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2/28/17 Remarks by President Trump in Joint Address to Congress Pres. Donald Trump 11/14/16 Statement by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Rural America at a Glance, 2016 Edition Thomas Vilsack 10/26/16 Blog: Caring About Care Thomas Perez 10/20/16 In Ohio Trump Announces American Desk to Protect Economic Interests of America's Workers On Trade Pres. Donald Trump 10/18/16 Trump Pledges To Drain The Swamp And Impose Congressional Term Limits Pres. Donald Trump 10/17/16 Donald J. Trump Details Ethics Reform Plan For Washington D.C. Pres. Donald Trump 10/06/16 In Eastern Kentucky, USDA Launches Relending Program to Reduce Rural Poverty Nationwide Thomas Vilsack 9/16/16 Donald Trump Talks Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela In Florida Swing Pres. Donald Trump 9/08/16 Trump Outlines Bold New Plan for School Choice Pres. Donald Trump 9/07/16 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Significant Decrease in Household Food Insecurity in the United States Thomas Vilsack 9/07/16 Op-Ed: Rural America Is Back In Business Thomas Vilsack 8/22/16 Price Statement on 20th Anniversary of 1996 Welfare Reforms Thomas Price 8/22/16 - Price Statement On 20th Anniversary Of 1996 Welfare Reforms Thomas Price 8/05/16 Statement Of US Labor Secretary Perez On July Employment Numbers Thomas Perez 7/27/16 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor"- Transcript: Trump Talks DNC, Minimum Wage, Climate Change and NATO Pres. Donald Trump 7/27/16 Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 Evaluation Reveals Hoosier Success Mike Pence 7/21/16 Time Magazine - Speech by Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican Party Convention Pres. Donald Trump 6/23/16 US Labor Department Announces Re-Opening Of National Grant Competition For The Senior Community Service Employment Program Thomas Perez 6/22/16 Remarks at the "Building the Best America," National Press Club Thomas Perez 6/06/16 Obama Administration Names Final Round of Promise Zone Communities Thomas Vilsack 6/01/16 $36 Million In Job Training Grants Will Help More Than 17,000 Veterans Overcome Homelessness, Secure Meaningful Employment Thomas Perez 5/16/16 Blog: Income Inequality: A Growing Threat to Eliminating Rural Child Poverty Thomas Vilsack 5/06/16 Blog: What You Should Know About the April Jobs Report Thomas Perez 5/04/16 USDA Announces $15.6 Million in Grants to Strengthen Rural Communities Thomas Vilsack 4/12/16 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor"- Transcript: Donald Trump on Winning over Voters Pres. Donald Trump 3/03/16 Eleventh GOP Primary Debate Pres. Donald Trump 3/02/16 USDA Selects Ten States for Job-Driven SNAP Employment and Training Project Thomas Vilsack 2/29/16 USDA Improves the WIC Shopping Experience to Better Serve our Nation's Low-Income, New and Expecting Mothers and Their Young Children Thomas Vilsack 2/17/16 CNN - Republican Presidential Town Hall Benjamin Carson 2/13/16 Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate Pres. Donald Trump 2/13/16 Transcript of the Republican Presidential Debate Benjamin Carson 1/29/16 NWI Times - Op-ed on HIP 2.0 Mike Pence 1/14/16 USDA Announces $8.8 Million Available to Support Food and Agricultural Sciences Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions Thomas Vilsack 12/18/15 Oba,a Administration Announces Competition to Designate the Third and Final round of Promise Zones Thomas Vilsack 11/25/15 Blog: Milwaukee Workers Fight for a Voice at Work Thomas Perez 11/20/15 Governor Pence Statement Regarding October Employment Report Mike Pence 11/10/15 Governor Pence Announces Full Payoff of Unemployment Insurance Loan Mike Pence 10/28/15 Hearing of the House Committee on the Budget - Opening Statement of Rep. Price, Hearing on Restoring the Trust for Vulnerable Americans Thomas Price 10/22/15 Governor Pence Announces Advance Payment to Unemployment Insurance Loan Mike Pence 10/20/15 Governor Pence Statement on September Indiana Employment Report Mike Pence 10/15/15 FOX "Hannity"- Transcript: Carson Interview Benjamin Carson 9/16/15 Price: With Poverty Rate Unchanged, It's Time for New Ideas Thomas Price 9/09/15 Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on New Data Showing National Food Security Rate is Strongest since before the Recession Thomas Vilsack 9/08/15 National Press Club Newsmaker News Conference on National Child Nutrition Strategy Thomas Vilsack 8/11/15 FOX "Hannity"- Transcript: Trump Interview Pres. Donald Trump 8/03/15 USDA Recognizes WIC Agencies for Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers Thomas Vilsack 7/30/15 Independent Journal Review - Medicare and Medicaid Turn 50 Today. Let's Keep Them Healthy. Thomas Price 7/29/15 Letter to Colleagues, United States House Republican Conference - Action on Health, Retirement, and Economic Security Programs Thomas Price 7/23/15 Video: Governor Pence Shares Recent Jobs News with Hoosiers Mike Pence 7/22/15 Defending Conservatism Against the Cancer of Trump-ism James Perry 7/21/15 Governor Pence Statement on June Employment Report Mike Pence 7/15/15 Chairman Price Calls for Restoring the Trust for All Generations Thomas Price 7/09/15 House Approves Zinke's Forest Reforms Ryan Zinke 7/02/15 Economic Opportunity for All Americans James Perry 7/02/15 Blog: 5 Things To Know About the June Jobs Report Thomas Perez 6/29/15 $80M Awarded to Help Unemployment Insurance Beneficiaries Through Improved Reemployment Services, Eligibility Assessments Thomas Perez 6/19/15 Governor Pence Statement on May Unemployment Rate, Near Record Employment for Indiana Mike Pence 6/18/15 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Donald Trump on what made him run for president on Pres. Donald Trump 6/04/15 Video: Governor Rick Perry Announces His Candidacy for President James Perry 6/03/15 Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez at a Press Conference on Summer Jobs Thomas Perez 6/01/15 USDA Celebrates National Homeownership Month Thomas Vilsack 5/29/15 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Joins Community Partners to Expand Access to Summer Meals for Children Thomas Vilsack 5/27/15 Governor Pence Statement on April Unemployment Rate, Historic Employment Levels on Horizon Mike Pence 5/26/15 USDA Seeks Applications for Grants to Help Socially-Disadvantaged Rural Residents Thomas Vilsack 5/21/15 Daily Signal - Why Donald Trump Won't Touch Your Entitlements Pres. Donald Trump 4/30/15 The Courier - Trump Talks 2016 Run, Jobs at Texas Patriot PAC Event Pres. Donald Trump 4/29/15 $150M Available to States to Strengthen and Expand Innovative Job Training and Reemployment Strategies for Laid-Off Workers Thomas Perez 4/28/15 Obama Administration Announces Eight Additional Promise Zones to Build Community Prosperity Thomas Vilsack 4/20/15 Hearing of the House Budget Committee - Budget Conference Meeting Thomas Price 4/09/15 Ben Carson Speaks at NAN's Annual Convention Benjamin Carson 4/01/15 USDA Awards $31 Million in Grants to Help SNAP Participants Afford Healthy Foods Thomas Vilsack 3/24/15 Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez at the United Auto Workers Collective Bargaining Conference, Thomas Perez 3/19/15 USDA Expands StrikeForce Initiative for Rural Growth and Opportunity to Build Rural Economies Thomas Vilsack 3/19/15 USDA Partners with University of Kentucky to Establish National Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center Thomas Vilsack 3/18/15 Hearing of the House Education and the Workforce Committee - President's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Thomas Perez 2/03/15 State of Indiana Releases Data Analytics Report on Infant Mortality Mike Pence 1/29/15 Short-Time Compensation Programs Expand in 13 States with Nearly $38M in Grants to Prevent Layoffs Thomas Perez 1/27/15 Governor Pence Praises Healthy Indiana Plan as "Proven Model for Medicaid Reform" Mike Pence 1/24/15 Daily Mail - Donald Trump Says he'll Build a Border Fence 'Nobody Can Penetrate' as He Hints at 2016 Run With Attack on Romney Who 'Choked' Last Time Around Pres. Donald Trump 1/07/15 Blog: New York's City Harvest Wins U.S. Food Waste Challenge Competition Thomas Vilsack 12/05/14 Sessions: Restoring Opportunity for American Workers Highest Priority for New GOP Congress Jefferson Sessions 12/04/14 Enforcement Matters: How Workplace Law Enforcement Can Boost Americans' Wages and Strengthen the Economy Thomas Perez 11/24/14 Governor Pence Accepts 130,000 Pounds of Donated Indiana Poultry Products for Food Pantries Mike Pence 10/11/14 CNN - Raise Minimum Wage; Working People Should Not Live in Poverty Thomas Perez 10/10/14 Pelosi Remarks from Press Conference Call on National Minimum Wage Day Thomas Perez 10/06/14 Governor Pence Statement Regarding Today's Meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Burwell Mike Pence 10/03/14 Governor Pence Greets President Obama in Evansville, Discusses HIP 2.0 Mike Pence 10/02/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Requesting Meeting to Discuss Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 Mike Pence 9/24/14 Governor Pence Welcomes Representatives of Five Pre-K Pilot Counties Mike Pence 9/22/14 USDA Requests Applications for Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center Thomas Vilsack 9/15/14 More Than $87 Million in Grants Awarded to Improve Performance, Integrity of State Unemployment Insurance Programs Thomas Perez 8/25/14 USDA Announces $200 Million to Promote Innovation in SNAP Employment and Training Programs Thomas Vilsack 8/21/14 Remarks By Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, The City Club of Cleveland Thomas Perez 8/01/14 Sessions: 4 In 10 American Adults Not Working Jefferson Sessions 7/24/14 Statement By US Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez on the Need to Raise the Minimum Wage to Benefit Workers and the Economy Thomas Perez 7/10/14 Texas Clear Winner in Red State-Blue State Comparison James Perry 7/01/14 Letter to Marilyn Tavenner Jefferson Sessions 6/24/14 $68.7M Awarded to Fund Re-Employment and Eligibility Assessments for Unemployment Insurance Claimants in 40 States and Territories Thomas Perez 6/19/14 Remarks by Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, National Fund for Workforce Solutions-Annual Meeting Thomas Perez 6/17/14 Governor Pence Hosts Summit on the Family and the Economy Mike Pence

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