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4/15/14 Governor LePage Announces Availability of Northern Border Regional Commission Grant Funds Gov. Paul LePage 4/14/14 LePage Administration to Apply for Grant to Create a Cold Case Homicide Squad Gov. Paul LePage 4/11/14 Letter to Maine's Congressional Delegation - Support Funding for Cold Case Homicide Sq Gov. Paul LePage 4/11/14 Governor LePage Issues Statement About Liberals' Job-Killing Agenda Gov. Paul LePage 4/11/14 Governor Commends Senate for Sustaining Veto of Medicaid Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 4/10/14 Gov. LePage Signs Rep. Amy Volk's Human Trafficking Bill Gov. Paul LePage 4/09/14 Letter to the 126th Legislature of the State of Maine - Veto of An Act To Provide Fiscal Predictability to the MaineCare Program and Health Security to Maine People Gov. Paul LePage 4/04/14 Radio Address: Fiscally Responsible Decision-making about Maine's Pension Funds Gov. Paul LePage 4/04/14 Liberals Kill Bill to Provide Mainers with Affordable Heating Options Gov. Paul LePage 4/03/14 Governor LePage Issues Statement on Liberal Legislature's Rejection of Welfare Reform Bills Gov. Paul LePage 4/02/14 Governor Signs Resolve Requesting Recognition of Environmental Hazards at the Military Training Cent in Gagetown, New Brunswick Gov. Paul LePage 4/02/14 Statement of Governor LePage on Bill Killed by Liberals to Allow Teens to Work Gov. Paul LePage 3/31/14 Data Shows Nearly $14 Million in Welfare Benefits Spent Out of State Gov. Paul LePage 3/28/14 Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.1 Percent in February Gov. Paul LePage 3/28/14 University of New England to Inaugurate New Morocco Campus; Governor LePage to Attend, Explore Trade Opportunities for State of Maine Gov. Paul LePage 3/26/14 Statement of Governor LePage on Welfare Reform Bills Gov. Paul LePage 3/25/14 Radio Address: It's Time for Real Welfare Reform Gov. Paul LePage 3/21/14 Governor LePage to Sign His Bill Restoring Rainy Day Fund Gov. Paul LePage 3/18/14 Radio Address: Maine Cannot Afford to Say "NO" to Jobs Gov. Paul LePage 3/12/14 Governor LePage Announces $120 Million Investment, New Jobs in Washington County Gov. Paul LePage 3/11/14 Governor: Solar and Wind Energy Will Not Help Mainers Heat Their Homes Gov. Paul LePage 3/06/14 Governor LePage Honored at Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Forum Gov. Paul LePage 3/05/14 Governor LePage Promotes Maple Sugar Season with Annual Tree Tapping Gov. Paul LePage 3/04/14 Radio Address: Raiding the State's Rainy Day Fund has Serious Consequences Gov. Paul LePage 2/28/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Army National Guard Cuts Gov. Paul LePage 2/27/14 Statement of Governor on U.S. Department of Labor Review Gov. Paul LePage 2/25/14 Radio Address: Most Vulnerable Will Keep Paying the Price for Medicaid Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 2/24/14 Maine Agencies Cannibalized by Welfare Spending Gov. Paul LePage 2/13/14 Radio Address: The War on Drug Dealers: Why Getting Tough on Crime is Part of the Plan to Recovery Gov. Paul LePage 2/07/14 Governor Proclaims February Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Gov. Paul LePage 2/07/14 Governor LePage Meets with Veterans Leaders Gov. Paul LePage 2/07/14 Workers' Compensation Rates Fall to 7.7%, the Lowest Since 1998 Gov. Paul LePage 2/05/14 Radio Address: Real Solutions that Work for All Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 2/04/14 2014 State of the State Address Gov. Paul LePage 1/29/14 Radio Address: Welfare Expansion: It Didn't Work Then, Won't Work Now Gov. Paul LePage 1/28/14 Unemployment Rate Falls Again: 6.2 Percent in December Gov. Paul LePage 1/23/14 New England Governors Ask for Infrastructure to Deliver More Electricity, More Natural Gas Gov. Paul LePage 1/22/14 Radio Address: Protecting Mainers from the Effects of Welfare Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 1/17/14 Governor LePage Honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Gov. Paul LePage 1/17/14 Governor LePage Issues Emergency Declaration to Assist Mainers to Keep Warm Gov. Paul LePage 1/15/14 Radio Address: Maine has an Obligation to Help Our Most Vulnerable and Pay its Bill Gov. Paul LePage 1/10/14 Radio Address: Fixing Maine's Welfare System and Creating a Path to Economic Independence Gov. Paul LePage 1/07/14 Governor LePage: EBT Fraud is a Real Problem Gov. Paul LePage 1/06/14 Statement of the Governor on Road Clean Up and Conditions Gov. Paul LePage 1/03/14 Governor Aims to Fix Maine's Welfare Law to Comply with Federal Rule Gov. Paul LePage 1/02/14 State Signs Lease Saving Maine Taxpayers more than $23 Million Gov. Paul LePage 12/31/13 Radio Address: Weathering the Ice Storm: Not Like '98, but it Left its Mark Gov. Paul LePage 12/31/13 Ringing in the New Year with Bitter Cold Temps Gov. Paul LePage 12/31/13 Governor Extends Limited Emergency to Ensure Fuel Deliveries to Maine Homes Gov. Paul LePage 12/23/13 Radio Address: A Special Christmas Message from Governor Paul R. LePage Gov. Paul LePage 12/20/13 Maine's Unemployment Rate Drops 20 Percent since Governor LePage Took Office Gov. Paul LePage 12/20/13 Federal Government Cutting Military Retiree Benefits Disgraceful Gov. Paul LePage 12/20/13 Maine's Unemployment Rate Drops 20 Percent since Governor LePage Took Office Gov. Paul LePage 12/17/13 Radio Address: Weekly Message: Mainers Demand Accountability from their Government, and That Should Apply to our Welfare System Too Gov. Paul LePage 12/11/13 Governor Pledges Support to Lincoln Paper and Tissue Workers Gov. Paul LePage 12/11/13 Radio Address: Welfare Fraud is Real, and We Will Keep Working to Find it Gov. Paul LePage 12/10/13 Governor Welcomes Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Unemployment System Gov. Paul LePage 12/05/13 New England Governors Sign Historic Energy Statement Committing to Regional Cooperation on Infrastructure Gov. Paul LePage 12/05/13 Governor LePage calls on Kathleen Sebelius to Take Responsibility for Failure to Help Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 12/04/13 Radio Address: Unemployment Rate Drops, but We Must Keep Working to Create Jobs Gov. Paul LePage 12/02/13 Maine's Economy "Booming" Under LePage Gov. Paul LePage 11/27/13 Radio Address: A Thanksgiving Message from Governor Paul R. LePage Gov. Paul LePage 11/22/13 Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Rate Since 2008 Under Governor LePage Gov. Paul LePage 11/20/13 Radio Address: Our Accomplishments are "Moving Maine Forward" Gov. Paul LePage 11/20/13 The First 1,000 Days of Governor Paul R. LePage Gov. Paul LePage 11/13/13 Radio Address: Drug-Dependent Newborns, a Disturbing Trend Gov. Paul LePage 11/12/13 Letter to State Committee Chairs - Reaffirms Communications Policy Between Executive and Legislative Branches Gov. Paul LePage 11/12/13 Governor and First Lady Thank Mainers for Food Donations Gov. Paul LePage 11/06/13 Statement of the Governor on Transparent Communications Between Executive and Legislative Branches Gov. Paul LePage 10/30/13 Governor LePage Continues Trade Mission in Mexico and Colombia Gov. Paul LePage 10/25/13 Governor LePage to Lead Maine Trade Delegation to Mexico and Colombia Gov. Paul LePage 10/23/13 Radio Address: Lessons from the Federal Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/13 Governor LePage to Host Drug Crimes and Awareness Summit Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/13 Governor LePage Thanks Maine State Employe Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/13 Statement of Governor LePage on End to Federal Government Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/13 All State Employees Back to Work Frida Gov. Paul LePage 10/16/13 Governor LePage to Travel to Edmunds Boat Launch in Cobscook Bay State Park Gov. Paul LePage 10/16/13 Radio Address: Governing Through a Federal Shutdown to Minimize the Impact on Maine Gov. Paul LePage 10/15/13 Governor Reaches Tentative Agreement with Union to Benefit State Employees Who Are Laid Off Gov. Paul LePage 10/15/13 Statement of Governor LePage on Statoil Announcement Gov. Paul LePage 10/11/13 Federal Government Refuses to Allow Maine's Cobscook Bay State Park to Reopen Gov. Paul LePage 10/10/13 Governor LePage Focuses on Employees Affected by Federal Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/09/13 Governor Declares Civil Emergency to Minimize Fiscal Impacts of Federal Shutdown Gov. Paul LePage 10/04/13 State of Maine Seeks Bids for New Liquor Contract Gov. Paul LePage 10/03/13 Federal Shutdown Forces Additional Layoffs at Department of Defense, Veterans, and Emergency Management Gov. Paul LePage 10/02/13 Americans for Prosperity: Federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge - Governors Gov. Paul LePage 10/02/13 Maine National Guard Forced to Furlough More Than 400, Governor LePage Urges Congress to Pay Our Troops Gov. Paul LePage 10/01/13 Short-Term Shutdown Will Not Significantly Impact State Government Gov. Paul LePage 10/01/13 October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Gov. Paul LePage 9/30/13 Tax Tuesday: Sales Tax Increase Hits Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 9/27/13 Governor LePage Works to Make Maine Competitive, Liberals Insist on Status Quo Gov. Paul LePage 9/25/13 Radio Address: Welfare Expansion is Not Free Gov. Paul LePage 9/24/13 Governor LePage Proclaims "Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week" Gov. Paul LePage 9/24/13 Federal Budget Reductions Continue to Push More Welfare Costs onto Maine Taxpayers Gov. Paul LePage 9/21/13 Radio Address: Long Overdue Welfare Debt: Paying Maine Hospitals was the Right thing to do Gov. Paul LePage 9/19/13 Honoring Maine's Veteran's on POW/MIA Recognition Day Gov. Paul LePage 9/19/13 Governor LePage and First Lady LePage Welcome Mainers, Donations at Third Annual Blaine House Food Drive Gov. Paul LePage 9/18/13 Welfare Expansion is Not Free: Maine Taxpayers Would Carry the Burden Gov. Paul LePage 9/16/13 Radio Address: Welfare Reform: A Road to Economic Independence Gov. Paul LePage 9/13/13 Radio Address: Prosecution of Welfare Fraud is Increasing Gov. Paul LePage