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6/12/15 Pro-Growth Tax Reform Provides Mainers with More Opportunities Gov. Paul LePage 6/12/15 Governor Urges Lawmakers to Pass his Welfare Reform Bills Gov. Paul LePage 6/06/15 Governor Commends House Republicans for Commitment to Reduce Income Tax, Reform Welfare Gov. Paul LePage 6/04/15 Governor LePage and Veterans Recognize Destroyer Escort Day Gov. Paul LePage 6/03/15 Governor LePage Has Repeatedly Offered and Continues to Call for Tax Relief Compromise Gov. Paul LePage 6/02/15 Governor LePage Reminds Mainers Why an Income Tax Cut Matters Gov. Paul LePage 5/23/15 Regional Cooperation on Energy Infrastructure Gov. Paul LePage 5/22/15 Governor, Republican Leaders Pledge that Tax Reform will be Included in Budget Gov. Paul LePage 5/22/15 Governor and First Lady to Pay Tribute to Maine's Veterans on Memorial Day Weekend Gov. Paul LePage 5/21/15 Governor Directs Flags to be Lowered on Memorial Day Gov. Paul LePage 5/19/15 Governor LePage Designates $10,000 to Easter Seals of Maine's Military and Veterans Services Program Gov. Paul LePage 5/18/15 Governor LePage Congratulates OnProcess Technology on Expansion in Belfast Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 Hearing of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee - Discussion Drafts Addressing Hydropower Regulatory Modernization and FERC Process Coordination under the Natural Gas Act Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 #SubEnergyPower Continues to Build Architecture of Abundance with a Focus on Hydropower and Natural Gas Pipelines Gov. Paul LePage 5/13/15 Taxation Committee Denies Mainers the Chance to Vote on Eliminating Income Tax Gov. Paul LePage 5/06/15 Chamber of Commerce Endorses Tax Reform in Governor's Budget Gov. Paul LePage 5/06/15 Governor LePage Releases Statement on Strengthening Administrative Procedure Act Gov. Paul LePage 5/04/15 Governor LePage Urges Citizens to Contact Their Legislators about Eliminating the Income Tax Gov. Paul LePage 4/28/15 Governor Releases Statement on Bill to Limit Authority to Issue Bonds Gov. Paul LePage 4/22/15 Governor Thanks Republican Leaders for Supporting Prosperity for Maine People Gov. Paul LePage 4/21/15 The Billion Dollar Question: Will You Support Eliminating the State Income Tax? Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/15 New England Governors to Meet in Hartford April 23 to Discuss Ways to Reduce Energy Costs Gov. Paul LePage 4/16/15 Governor Says Mainers Support Eliminating the Income Tax, Top Democrat Rejects the Idea Gov. Paul LePage 4/14/15 Letter to John A. Boehner, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader - Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Gov. Paul LePage 4/10/15 Governor LePage Supports SEALSfit Program, $16,000 Allocated to the Program From Contingency Fund Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Governor Introduces Transformative Welfare Reform Bill Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Radio Address: Welfare to Work Works and More Reform Makes it Better Gov. Paul LePage 4/06/15 Governor Helps Promote "Best Places to Work in Maine" Program Gov. Paul LePage 4/02/15 Emergency Officials Assess Flood Threat, Governor Signs Order to Assist in Response and Recovery Gov. Paul LePage 4/01/15 Fitch Affirms Maine Bond Rating, Reports Stable Outlook Gov. Paul LePage 4/01/15 Governor LePage and Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Honor Teen Mentors Gov. Paul LePage 3/27/15 Governor Takes Executive Action to Protect Funds until Legislature Makes Ruling Gov. Paul LePage 3/26/15 Governor LePage Welcomes Ohio Governor John R. Kasich to Maine Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/15 Governor LePage Relieves Adjutant General of Command of National Guard and DVEM Gov. Paul LePage 3/20/15 Governor Issues Executive Order to Amend State Workplace Policies Gov. Paul LePage 3/19/15 Radio Address: Eliminating the Income Tax Means a Pay Raise for Hardworking Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/15 Office of Tax Policy Releases Distributional Analysis of Governor's Tax Cut Plan Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/15 Letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy - Changes to National Ambient Air Quality Standards Gov. Paul LePage 3/13/15 Three Counties to Get Assistance for Snow Removal Costs during January Blizzard Gov. Paul LePage 3/11/15 Radio Address: Maple Syrup Season Starts with Blaine House Tree Tapping Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Maine Supreme Court Rules in Favor of LePage Administration Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Governor Signals Beginning of Maple Syrup Season by Tapping Blaine House Tree Gov. Paul LePage 3/10/15 Governor Issues Statement on Keno Gov. Paul LePage 3/09/15 Governor to Hold Third Town Hall in Auburn on Wednesday Gov. Paul LePage 3/04/15 Radio Address: Here We Go Again. When Will Politicians Deal with Maine's Drug Problem? Gov. Paul LePage 3/03/15 Governor to Hold Second Town Hall in Bangor on Wednesday Gov. Paul LePage 3/02/15 Governor and First Lady LePage Release Statements on Passing of Operation Tribute Founder Marcel "Marc" Badeau Gov. Paul LePage 3/02/15 Media Advisory: Governor and Veterans to Speak on Tax-Free Military Pensions Gov. Paul LePage 2/27/15 Governor LePage Says GA Billing Demands Local Spending Reforms Gov. Paul LePage 2/26/15 Governor to Introduce Bill Addressing Attorney General's Overreach of Authority Gov. Paul LePage 2/26/15 Maine State Housing Authority Best Resource for Focus on Critical Senior Housing Needs Gov. Paul LePage 2/25/15 Radio Address: Energy costs are hurting Mainers, businesses Gov. Paul LePage 2/23/15 Governor LePage Announces Judicial Re-Appointments Gov. Paul LePage 2/20/15 Governor LePage Nominates Brian Whitney to Lead Maine Technology Institute Gov. Paul LePage 2/18/15 Governor Reminds Officials of State Emergency Resources Gov. Paul LePage 2/18/15 Radio Address: Our Plan Helps Senior Citizens Stay in Their Homes Gov. Paul LePage 2/13/15 Governor LePage Reminds Mainers to Stay Safe During Winter Storm Gov. Paul LePage 2/12/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Sign Keystone XL Pipeline into Law Gov. Paul LePage 2/09/15 Jobs for Maine's Graduates Receives Grant to Prepare More Maine Students for Careers Gov. Paul LePage 2/09/15 Governor Proclaims February Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Gov. Paul LePage 2/05/15 Governor LePage Invites Mainers to Discuss his Tax Cut Plan Gov. Paul LePage 2/04/15 Radio Address: Local Government Has Failed at Tax Reform Gov. Paul LePage 2/03/15 2015 State of the State Address Gov. Paul LePage 2/03/15 2015 State of the State Address Gov. Paul LePage 1/29/15 Governor Congratulates McLean as Commissioner of Public Utilities Commission Gov. Paul LePage 1/29/15 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and Mich McConnell, Senate Majority Leader - Provide States with Greater Flexibility, Control and Authority Gov. Paul LePage 1/28/15 Radio Address: We Must All Work Together to Create Jobs Gov. Paul LePage 1/20/15 Radio Address: Smarter, Smaller Government Begins with a Plan Gov. Paul LePage 1/16/15 Governor Encourages Greater Accessibility to Broadband Internet Service, Praises ConnectME Initial Efforts Gov. Paul LePage 1/13/15 Radio Address: Budget Makes Our Government Efficient, Effective, and Affordable Gov. Paul LePage 1/13/15 Governor Releases Statement on Madison Paper Mill Layoffs Gov. Paul LePage 1/12/15 Governor Signs Order to Keep Oil Trucks on Road and Mainers Warm Gov. Paul LePage 1/12/15 Governor Signs Order to Keep Oil Trucks on Road and Mainers Warm Gov. Paul LePage 1/09/15 Governor's Budget Brings Major Tax Relief, Prioritizes Funding for Elderly and Disabled Gov. Paul LePage 1/08/15 Governor Releases Statement on Sale of Verso Paper Mill in Bucksport Gov. Paul LePage 1/07/15 2015 Inaugural Address of Governor Paul R. LePage Gov. Paul LePage 1/05/15 LePage Administration Unveils New Building with Focus on Welfare Reform Gov. Paul LePage 1/02/15 Governor LePage Nominates Richard Rosen to Serve as Commission of Finance & Administration Gov. Paul LePage 1/02/15 Radio Address: It Is Time to Take Bold Action for Maine Gov. Paul LePage 1/02/15 Governor Seeks Judicial Candidates for the Maine Courts Gov. Paul LePage 12/31/14 Maine Plans to Conform with Federal Tax Code Gov. Paul LePage 12/23/14 Radio Address: Maine's Winter Season Keeps Mainers Active and State Economy Healthy Gov. Paul LePage 12/19/14 Maine Unemployment Rate Down to 5.7 Percent Gov. Paul LePage 12/18/14 Reducing Domestic Violence Crime Remains Top Priority for Governor LePage Gov. Paul LePage 12/10/14 Radio Address: Mainers have Spoken, and We have Listened Gov. Paul LePage 12/09/14 Governor LePage Statement on Senate District 25 Recount Gov. Paul LePage 12/02/14 Radio Address: LePage Administration Committed to Distributing Free Smoke Detectors to Keep People Safe Gov. Paul LePage 12/01/14 Governor LePage to Help Kick-Off Salvation Army Kettle Campaign Gov. Paul LePage 12/01/14 Forecast Anticipates Increase in State Revenue Gov. Paul LePage 11/25/14 Governor LePage Encourages Thanksgiving Travelers to be Cautious and Safe Gov. Paul LePage 11/25/14 Radio Address: The Generosity and Spirit of Mainers Teaches an Important Lesson Gov. Paul LePage 11/24/14 Governor LePage and First Lady Collect More Than 2,000 Pounds of Food in 4th Annual Food Drive Gov. Paul LePage 11/21/14 Maine's Economy Continues Recovery Gov. Paul LePage 11/19/14 Radio Address: Getting Energy and Electricity Prices Under Control Gov. Paul LePage 11/17/14 Governor LePage Recognizes Maine Army National Guard for "Excellence in Facilities Programs" Gov. Paul LePage 11/04/14 Governor Moves to Ensure Utility Workers Responding to Power Outage Can Vote Gov. Paul LePage 11/03/14 Actions Speak Louder Than Words Gov. Paul LePage 11/02/14 Governor LePage Declares Limited Emergency to Help Restore Power Gov. Paul LePage 10/31/14 Judge Issues Order Regarding Ebola Gov. Paul LePage 10/30/14 Radio Address: Keeping Mainers Safe is Our Number-One Priority Gov. Paul LePage