Improvements to Chicago Blue Line Anthony Foxx 2/04/15 Blog: On the Metro-North Accident Anthony Foxx 2/04/15 FAA's Commercial Space Transportation Conference Anthony Foxx 2/03/15 Blog: Transportation Innovation Abounds in the Bay Area Anthony Foxx 2/03/15 FMCSA Declares South Dakota Trucking Company and Driver to be Imminent Hazards to Public Safety Anthony Foxx 2/03/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Recommends $3.2 Billion to Expand Transit Options that Improve Access to Jobs and Opportunities Anthony Foxx 2/02/15 President Obama Rolls Out FY 2016 Budget Anthony Foxx 2/02/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Unveils President's Bold $94.7 Billion Investment in America's Infrastructure Future Anthony Foxx 2/02/15 Blog: Today, we go Beyond Traffic Anthony Foxx 2/02/15 Secretary Foxx Unveils "Beyond Traffic: Trends and Choices," a 30-Year Outlook on the Future of Our Nation's Infrastructure Anthony Foxx 2/02/15 Secretary Johnson Announces Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request Jeh Johnson 1/30/15 Transportation Secretary Foxx Urges Fans to Play It Safe and Designate a Sober Driver on Super Bowl Sunday Anthony Foxx 1/29/15 Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson: "DHS 2015: The Secretary's Progress Report" - As Delivered Jeh Johnson 1/28/15 Blog: For a Viable Future, We Need Bold Action Now Anthony Foxx 1/28/15 Hearing Senate Environment and Public Works Committee - Investment in Trasportation Anthony Foxx 1/26/15 Blog: We Need America's Mayors to Help Us GROW Anthony Foxx 1/23/15 Blog: My Challenge to Mayors: Are you Ready to Boost Bike-Ped Safety? Anthony Foxx 1/23/15 DHS Releases 2014 Travel and Trade Statistics Jeh Johnson 1/22/15 Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces Plan to Add Two Automatic Emergency Braking Systems to Recommended Vehicle Advanced Technology Features Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 Remarks at the Society of Automotive Engineers Washington Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 Blog: Joining Forces to Connect Veterans With Opportunity Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 Joining Forces Forum on Hiring Veterans in Transportation Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 Energy Secretary Moniz Unveils More Than $55 Million to Advance Fuel Efficient Vehicle Technologies Ernest Moniz 1/22/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $2.47 Million for Innovative Projects in Maine, Pennsylvania and Washington Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Launches the "Mayors' Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets" Anthony Foxx 1/22/15 Blog: Data Crunch Shows Automotive Technology is Saving Lives Anthony Foxx 1/21/15 Blog: Our Path to the Future Requires 21st Century Transportation Anthony Foxx 1/16/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $1.33 Billion Loan for Sound Transit's Link Light Rail Extension from Seattle to Redmond Anthony Foxx 1/15/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Fines Southwest $1.6 Million for Violating Tarmac Delay Rule Anthony Foxx 1/13/15 Secretary Moniz's Remarks at the Wilson Center on the "2015 U.S. Energy Policy Outlook: Opportunities and Challenges" -- As Delivered Ernest Moniz 1/13/15 Blog: Coming Soon: Beyond Traffic, a 30-Year Framework for U.S. Transportation Anthony Foxx 1/12/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Names Sarah Feinberg Acting Administrator of Federal Railroad Administration Anthony Foxx 1/12/15 Blog: Pushing America's Automotive Industry Forward Ernest Moniz 1/12/15 FMCSA to Award $30 Million in State Grants to Advance Real-Time Safety Technologies Anthony Foxx 1/12/15 Statement By Secretary Jeh C. Johnson On New Homeland Security Measures Jeh Johnson 1/11/15 Press Availability at Vibrant Gujarat John Kerry 1/09/15 Blog: Building a More Competitive American Manufacturing Industry with Advanced Composites Ernest Moniz 1/08/15 FAA Final Rule Requires Safety Management System for Airlines Anthony Foxx 1/08/15 U.S. Department of Transportation Fines Honda $70 Million for Failing to Comply with Laws That Safeguard the Public Anthony Foxx 1/08/15 Blog: New Administrator Brings Renewed Safety Push to NHTSA Anthony Foxx 1/07/15 Remarks By U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, Visit by President Obama to the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant Thomas Perez 1/07/15 Remarks by the President on the Resurgence of the American Auto Industry Pres. Barack Obama 1/06/15 U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces $996 Million Grant Agreement to Expand Green Line Light Rail Service in Boston Area Anthony Foxx 1/05/15 Patrick Administration Celebrates Major Federal Funding Commitment For Green Line Extension Anthony Foxx 1/05/15 Blog: MBTA Green Line Extension a Glimpse of What's Needed --And Possible-- Nationwide Anthony Foxx 1/05/15 Federal Highway Administration On Hand to Kick Off Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement Project Anthony Foxx 12/30/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Final Rule Regarding Air Travel with Musical Instruments Anthony Foxx 12/19/14 Remarks by Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew on Conference Call Highlighting Treasury Sale of Its Entire Ally Financial Stake and the Wind Down of TARP Jacob Lew 12/18/14 Warner, Kaine, Connolly Applaud Closing On Final TIFIA Loans For Silver Line Construction Anthony Foxx 12/17/14 Blog: DOT Takes Holiday Travel Safety Message to BuzzFeed Anthony Foxx 12/16/14 Blog: This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Road Safety; Drive Sober Anthony Foxx 12/16/14 New "SaferRide" Mobile App and New Data Highlight Start of Annual Holiday Drunk Driving Crackdown Anthony Foxx 12/15/14 Blog: A Diet You Can Live With Anthony Foxx 12/12/14 Blog: Global Summit Takes on Critical Challenge of Improving Road Safety for Kids Anthony Foxx 12/11/14 Remarks on Climate Change at COP-20 John Kerry 12/10/14 Blog: NASCAR and NHTSA get TireWise for Safety Anthony Foxx 12/09/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $5 Million to Improve Transit Options for American Indians, Alaska Natives on Tribal Lands Anthony Foxx 12/09/14 Blog: DVIR Paperwork Reduction Saves Time, Money Anthony Foxx 12/09/14 Blog: ICAO, Growing International Aviation for 70 Years Anthony Foxx 12/09/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion Annual Paperwork Burden for U.S. Trucking Industry Shaun Donovan 12/09/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Eliminates $1.7 Billion Annual Paperwork Burden for U.S. Trucking Industry Anthony Foxx 12/08/14 Blog: Why We Care About Truck Driver Fatigue Anthony Foxx 12/08/14 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Convention on International Civil Aviation John Kerry 12/05/14 FHWA Celebrates Opening of Kennebec Bridge in Central Maine Anthony Foxx 12/03/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Declares Florida Long-Haul Truck Driver to be an Imminent Hazard Anthony Foxx 12/03/14 Remarks by the President at the Business Roundtable Pres. Barack Obama 12/01/14 Blog: Committed TSA Officers Face Busy Travel Weekend Jeh Johnson 11/26/14 Blog: DOT, Transportation, and Thanksgiving Anthony Foxx 11/25/14 Federal Railroad Administration Issues Industry-Wide Safety Advisory on Roadway Worker Authority Limits Anthony Foxx 11/24/14 Blog: We Must Get It Done Anthony Foxx 11/24/14 Blog: On 60 Minutes and America's Infrastructure Deficit Anthony Foxx 11/23/14 Remarks AASHTO Annual Meeting Anthony Foxx 11/21/14 United States, Mexico Reach Modernized Aviation Agreement Anthony Foxx 11/18/14 Blog: Jacksonville gets to Work on Innovative First Coast Flyer Bus Rapid Transit System Anthony Foxx 11/17/14 U.S. Department of Transportation Celebrates Groundbreaking of First Bus Rapid Transit System in Jacksonville Anthony Foxx 11/12/14 FHWA Releases Trinity ET-Plus Guardrail End Terminal Re-testing Plan Anthony Foxx 11/10/14 Statement from U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on the Extension of U.S./China Visa Validity for Business Travelers, Tourists and Students Penny Pritzker 11/07/14 Acting Federal Transit Administrator McMillan Attends Groundbreaking of L.A. Purple Line Extension Anthony Foxx 11/06/14 EPA, DOE Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide for Car Buyers Gina McCarthy 11/06/14 EPA, DOE Release 2015 Fuel Economy Guide for Car Buyers Ernest Moniz 11/05/14 Statement by Secretary Johnson Regarding Firearms Discovered by the Transportation Security Administration Jeh Johnson 11/03/14 Administrator Gina McCarthy, Remarks Announcing Hyundai and Kia Settlement, As Prepared Gina McCarthy 10/31/14 Blog: Not Hiring: A Tennessee Story Anthony Foxx 10/30/14 FMCSA Challenges Children to Promote Safety Belt Use in Annual Art Calendar Contest Anthony Foxx 10/30/14 Booker, Menendez, Pallone, HUD Sec. Castro Survey Progress - Hear from Residents on Sandy 2nd Anniversary Julián Castro