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12/13/16 Secretary Jewell Announces Milestones to Spur Renewable Energy and Transmission in the West Sally Jewell 12/12/16 Secretary Jewell, Governor Mead Protect Key Land in Grand Teton National Park Sally Jewell 11/17/16 Price Acts to Stop Obama Administration's Last-Minute Regulatory Oppression Thomas Price 11/16/16 HUD Returns Lafayette's Housing Authority to Local Control Julián Castro 11/16/16 Secretary Jewell, Senator Tester, Blackfeet Nation and Devon Energy Announce Cancellation of Oil & Gas Leases in Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest Sally Jewell 10/13/16 Price Congratulates Olens and Carr on Recent Appointments Thomas Price 9/21/16 Secretary Jewell, Governor Hickenlooper Celebrate Unprecedented Collaborative Conservation Effort for Greater Sage-Grouse Sally Jewell 9/16/16 Letter to the Hon. Sally Yates, Department of Justice - Protect Nearly 500 Jobs in Georgia Thomas Price 8/25/16 US Department of Labor Announces Final Rule on State Payroll Deduction Ira Accounts Thomas Perez 7/29/16 Sessions: DOJ Inspector General Finds Sanctuary Jurisdiction Policies Violate Federal Law Jefferson Sessions 7/22/16 Letter to James Inhofe, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works - McCain Cosigns Letter Requesting Markup of Ozone Standards Implementation Act Jefferson Sessions 7/18/16 ecretary Jewell, Under Secretary Bonnie Join Utah Local Leaders at Public Meeting to Hear Community Visions for Public Lands Conservation Sally Jewell 6/19/16 Mike Pence 6/06/16 Obama Administration Names Final Round of Promise Zone Communities Thomas Vilsack 6/06/16 Obama Administration Names Final Round of Promise Zone Communities Julián Castro 6/01/16 Gov. Mike Pence: Elkhart has rebounded in spite of Obama's policies Mike Pence 4/19/16 Ahead of Earth Day, USDA Announces Clean Water and Environmental Projects for 60 Rural Communities Thomas Vilsack 4/13/16 As Peabody Coal Files for Bankruptcy, Hillary Clinton Supporter John Gregg Still Mum on Her War on Indiana Coal Jobs Mike Pence 4/06/16 Elkhart's economic recovery sparked by Republican leadership, not President Obama, Mike Pence says Mike Pence 3/30/16 Plan To End Homelessness Receives National Planning Award Julián Castro 3/23/16 Labor Department Announces Up To $15M To Aid Recovery Effort Following The Water Contamination Crisis In Flint, Michigan Thomas Perez 3/15/16 Letter to Chairman Ken Calvert and Ranking member Betty McCollum of the Subcommittee on Interior and Environment Appropriations and Chairman Mike Simpson and Ranking Member Marcy Kaptur of the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Appropriations - Prohibit the Final Adoption of the Flawed Waters of the US Rule Michael Mulvaney 1/21/16 Sessions Comments on WOTUS Rule After Veto Override is Blocked Jefferson Sessions 1/06/16 Price Statement on President's 2nd Amendment Executive Actions Thomas Price 11/19/15 Governor Pence Pens Op-ed Regarding Suspension of Indiana Syrian Refugee Program Mike Pence 11/10/15 Governor Pence Statement on Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals' Ruling on President's Executive Action on Immigration Mike Pence 11/09/15 Governor Pence Hails Halt to Federal Overreach in Waters of the United States Regulation Mike Pence 10/23/15 Letter to Joseph Pizarchik, Director of Office of Surface Mining - Opposition to Federal Mining Rule Mike Pence 10/23/15 Governor Pence Opposes EPA's Carbon Dioxide Regulations Mike Pence 10/22/15 Governor Pence Announces Advance Payment to Unemployment Insurance Loan Mike Pence 10/09/15 Governor Pence Directs Additional Funding for Secured School Safety Grant Program Mike Pence 10/07/15 Letter to Andrew Vasquez, Regional Director of FEMA - Denial of Disaster relief request Mike Pence 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate Pres. Donald Trump 9/14/15 FEMA Denies Indiana's Assistance Request; Governor Directs Homeland Security to Appeal Mike Pence 9/02/15 State's Request for Secretarial Disaster Declaration Approved in 8 Counties Mike Pence 8/06/15 FOX News/Facebook - Transcript: 2015 Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Pres. Donald Trump 8/03/15 Governor Pence Issues Statement on Carbon Dioxide Regulations Mike Pence 7/07/15 Secretary Jewell Underscores Commitment to Guam During First Official Visit to U.S. Territory Sally Jewell 6/25/15 Secretary Jewell Announces $405 Million in PILT Payments to Support Vital Services in Rural Communities Sally Jewell 6/23/15 Rep. Mulvaney Releases Statement on Confederate Flag Michael Mulvaney 6/18/15 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Donald Trump on what made him run for president on Pres. Donald Trump 4/28/15 WRHI - Mulvaney: Keep Cops' Body Camera Discussion Out of Washington Michael Mulvaney 2/13/15 Price Applauds Bipartisan Tax Measures -- Challenges Obama Thomas Price 1/29/15 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and Mich McConnell, Senate Majority Leader - Provide States with Greater Flexibility, Control and Authority Mike Pence 1/29/15 Governor Pence Leads Multi-Governor Letter to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell; Letter Encourages Congress to Provide States with Greater Flexibility, Control and Authority Mike Pence 1/05/15 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Georgia Congressmen Side with Lawsuit Against Obama's Immigration Plan Thomas Price 12/23/14 Energy Secretary Moniz and Nevada Governor Sandoval Formalize Working Group to Advance Shared Interests at Nevada National Security Site Ernest Moniz 10/23/14 Pence Joins Fellow Governors in Opposing EPA's Proposed Rule to Redefine "Waters of the United States" Mike Pence 10/17/14 Develop Pre-K the Indiana Way Mike Pence 9/26/14 Attorney General Holder, Secretary Jewell Announce $554 Million Settlement of Tribal Trust Accounting and Management Lawsuit Filed by Navajo Nation Sally Jewell 9/09/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Promoting a Reliable, Affordable Energy Policy Mike Pence 9/09/14 Indiana Leads Effort to Halt Proposed EPA Carbon Dioxide Regulations Mike Pence 8/13/14 Sessions: With Executive Amnesty Drawing Near, Public Needs to Ask Where Their Senators Stand Jefferson Sessions 8/08/14 Sessions Applauds House Passage of Legislation to Halt President's Unlawful Executive Amnesty Jefferson Sessions 8/05/14 Immigration Policy Jefferson Sessions 7/31/14 Sessions Says Congress Must Fight Executive Amnesty: 'This Cannot Stand. It Will Not Stand.' Jefferson Sessions 7/31/14 Sessions Announces Opposition to Both House and Senate Border Legislation Jefferson Sessions 7/29/14 Sessions: House Leaders' Border Package 'Surrender to a Lawless President' Jefferson Sessions 7/28/14 Sessions Warns Obama Not to Move Forward with Illegal Executive Amnesty Jefferson Sessions 6/17/14 Secretary Jewell Announces $436.9 Million in PILT Payments to Support Vital Services in Rural Communities Sally Jewell 5/18/14 The Sumter Item - Mulvaney Tells Kiwanis Nation's Institutions Have Broken Down Michael Mulvaney 1/22/14 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Delivers Remarks at U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting Penny Pritzker 1/17/14 Gov. Beshear, Congressman Rogers Issue SOAR Summit Report; Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Regional StrikeForce Thomas Vilsack 12/18/13 Interior Announces First Purchase Offers to Facilitate Cobell Land Consolidation Efforts Sally Jewell 9/10/13 Secretary Jewell Applauds President Obama's Intent to Nominate Esther Kia'aina to Serve as Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Sally Jewell 5/11/13 Governor Pence Signs Legislation Reforming Marion County Government Mike Pence 4/25/12 Pence: "Hoosier Taxpayers Have a Right to Know How Their Money is Spent" Mike Pence 12/07/11 Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2011 Mike Pence 9/15/11 Congressional Working Group Releases Investigative Report on Unsustainable CLASS Act Jefferson Sessions 7/28/11 Blog: White House Roundtable Meeting with Rural Leaders Thomas Vilsack 7/06/11 Visclosky, Pence Introduce Coats Bill in House to Protect Northwest Indiana Jobs, Economy Mike Pence 6/16/11 Politico - Repeal Witholding of Small Business Payments Michael Mulvaney 5/03/11 Termination Would Remove "Blank Check" Authority from HHS Secretary Mike Pence 3/11/11 The Washington Times - Pence Op-Ed: Ensure Limited-Government Victory by Empowering States Mike Pence 11/29/10 Pence Speech to Detroit Economic Club Mike Pence 8/12/10 Sessions Calls for "Strong, Sustained' Action on Border Security Jefferson Sessions 7/18/10 Pence Discusses Health Care, Financial Regulatory Reform on MSNBC Mike Pence 7/17/10 Pence on FOX News Sunday Mike Pence 7/08/10 USDA Announces Effort to Improve Access to Private Land for Recreation Thomas Vilsack 5/06/10 Price: "These Stolen Powers Must Be Relinquished" Thomas Price 5/02/10 NBC "Meet The Press" - Transcript Mike Pence 2/24/10 Let's Preserve The Richness Of Hawaii Mike Pence 11/07/09 Affordable Health Care For America Act Mike Pence 11/04/09 Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 3639, Expedited Card Reform For Consumers Act Of 2009 Mike Pence 11/02/09 The Pelosi Plan For The Government Takeover Of Health Care Mike Pence 10/29/09 Pence: Democrat Health Care Bill A "freight Train Of Mandates, Taxes And Bureaucracy" Mike Pence 10/28/09 Health Care Mike Pence 1/08/09 Stimulus Package Thomas Price 1/07/09 Fox News "Hannity and Colmes" - Transcript Jefferson Sessions 7/31/08 Pence Calls For Special Session On Energy Mike Pence 10/24/07 Hearing of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs - U.S. Policy in the Middle East Mike Pence 10/19/07 Pence, Republican House Leaders Announce Discharge Petition to Ban the Fairness Doctrine Mike Pence 10/18/07 Free Flow of Information Act of 2007 Mike Pence 4/19/07 District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007 Mike Pence 2/06/07 Pence Calls on Congress to Heed Seperation of Powers During Iraq Debate Mike Pence 7/10/06 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight - Transcript Mike Pence 6/10/06 Wall Street Journal Editorial: A Middle Ground on Immigration Mike Pence 5/31/06 Rep. Price: "Sen. Baucus – Don't Commit Highway Robbery" Thomas Price 5/23/06 Pence Plan: A Draft of No Amnesty Immigration Reform Mike Pence 5/19/06 Statement from Governor Vilsack on US House of Representatives Budget Resolution Thomas Vilsack

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