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11/20/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Refugee Resettlements Gov. Paul LePage 9/28/15 Statement of the Governor on Lincoln Paper and Tissue Bankruptcy Gov. Paul LePage 9/11/15 Governor Orders Flags To Be Flown At Half-Staff on September 11, 2015 Gov. Paul LePage 8/31/15 Letter to Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, Health Canada - Abuse of Prescription Drugs Gov. Paul LePage 8/31/15 Letter to Stephen Ostroff, Acting Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration - Labeling Opioid Analgesics Gov. Paul LePage 8/28/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Designating Areas of the Gulf of Maine National Monuments Gov. Paul LePage 8/28/15 Letter to Susan M. Collins, Senator, Bruce L. Poliquin, Congressman, Angus S. King, Senator, and Rochelle M. Pingree, Congresswoman - President's Power Under the Antiquities Act = Gov. Paul LePage 8/25/15 Radio Address: Stronger, Safer Communities Require Public Safety and Public Health Strategies Gov. Paul LePage 8/21/15 Letter to Mike Thibodeau, President of the Maine Senate, Justin Alfred, Minority Leader of the Maine Senate, Mark Eves, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, and Kenneth Fredette, Minority Leader of the Maine House of Representatives - Promoting Business in Maine Gov. Paul LePage 8/19/15 Radio Address: High Electricity Prices Cost Mainers Good Jobs Gov. Paul LePage 8/18/15 Drug Crisis Summit Participants Announced Gov. Paul LePage 8/12/15 Radio Address: A Comprehensive Plan to Fight the Drug Crisis Starts with Critical Thinking Gov. Paul LePage 8/07/15 Radio Address: Now id the Time to Get Hydropower from Canada Gov. Paul LePage 8/07/15 Letter to Mike Thibodeau, President of the Maine Senate, and Mark Eves, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives - Ignoring Resources to Eliminate the Heroin Problem Gov. Paul LePage 8/06/15 Statement of Governor LePage on Supreme Judicial Court Decision Gov. Paul LePage 8/05/15 Governor LePage to Convene Experts to Address Maine's Drug Crisis Gov. Paul LePage 8/05/15 Letter to Mike Thibodeau, President of the Maine Senate, and Mark Eves, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives - Addressing the Heroin Problem Gov. Paul LePage 7/29/15 Radio Address: Maine is Under Attack from Drug Dealers Gov. Paul LePage 7/24/15 Governor Signs Proclamation Recognizing Maine Korean War Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 7/23/15 Governor LePage Provides Needed Funds to Non-Profit Community Organizations Gov. Paul LePage 7/22/15 Radio Address: Maine Crime Down, But Drug Trade is Growing Gov. Paul LePage 7/20/15 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff in Honor of United States Marines and Navy Officer Killed in Chattanooga Gov. Paul LePage 7/17/15 Letter to Chief Justice Saufley, Maine Supreme Judicial Court - Request for an Opinion of the Justices of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in Reference to the Maine Constitution Gov. Paul LePage 7/16/15 Letter to Members of the Legislative Council, 127th Maine Legislature - Vetoing LD 25, "An Act to Regulate Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use" Gov. Paul LePage 7/16/15 Letter to Members of the Legislative Council, 127th Maine Legislature - Veto Letter Gov. Paul LePage 7/15/15 Governor Offers Bill to Extend Deadline on Land for Maine's Future Bonds Gov. Paul LePage 7/07/15 Radio Address: Fighting for a Government Free of Fraud and Abuse Gov. Paul LePage 7/06/15 Governor Signs Critical Transportation Bond Bill to Improve Infrastructure and Create Jobs Gov. Paul LePage 6/30/15 Radio Address: Business As Usual is Not Acceptable Gov. Paul LePage 6/29/15 Letter to Members of the Legislative Council, 127th Maine Legislature - Veto Message Gov. Paul LePage 6/26/15 Financial Committee Blocks Education Funding for Maine Students Gov. Paul LePage 6/25/15 Governor Stands by His Decision to Oppose Selection of Speaker Eves to Run Charter School Gov. Paul LePage 6/23/15 Economist Bruce Williamson Takes Oath to Serve on Maine Public Utilities Commission Gov. Paul LePage 6/23/15 Democrats and Maine People's Alliance Kill Welfare Reform in Dark of Night Gov. Paul LePage 6/23/15 Radio Address: Legislators are Voting to Expand Welfare Gov. Paul LePage 6/18/15 Letter to Members of the Legislative Council, 127th Maine Legislature - Line-Item Vetoes Message Gov. Paul LePage 6/17/15 Radio Address: The Budget That Could Have Been, But is Not Gov. Paul LePage 6/16/15 Governor LePage Announces Merger of MELA and FAME Gov. Paul LePage 6/12/15 Pro-Growth Tax Reform Provides Mainers with More Opportunities Gov. Paul LePage 6/12/15 Governor Urges Lawmakers to Pass his Welfare Reform Bills Gov. Paul LePage 6/06/15 Governor Commends House Republicans for Commitment to Reduce Income Tax, Reform Welfare Gov. Paul LePage 6/04/15 Governor LePage and Veterans Recognize Destroyer Escort Day Gov. Paul LePage 6/03/15 Governor LePage Has Repeatedly Offered and Continues to Call for Tax Relief Compromise Gov. Paul LePage 6/02/15 Governor LePage Reminds Mainers Why an Income Tax Cut Matters Gov. Paul LePage 5/23/15 Regional Cooperation on Energy Infrastructure Gov. Paul LePage 5/22/15 Governor and First Lady to Pay Tribute to Maine's Veterans on Memorial Day Weekend Gov. Paul LePage 5/22/15 Governor, Republican Leaders Pledge that Tax Reform will be Included in Budget Gov. Paul LePage 5/21/15 Governor Directs Flags to be Lowered on Memorial Day Gov. Paul LePage 5/19/15 Governor LePage Designates $10,000 to Easter Seals of Maine's Military and Veterans Services Program Gov. Paul LePage 5/18/15 Governor LePage Congratulates OnProcess Technology on Expansion in Belfast Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 Taxation Committee Denies Mainers the Chance to Vote on Eliminating Income Tax Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 #SubEnergyPower Continues to Build Architecture of Abundance with a Focus on Hydropower and Natural Gas Pipelines Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 Hearing of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee - Discussion Drafts Addressing Hydropower Regulatory Modernization and FERC Process Coordination under the Natural Gas Act Gov. Paul LePage 5/06/15 Chamber of Commerce Endorses Tax Reform in Governor's Budget Gov. Paul LePage 5/06/15 Governor LePage Releases Statement on Strengthening Administrative Procedure Act Gov. Paul LePage 5/04/15 Governor LePage Urges Citizens to Contact Their Legislators about Eliminating the Income Tax Gov. Paul LePage 4/28/15 Governor Releases Statement on Bill to Limit Authority to Issue Bonds Gov. Paul LePage 4/22/15 Governor Thanks Republican Leaders for Supporting Prosperity for Maine People Gov. Paul LePage 4/21/15 The Billion Dollar Question: Will You Support Eliminating the State Income Tax? Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/15 New England Governors to Meet in Hartford April 23 to Discuss Ways to Reduce Energy Costs Gov. Paul LePage 4/16/15 Governor Says Mainers Support Eliminating the Income Tax, Top Democrat Rejects the Idea Gov. Paul LePage 4/14/15 Letter to John A. Boehner, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader - Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Gov. Paul LePage 4/10/15 Governor LePage Supports SEALSfit Program, $16,000 Allocated to the Program From Contingency Fund Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Governor Helps Promote "Best Places to Work in Maine" Program Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Radio Address: Welfare to Work Works and More Reform Makes it Better Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Governor Introduces Transformative Welfare Reform Bill Gov. Paul LePage 4/02/15 Emergency Officials Assess Flood Threat, Governor Signs Order to Assist in Response and Recovery Gov. Paul LePage 4/01/15 Fitch Affirms Maine Bond Rating, Reports Stable Outlook Gov. Paul LePage 4/01/15 Governor LePage and Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Honor Teen Mentors Gov. Paul LePage 3/27/15 Governor Takes Executive Action to Protect Funds until Legislature Makes Ruling Gov. Paul LePage 3/26/15 Governor LePage Welcomes Ohio Governor John R. Kasich to Maine Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/15 Governor LePage Relieves Adjutant General of Command of National Guard and DVEM Gov. Paul LePage 3/20/15 Governor Issues Executive Order to Amend State Workplace Policies Gov. Paul LePage 3/19/15 Radio Address: Eliminating the Income Tax Means a Pay Raise for Hardworking Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/15 Office of Tax Policy Releases Distributional Analysis of Governor's Tax Cut Plan Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/15 Letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy - Changes to National Ambient Air Quality Standards Gov. Paul LePage 3/13/15 Three Counties to Get Assistance for Snow Removal Costs during January Blizzard Gov. Paul LePage 3/11/15 Radio Address: Maple Syrup Season Starts with Blaine House Tree Tapping Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Governor Issues Statement on Keno Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Maine Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LePage Administration Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Governor Signals Beginning of Maple Syrup Season by Tapping Blaine House Tree Gov. Paul LePage 3/09/15 Governor to Hold Third Town Hall in Auburn on Wednesday Gov. Paul LePage 3/04/15 Radio Address: Here We Go Again. When Will Politicians Deal with Maine's Drug Problem? Gov. Paul LePage 3/03/15 Governor to Hold Second Town Hall in Bangor on Wednesday Gov. Paul LePage 3/02/15 Governor and First Lady LePage Release Statements on Passing of Operation Tribute Founder Marcel "Marc" Badeau Gov. Paul LePage 3/02/15 Media Advisory: Governor and Veterans to Speak on Tax-Free Military Pensions Gov. Paul LePage 2/27/15 Governor LePage Says GA Billing Demands Local Spending Reforms Gov. Paul LePage 2/26/15 Governor to Introduce Bill Addressing Attorney General's Overreach of Authority Gov. Paul LePage 2/26/15 Maine State Housing Authority Best Resource for Focus on Critical Senior Housing Needs Gov. Paul LePage 2/25/15 Radio Address: Energy costs are hurting Mainers, businesses Gov. Paul LePage 2/23/15 Governor LePage Announces Judicial Re-Appointments Gov. Paul LePage 2/20/15 Governor LePage Nominates Brian Whitney to Lead Maine Technology Institute Gov. Paul LePage 2/18/15 Governor Reminds Officials of State Emergency Resources Gov. Paul LePage 2/18/15 Radio Address: Our Plan Helps Senior Citizens Stay in Their Homes Gov. Paul LePage 2/13/15 Governor LePage Reminds Mainers to Stay Safe During Winter Storm Gov. Paul LePage 2/12/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Sign Keystone XL Pipeline into Law Gov. Paul LePage 2/09/15 Jobs for Maine's Graduates Receives Grant to Prepare More Maine Students for Careers Gov. Paul LePage 2/09/15 Governor Proclaims February Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Gov. Paul LePage 2/05/15 Governor LePage Invites Mainers to Discuss his Tax Cut Plan Gov. Paul LePage 2/04/15 Radio Address: Local Government Has Failed at Tax Reform Gov. Paul LePage