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5/18/15 USDA to Expand Investment in Water Conservation, Resilience across Drought-Stricken States Thomas Vilsack 5/14/15 USDA Announces Funding to Assist with Organic Certification Costs Thomas Vilsack 5/11/15 One of the Best Fields for New College Graduates? Agriculture. Thomas Vilsack 5/10/15 U.S., Jordan Sign Agreement to Promote Agricultural Development and Trade, Support Humanitarian Assistance Thomas Vilsack 5/08/15 USDA Announces $30 Million Available for Food Entrepreneurs and Agricultural Producers to Develop New Products Thomas Vilsack 5/08/15 Statement by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Final Communique by G-20 Agriculture Ministers Thomas Vilsack 5/06/15 Blog: Keep Striking from the Top: Inspirational Words for 2015 Florida A&M University Graduates Thomas Vilsack 5/06/15 Statement from Secretary Vilsack on New Data Showing the Vast Majority of Schools Now Meet the Updated Meals Standards Thomas Vilsack 5/04/15 USDA Announces $235 Million Available for Innovative New Conservation Partnerships Thomas Vilsack 4/30/15 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Travels to Turkey for G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting Thomas Vilsack 4/24/15 Blog: Secretary Kerry Honors 'Culinary Diplomats' in the Lead-Up to the Opening of the USA Pavilion at the Milan Expo John Kerry 4/23/15 Blog: Secretary Vilsack Announces Partnerships with Farmers and Ranchers to Address Climate Change Thomas Vilsack 4/23/15 Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Secretary Vilsack on Rollout of USDA's Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry Strategy at Michigan State University Thomas Vilsack 4/23/15 Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Secretary Vilsack on Rollout of USDA's Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry Strategy at Michigan State University Thomas Vilsack 4/22/15 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces New 1.6 Megawatt Solar Farm at USDA George Washington Carver Center and Other Solar Projects Thomas Vilsack 4/17/15 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Proclaims April 2015 National Garden Month Thomas Vilsack 4/17/15 The Chicago Council - Investing in Collaborative Conservation to Address Global Food Security Challenges Thomas Vilsack 4/10/15 USDA Expands Beef and Pork Trade with Mexico and Peru Thomas Vilsack 4/10/15 Removing Barriers to Agricultural Trade Ensures US Products Can Thrive in Foreign Markets Thomas Vilsack 4/07/15 USDA Funding to Help Clean Waterways in Mississippi River Basin Thomas Vilsack 4/03/15 USDA Seeks Nominations for Trade Advisory Committees Thomas Vilsack 4/01/15 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Approximately $23 Million Available for Citrus Greening Research Thomas Vilsack 3/31/15 USDA Names Courtyard in Washington, DC in Honor of Cesar Chavez Thomas Vilsack 3/31/15 USDA to Provide $332 Million to Protect and Restore Agricultural Working Lands, Grasslands and Wetlands Thomas Vilsack 3/27/15 USDA Extends ARC and PLC Deadlines Thomas Vilsack 3/24/15 USDA Implements 2014 Farm Bill Provision to Limit Payments to Non-Farmers Thomas Vilsack 3/18/15 USDA Provides $57.9 Million to Protect Agriculture and Plants from Pests and Diseases Through the 2014 Farm Bill Section 10007 Thomas Vilsack 3/18/15 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on National Agriculture Day Thomas Vilsack 3/16/15 Statement from Secretary Vilsack on Proposals for USDA Action Following Summit on Agricultural Coexistence Thomas Vilsack 3/16/15 USDA Announces $97 Million Available to Expand Access to Healthy Food, Support Rural Economies Thomas Vilsack 3/16/15 Administrator Gina McCarthy, Remarks to the National Farmers Union, As Prepared Gina McCarthy 3/12/15 Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Secretary Vilsack at the Stakeholder Workshop on Coexistence in Raleigh, North Carolina Thomas Vilsack 3/10/15 USDA Announces Funding Available for Specialty Crop and Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Programs Thomas Vilsack 3/09/15 Video Remarks for Global Climate-Smart Agriculture Summit John Kerry 2/27/15 USDA Provides One-Time Extension of Deadline to Update Base Acres or Yield History for ARC/PLC Programs Thomas Vilsack 2/26/15 USDA Opens Public Comment Period for Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Interim Final Rule Thomas Vilsack 2/25/15 Remarks by the President in Immigration Town Hall -- Miami, FL Pres. Barack Obama 2/10/15 USDA Announces Funding for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Thomas Vilsack 2/09/15 Vilsack Announces $30 Million to Fight Citrus Disease Thomas Vilsack 2/06/15 Statement from Secretary Vilsack on New Data Showing That Agricultural Exports Support More Than One Million Jobs Thomas Vilsack 2/05/15 Statement by Secretary Vilsack on One-Year Anniversary of Passage of the 2014 Farm Bill Thomas Vilsack 1/28/15 USDA Announces Winners of the 2015 Agricultural Outlook Forum Student Diversity Program Thomas Vilsack 1/12/15 More than Half of Nation's Dairy Producers Enroll in New Margin Protection Program Thomas Vilsack 1/12/15 Remarks as Delivered by Secretary Vilsack at 96th American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in San Diego, California Thomas Vilsack 1/09/15 Secretary Vilsack Announces Cotton Board Appointments Thomas Vilsack 1/08/15 Remarks as Prepared for Secretary Tom Vilsack at U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba Event at National Press Club Thomas Vilsack 1/06/15 USDA Observes Kick Off of the International Year of Soils Thomas Vilsack 1/06/15 Remarks as Delivered by Secretary Tom Vilsack at USDA Kick-off of International Year of Soils Thomas Vilsack 12/17/14 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Historic New Course for U.S.-Cuba Relations Thomas Vilsack 12/16/14 USDA Improves Forest Health by Harvesting Biomass for Energy Thomas Vilsack 12/12/14 USDA Provides Greater Protection for Fruit, Vegetable and Other Specialty Crop Growers Thomas Vilsack 12/11/14 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Departure of Dr. Joe Glauber Thomas Vilsack 12/11/14 USDA Seeks Public Comment on New Environmental Quality Incentives Program Rule Thomas Vilsack 12/08/14 USDA Citrus Disease Subcommittee Meets on FY 2015 Research Agenda, Budget Priorities Thomas Vilsack 12/03/14 USDA Announces $9.7 Million in Dedicated Outreach and Technical Assistance to Diversify American Agriculture Thomas Vilsack 12/02/14 Congressman Tim Ryan Announces Akron and Stark County Farm to School Grants Thomas Vilsack 11/24/14 USDA Disaster Assistance to Help Thousands of Honeybee, Livestock and Farm-Raised Fish Producers Thomas Vilsack 11/19/14 USDA Helps Open and Expand Export Markets for U.S. Agriculture Thomas Vilsack 11/17/14 Secretary Vilsack Appoints New Members to the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board Thomas Vilsack 11/04/14 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on 2014 U.S. Agricultural Exports Setting New Record Thomas Vilsack 10/31/14 China Lifts Suspension on Washington State Apples Thomas Vilsack 10/30/14 Remarks as Delivered to National FFA Members in Louisville, Kentucky Thomas Vilsack 10/29/14 USDA Extends Dairy Margin Protection Program Deadlines Thomas Vilsack 10/27/14 USDA Proposes Inclusion of New, Innovative Products in the BioPreferred Program Thomas Vilsack 10/21/14 USDA Invests in Small and Emerging Rural Businesses and Rural Transportation Thomas Vilsack 10/21/14 USDA to Launch New Farm Bill Program to Help Provide Relief to Farmers Affected by Severe Weather Thomas Vilsack 10/20/14 USDA Awards $18 Million in Small Business Research Grants Supporting Agricultural Research and Development Thomas Vilsack 10/15/14 USDA Announces Measures to Help Farmers Diversify Weed Control Efforts Thomas Vilsack 10/07/14 Statement from Secretary Vilsack Celebrating Central State University's New Status as an 1890 Land-Grant Institution Thomas Vilsack 10/07/14 USDA Report Outlines Opportunities in the Emerging Bioeconomy Thomas Vilsack 10/02/14 USDA Invests Nearly $118 Million to Support America's Specialty Crop Producers Thomas Vilsack 10/02/14 Blog: Farm to School Programs Create New Opportunities for Farmers Thomas Vilsack 10/01/14 United States and Brazil Reach Agreement to End WTO Cotton Dispute Thomas Vilsack 9/30/14 Nation's Ag Co-ops Set Record for Annual Sales and Income Thomas Vilsack 9/29/14 USDA Awards Over $52 Million in Grants to Grow Organic and Local Food Economies Thomas Vilsack 9/25/14 USDA Unveils Key New Programs to Help Farmers Manage Risk Thomas Vilsack 9/25/14 Our Ocean: Next Steps on Sustainable Fishing and Marine-Protected Areas John Kerry 9/24/14 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Formation of the New Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture Thomas Vilsack 9/24/14 Remarks at a Reception for the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture John Kerry 9/19/14 Obama Administration Announces Competition to Designate Next Round of Promise Zones Thomas Vilsack 9/17/14 USDA Announces Additional Support for Citrus Growers Impacted by HLB Thomas Vilsack 9/08/14 Secretary Vilsack Appoints Members to the Council for Native American Farming and Ranching Thomas Vilsack 8/19/14 USDA Announces $25 Million for Agricultural Entrepreneurs to Turn Commodities into Value-Added Products Thomas Vilsack 8/19/14 Shaheen, Vilsack Highlight Importance of USDA Programs to Rural New Hampshire Jobs, Economy Thomas Vilsack 8/12/14 Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden Announces Funding for Research to Benefit Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Thomas Vilsack 8/06/14 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Provides Six-Month Update on Farm Bill Implementation Progress Thomas Vilsack 7/31/14 Interview With Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Dr. Prannoy Roy of NDTV John Kerry 7/29/14 USDA Implements Key Farm Bill Crop Insurance Provision Thomas Vilsack 7/29/14 USDA Implements Key Farm Bill Crop Insurance Provision Thomas Vilsack 7/29/14 Blog: Unleashing Climate Data to Empower Americas Agricultural Sector Thomas Vilsack 7/23/14 USDA Secretary Announces Creation of Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research Thomas Vilsack 7/23/14 Remarks from Secretary Jacob J. Lew at The U.S. Treasury Department's Third Annual Development Impact Honors Ceremony Jacob Lew 7/23/14 USDA Selects 36 Energy Facilities to Accept Biomass Deliveries Thomas Vilsack 7/22/14 USDA Reminds Farmers of 2014 Farm Bill Conservation Compliance Changes Thomas Vilsack 7/21/14 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Proclaims August 3-9 National Farmers Market Week Thomas Vilsack 7/17/14 Departments of Energy and Agriculture Announce Bioenergy Projects in 10 States Ernest Moniz 7/17/14 Historic Farm Bill Funding Available to Organic Producers and Handlers Thomas Vilsack 7/16/14 Remarks at a Reception to Celebrate the Groundbreaking for the USA Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 John Kerry 7/10/14 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Senate Confirmation of Darci Vetter as Chief Agricultural Negotiator Thomas Vilsack 7/09/14 USDA Provides 12-Week Progress Update on Disaster Assistance Thomas Vilsack