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4/28/15 Governor Larry Hogan Mobilizes State Resources To Support Baltimore City Law Enforcement Response Gov. Larry Hogan 4/27/15 Statement From Governor Larry Hogan On Violence In Baltimore City Gov. Larry Hogan 4/27/15 Governor Larry Hogan To Sign Bills Driving Economic Development And Job Creation Gov. Larry Hogan 4/24/15 Governor Hogan to Sign Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Community Relations, and Tort Bills Into Law Gov. Larry Hogan 4/21/15 Governor Hogan Launches New Initiatives to Maximize Resources and Results for Maryland's Children, Youth, and Families Gov. Larry Hogan 4/20/15 Governor Larry Hogan Attends Thompson Creek Groundbreaking Gov. Larry Hogan 4/14/15 Governor Hogan Signs 121 Bills Into Law Gov. Larry Hogan 4/09/15 Governor Hogan Addresses Underfunded Pension Liability to Ensure Fiscal Responsibility Gov. Larry Hogan 4/06/15 Governor Hogan Issues Executive Order Extending Maryland General Assembly Session Gov. Larry Hogan 4/02/15 Governor Hogan Introduces Second Supplemental Budget Gov. Larry Hogan 3/30/15 Governor Hogan, Governor Haslam Announce Friendly Wager on Maryland--Tennessee Women's Basketball Game Gov. Larry Hogan 3/26/15 Governor Hogan Announces Supplemental Budget Supporting Maryland State Police Gov. Larry Hogan 3/25/15 Governor Hogan Celebrates Maryland Day At Cove Point, MGM Events Gov. Larry Hogan 3/25/15 Governor Larry Hogan Celebrates Maryland Day Gov. Larry Hogan 3/23/15 Gov. Hogan Meets Maryland Congressional Delegation, Discusses Federal Priorities Gov. Larry Hogan 2/24/15 Governor Hogan, Lt. Governor Rutherford Establish Maryland Heroin And Opioid Task Force And Coordinating Council Gov. Larry Hogan 2/24/15 Governor Hogan, Members Of Maryland Congressional Delegation Support FBI Relocation To Prince George's County Gov. Larry Hogan 2/23/15 Governor Hogan Releases Enhanced Phosphorus Management Tool Regulations Gov. Larry Hogan 2/20/15 Governor Hogan Submits 331 "Green Bag" Appointments Gov. Larry Hogan 2/18/15 Governor Hogan Announces Tax Relief For Small Businesses Gov. Larry Hogan 2/18/15 Governor Hogan, Lt. Governor Rutherford Announce Public Charter School Expansion Legislation Gov. Larry Hogan 2/17/15 Governor Larry Hogan Appoints William M. Pallozzi As Superintendent Of Maryland State Police Gov. Larry Hogan 2/13/15 Governor Hogan Announces Mark J. Belton As Natural Resources Secretary Gov. Larry Hogan 2/12/15 Governor Larry Hogan Announces Tax Relief For Veterans Gov. Larry Hogan 2/11/15 Governor Larry Hogan Announces Additional Members Of Administration Gov. Larry Hogan 2/10/15 Governor Larry Hogan Announces Legislation To Repeal "Rain Tax" Gov. Larry Hogan 2/04/15 Governor Hogan Unveils Tax Relief Measures Gov. Larry Hogan 2/04/15 Governor Hogan Introduces Supplemental Budget And New Legislation To Fund Transportation Gov. Larry Hogan 2/04/15 State of the State Address Gov. Larry Hogan 2/04/15 Governor Hogan Legislative Agenda Aims For Greater Education Equality Gov. Larry Hogan 2/03/15 Governor Hogan Issues Executive Order On Judicial Nominating Commissions Gov. Larry Hogan 1/29/15 Governor Larry Hogan Names Benjamin H. Wu DBED Deputy Secretary Gov. Larry Hogan 1/22/15 Governor Larry Hogan Announces FY 2016 Budget Gov. Larry Hogan 1/21/15 Inaugural Address -- Governor Larry Hogan Gov. Larry Hogan 1/21/15 Governor Larry Hogan Issues First Executive Order to Maintain Ethical Standards in Executive Branch Gov. Larry Hogan 11/01/14 Hogan Campaign Calls on Maryland State Board of Elections to Take Vote-Flipping Incidents Seriously Gov. Larry Hogan 10/31/14 Hogan-Rutherford Endorsed by the Maryland Retired Veterans Task Force Gov. Larry Hogan 10/24/14 Lt. Gov. Brown's "Efficiency Plan" Calls for Eliminating State Employees Gov. Larry Hogan 10/23/14 WBAL: "Comptroller Peter Franchot Calls for Accountability with Health Exchange Spending" Gov. Larry Hogan 10/23/14 Lt. Gov. Brown's "Efficiency Plan" Hikes Tuition for Community College Students and Slashes Funding for Scholarships and Financial Aid Gov. Larry Hogan 10/22/14 Lt. Gov. Brown's "Efficiency Plan" Includes Proposed Elimination of School Breakfast Funding Gov. Larry Hogan 10/22/14 Hogan Campaign Releases Two Ads, "Heather," and "Kandie" Gov. Larry Hogan 10/22/14 Larry Hogan Returns to Wicomico and Talbot Counties Today to Talk Economy; Eastern Shore Has Lost Jobs and Businesses Faster Than the Rest of the State Gov. Larry Hogan 10/18/14 Hogan to Brown: You Do Not Deserve a Promotion Gov. Larry Hogan 10/17/14 Anthony Brown Tax Hikes Will Cost Marylanders an Additional $10 Billion by 2018 Gov. Larry Hogan 10/16/14 Maryland Reporter Decries State Health Exchange's "Historical Record of Obfuscation" Gov. Larry Hogan 10/16/14 Lt. Gov. Brown Doubles Down on Costly Purple Line Gov. Larry Hogan 10/16/14 National GOP Leaders Come Out Strong for Hogan Gov. Larry Hogan 10/14/14 Hogan Campaign Statement on Bechtel Plan to Move "Substantial" Number of Maryland Employees to Virginia Gov. Larry Hogan 10/13/14 In Second Debate, Hogan Holds Brown Accountable for Failed Economy, Healthcare Exchange Gov. Larry Hogan 10/12/14 Maryland Reporter - Hogan Says Brown Is Stealing His Message as Race Tightens Gov. Larry Hogan 10/11/14 Washington Post - Taxes Emerging as Dominant Issue in Md. Gubernatorial Race Gov. Larry Hogan 10/10/14 Lt. Gov. Brown Boasts about His Botched Health Exchange; $288 Million Was Wasted on Website Gov. Larry Hogan 10/09/14 Baltimore Sun - Hogan Gains Endorsement of Small-Business Group Gov. Larry Hogan 10/09/14 Hogan Campaign Releases Newest Statewide Ad, "Working for Maryland" Gov. Larry Hogan 10/09/14 Baltimore Sun - Hogan: Party Loyalty Can Demand Too Much Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 Baltimore Sun - Hogan Hedges Opposition to Red, Purple Lines Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 Washington Post - Despite Brown's Pledge, Gas Taxes Still Expected to Rise if He's Elected Governor Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 CBS Baltimore - Md. Gubernatorial Candidates Go Head-To-Head On Taxes Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 Washington Times - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Hogan Gaining Momentum in Deep-Blue Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 Washington Post - Hogan Knocks Debate Moderators for Not Asking about Maryland Health Exchange Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 Brown to Raise Our Gas Tax -- Again Gov. Larry Hogan 10/08/14 WBAL - Anthony Brown, Larry Hogan Spar in First Gubernatorial Debate Gov. Larry Hogan 10/07/14 Hogan Emerges as Clear Winner in First Debate Gov. Larry Hogan 10/07/14 WJZ, Baltimore Sun Ignore $288 Million Anthony Brown Healthcare Boondoggle in First Gubernatorial Debate Gov. Larry Hogan 10/06/14 On Eve of First General Election Debate, Hogan Demands Answers from a "Radio Silent" Brown Gov. Larry Hogan 10/02/14 WBAL - Poll: Md. Voters Deeply Concerned about Economy Gov. Larry Hogan 10/02/14 Democratic Comptroller of Maryland, Peter Franchot, Estimates State Property Tax Will Be Raised 67 Percent to Pay for State Debt Gov. Larry Hogan 10/02/14 Hogan Releases Latest Ad, "Deserve Better;" Says Brown's Negative Campaign Has Backfired; Race is About the Economy Gov. Larry Hogan 10/01/14 "Women for Hogan" Rally Remarks Gov. Larry Hogan 10/01/14 CBS Baltimore - Md. Gubernatorial Candidates to Face Tough Economy Gov. Larry Hogan 10/01/14 Star Democrat - Hogan Promises 'Open Ear' to Eastern Shore Gov. Larry Hogan 9/30/14 Where in the World Is Anthony Brown? Gov. Larry Hogan 9/28/14 Farmers and Watermen Turn Out in Force for Hogan-Rutherford; 1,500 Attend Harvesters for Hogan Event in Cambridge Gov. Larry Hogan 9/26/14 In Rare TV Interview, Reclusive Anthony Brown Mocks Questions About His Record as "Silly Season" Comments Gov. Larry Hogan 9/26/14 Hogan's Daughter Speaks Out Against Brown's Lies in Latest TV Ad Gov. Larry Hogan 9/26/14 Star Democrat - Hogan Visits Washington College Gov. Larry Hogan 9/26/14 CBS Baltimore - Md. Gubernatorial Candidates Vie For The Support Of Women Voters Gov. Larry Hogan 9/25/14 Hogan at Press Conference: "Clear Violation of Federal and State Law by the O'Malley-Brown Administration and by Brown-Ulman Campaign for Governor" Gov. Larry Hogan 9/24/14 Hogan: $405 Million Revenue Shortfall "Utterly Devastating;" Reflects Overtaxed Maryland Families and Businesses Struggling to Make Ends Meet Gov. Larry Hogan 9/24/14 Maryland Fire Chiefs Association Endorses Larry Hogan; Says He Is the Candidate Who Will "Fight Tirelessly to Protect the Citizens of Our State" Gov. Larry Hogan 9/23/14 Capital Gazette - Hogan Following Ehrlich's 2002 Campaign Playbook Gov. Larry Hogan 9/23/14 Hogan Denounces Lt. Governor's Latest Round of Dishonest Attack Ads Gov. Larry Hogan 9/23/14 My Eastern Shore MD - Harvesters for Hogan set for Sept. 28 in Cambridge Gov. Larry Hogan 9/22/14 Hogan Campaign Releases Latest Ad, 'Backwards;' Slams Brown for Failed Economic Policies Gov. Larry Hogan 9/19/14 Larry Hogan Responds to Latest Jobs Report; Blames Md.'s Poor Jobs Numbers on Failed O'Malley-Brown Policies Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 WMAR - GOP Larry Hogan Blast Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown Over Camapign Ads Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 CBS Baltimore - Hogan Refutes Ads, Calls Brown's Campaign Dishonest Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 Washington Post - Hogan Accuses Brown of Running "Dishonest' Ads that Distort His Record Gov. Larry Hogan 9/17/14 Baltimore Sun - New Jersey Gov. Christie Comes to Maryland for Hogan Gov. Larry Hogan 9/17/14 Baltimore Sun - Governor Candidates Are on Separate Tracks Gov. Larry Hogan 9/17/14 RGA Chairman Christie Raises Over $400K for Larry Hogan at Bethesda Event; Says Hogan Can Win in November Gov. Larry Hogan 9/13/14 Baltimore Sun - Larry Hogan Sheds Pounds on Campaign Trail Gov. Larry Hogan 9/12/14 Hogan Campaign Debuts Latest TV Ad, "Weak Leadership;" Slams Anthony Brown for Health Exchange Failure Gov. Larry Hogan 9/12/14 At MML, Hogan Hammers O'Malley-Brown Administration for Mismanagement, Stagnant Economic Growth, and Undue Burden on Municipalities Gov. Larry Hogan 9/10/14 Washington Post - Md. GOP Nominee Hogan Urges Students at Bowie State Not to Vote Based on Skin Color Gov. Larry Hogan 9/09/14 The Star Democrat - Hogan Campaigns in Cambridge Gov. Larry Hogan 9/08/14 The Star Democrat - Hogan Positive About Election Chances Gov. Larry Hogan 9/02/14 RGA Chair Christie to Headline Fundraiser for Larry Hogan Gov. Larry Hogan 8/23/14 Washington Post - Hogan Demands TV Stations Take Down Ad Saying He Supported "Massive' Tuition Hikes Gov. Larry Hogan