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8/22/13 Clyde Holloway Enters Fifth District Congressional Race Clyde Holloway 2/01/11 Governor Jindal & AG Caldwell: Feinberg Claims Process Needs Judicial Supervision to Ensure Fairness James Caldwell 6/16/10 Fox News "Your World with Neil Cavuto" - Transcript John Kennedy 10/29/08 The Times-Picayune - Health Plans Call for Big Changes John Kennedy 10/29/08 The News Store - Kennedy Promises Consistent Conservative Voice John Kennedy 10/29/08 KSLA - Senate Candidate Kennedy Visits Shreveport John Kennedy 10/24/08 The Advocate - Candidates Differ on Key Issues John Kennedy 10/23/08 The Advocate - Landrieu, Kennedy Battle Over Tactics, Iraq, Abortion in Debate John Kennedy 10/23/08 The Times-Picayune - Candidates Defend Negative Advertising John Kennedy 10/22/08 The Associated Press - Landrieu, Kennedy Face Off in Final Senate Debate John Kennedy 10/20/08 Baton Rouge Business Report - A More Imperfect Union John Kennedy 10/19/08 The Thibodaux Daily Comet - Kennedy Casts Himself as Agent of Change John Kennedy 10/16/08 The Associated Press - Kennedy Changes Approach in Debate Against Landrieu John Kennedy 10/16/08 The Times-Picayune - Senate Hopefuls Turn to Money Matters in Debate John Kennedy 10/16/08 Advocate Capitol News Bureau - Kennedy, Landrieu Spar in N.O. John Kennedy 10/14/08 The Advertiser - Kennedy Stumps at Local Grocery Store John Kennedy 10/13/08 The Times-Picayune - U.S. Senate Race: John Kennedy is Outspoken and Persistent John Kennedy 10/13/08 The Advertiser - Kennedy Courts Small Businesses John Kennedy 10/13/08 The Advocate - U.S. Senate Candidates Debate Iraq, Health Care John Kennedy 10/12/08 Gannett - Kennedy: Washington is Mess; I Think I Can Do Better John Kennedy 10/08/08 The Shreveport Times - Kennedy: Bailout Wasn't the Only Solution to Economic Woes John Kennedy 9/11/08 Kennedy Statement On Seventh Anniversary Of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks John Kennedy 8/12/08 Associated Press - Sen. Landrieu's Name Removed from Obama Fundraiser John Kennedy 8/01/08 Kennedy Statement on Landrieu Energy Plan: "More Talk, No Action" John Kennedy 7/28/08 The Independent - Senate Candidates Spar Over Oil Legislation John Kennedy 7/25/08 Associated Press - Western Oil Shale Becomes Issue in La. Senate Race John Kennedy 7/13/08 KATC - Analysis: Kennedy Switches in Second Senate Bid John Kennedy 7/09/08 Ouachita Citizen - Kennedy Announces for Senate at West Monroe Rally John Kennedy 6/09/08 Houma Courier - Money Should go Toward State Priorities John Kennedy 9/24/07 - Campbell Has Tenacious, Straight-Spoken Approach Foster Campbell 9/21/07 - Letter: Campbell Derides Oil Group Claim Foster Campbell 9/18/07 The Times - Picayune - Demo Touting Fee on Oil, Gas Processing Foster Campbell 9/13/07 The Advocate - LFT Backs Campbell Foster Campbell 9/11/07 Campbell Cites New PSC Rule Preventing Cutoffs During Heat Waves Foster Campbell 8/31/07 Campbell Pledges to Make LSU Hospital in New Orleans a Reality Foster Campbell 8/29/07 The Independent Weekly - The Populist Foster Campbell 8/27/07 Foster Campbell Pledges-And Delivers-On Ethics Reform in Politics Foster Campbell 8/24/07 Thibodeaux Daily Comet - Tax Foreign Oil, Not State Residents, Governor Candidate Says Foster Campbell 8/06/07 11 O'Clock Saturday Morning: Do You Know Where Your Candidate Is? Foster Campbell 8/03/07 - Campbell Argues to Eliminate Income Tax Foster Campbell 7/31/07 - Show Me Your Creds! Foster Campbell 7/25/07 Campbell on Tax-Cut Vetoes: "I'll Provide Much More Tax Relief" Foster Campbell 7/25/07 Campbell Calls for Debates; Calls Out Jindal Foster Campbell 7/05/07 Foster Campbell Pledges Ethics Reform When Elected Governor Foster Campbell 6/21/07 The Times Picayune - Insist on Striking a Better Deal with Oil Industry Foster Campbell 6/14/07 Concordia Sentinel - Campbell Campaigns for Governor in Concordia Foster Campbell 9/06/02 Foster Campbell: "Bring PSC to North Louisana Foster Campbell Kennedy Statement on Landrieu's Latest False Ad John Kennedy John Kennedy Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Second Amendment Rights John Kennedy Kennedy for U.S. Senate Reports $1.4 Million in Total Receipts for The First Quarter John Kennedy About John John Kennedy Statement on Today's Vote by Mary Landrieu Blocking OCS Legislation John Kennedy The Louisiana Associated Press - Western Oil Shale Becomes Issue in La. Senate Race John Kennedy Kennedy Statement on Offshore Drilling Ban John Kennedy Kennedy Statement on Governor Jindal's Pay Raise Veto John Kennedy Kennedy Statement on President Bush's Decision to Extend Louisiana's Levee Repayment Plan John Kennedy Kennedy Campaign Launches First TV Ad: "Brown Bag" John Kennedy John Kennedy on Supreme Court Ruling: "Morally Reprehensible" John Kennedy Kennedy Statement on Senate Bailout Bill John Kennedy The Shreveport Times - Kennedy Talks Financial Crisis in Shreveport John Kennedy Issue Position: National Security John Kennedy Issue Position: Economy John Kennedy Issue Position: Healthcare John Kennedy Issue Position: Coastal Erosion John Kennedy Issues Foster Campbell Issue Position: Values John Kennedy Issue Position: Education John Kennedy Issue Position: Energy John Kennedy Issue Position: Immigration John Kennedy