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11/21/14 Governor Statement on Delaware Setting Jobs Record Gov. Jack Markell 11/21/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Strengthening the Economy by Supporting Small Businesses Gov. Jack Markell 11/20/14 Sussex County Teen Represents Delaware during "One-Millionth JAG Student" Event in Washington, D.C. Gov. Jack Markell 11/14/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Financial Empowerment Redirects Focus at Early Learning Centers Gov. Jack Markell 11/07/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Strengthening Economic Opportunities for our Veterans Gov. Jack Markell 11/05/14 Schools Make Gains, Exit Turnaround Programs Gov. Jack Markell 11/05/14 Employers to Save Hundreds Per Employee over Next Two Years as UI Trust Fund Completes Accelerated Loan Repayment Gov. Jack Markell 10/31/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Continued Focus on Job Growth and Strengthening the Economy Gov. Jack Markell 10/29/14 Delaware Update on Ebola Prevention and Preparation Gov. Jack Markell 10/28/14 Governor Announces Expansion of Addiction Treatment Services Gov. Jack Markell 10/24/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Supporting Great Educators Who Strengthen Our Schools Gov. Jack Markell 10/23/14 The News Journal - An Education Solution That's Plain to See Gov. Jack Markell 10/23/14 Sen. Coons, Gov. Markell, WNBA Superstar Elena Delle Donne Launch Vision To Learn Delaware Gov. Jack Markell 10/22/14 Delaware Small Business Summit to Detail New Opportunities Gov. Jack Markell 10/17/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Volunteer Efforts Increase Quality of Life for All Gov. Jack Markell 10/16/14 Governor Markell Tours Jazz Court Apartments Gov. Jack Markell 10/16/14 Governor Announces UD, DSU Will Waive Application Fees for Delaware Students Gov. Jack Markell 10/16/14 Governor Markell Signs New Bill to Enable DNREC to Issue Low-Numbered Surf Fishing Vehicle Plates Gov. Jack Markell 10/15/14 Delaware Libraries Launch Inspiration Spaces Gov. Jack Markell 10/14/14 Governor Signs Bill to Strengthen, Modernize Mental Health Laws Gov. Jack Markell 10/10/14 Governor Markell Reminds All Delawareans to Get a Flu Vaccination Gov. Jack Markell 10/10/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Ensuring Students Start School Ready for Success Gov. Jack Markell 10/09/14 Delaware Earns Universal Triple-A Marks from Credit Rating Agencies Gov. Jack Markell 10/09/14 Governor to Address Employment Opportunities for Young People with Disabilities as Part of Disability Mentoring Day Gov. Jack Markell 10/09/14 Governor Jack Markell, Senator Coons and Other Public Officials Join Ingerman for Groundbreaking at Newark, Delaware's Alder Creek Gov. Jack Markell 10/07/14 State of Delaware Announces Class for State Employees on Employing People with Disabilities Gov. Jack Markell 10/06/14 Governor Markell Signs Three Bills to Help Spur Brownfields Development, While Safeguarding Delaware's Groundwater and Protecting Public Health Gov. Jack Markell 10/06/14 Drug Diversion Court's Twenty Years of Success Recognized at Graduation Ceremony Gov. Jack Markell 10/03/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Addressing Drug Addiction Through Support, Treatment Gov. Jack Markell 9/28/14 Owens Station Shooting Sports & Hunter Education Center Dedicated as Downstate State-Owned Facility Gov. Jack Markell 9/26/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Preparing Students for Post-Secondary Education Success Gov. Jack Markell 9/25/14 Governor Creates Community Advisory Group to Support Wilmington Students Gov. Jack Markell 9/24/14 Governor's Signature Supports Delaware's Volunteer Emergency Responders Gov. Jack Markell 9/23/14 K12, Higher Education Partner in Delaware to Reduce College Remediation Rates Gov. Jack Markell 9/19/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Supporting Students' Emotional and Academic Growth Gov. Jack Markell 9/17/14 Delaware Children's Department Awarded $4M Federal LAUNCH Grant Gov. Jack Markell 9/16/14 Businesses Selected for Project Pop-Up 2014 Gov. Jack Markell 9/12/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Growing the Economy by Meeting Delawareans' Housing Needs Gov. Jack Markell 9/10/14 Governor Markell Named to National Governors Association Education and Workforce Committee Gov. Jack Markell 9/08/14 Delaware State Housing Authority Releases Delaware Housing Needs Assessment 2015-2020 Gov. Jack Markell 9/08/14 Governor Statement on Investigation of Attack on Young Man with Developmental Disability Gov. Jack Markell 9/05/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Helping Students Transition to College or Career Gov. Jack Markell 9/04/14 Governor Markell, DOE Announce Effort to Improve Dramatically Lowest-Performing Schools Gov. Jack Markell 9/03/14 Governor Signs Bill to Accelerate, Enhance School Safety Efforts Gov. Jack Markell 9/02/14 Governor Launches Senior Class Tour to Help Students Transition to College or Career Gov. Jack Markell 9/02/14 Governor Markell Signs Bill Declassifying and Updating Fines for Certain Hunting, Fishing and Boating Offenses Gov. Jack Markell 8/29/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Motivating Students to Succeed Gov. Jack Markell 8/27/14 Governor Signs Legislation Enabling Changes in Investment Funding for the Delaware Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund Gov. Jack Markell 8/25/14 Governor's Signature Implements Sudden Cardiac Arrest Precautions for Student Athletes Gov. Jack Markell 8/22/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Creating Healthier Communities Through Nurse-Family Partnership Gov. Jack Markell 8/20/14 Delaware's AmeriCorps Program to Mark 20 Years of Volunteerism with Sept.12 Celebration Gov. Jack Markell 8/15/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Preventing Gun Violence While Strengthening Delaware Cities Gov. Jack Markell 8/13/14 Governor Markell Announces Gun Investigations Unit at State Police Gov. Jack Markell 8/08/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Spurring Economic Activity Through Downtown Development Districts Gov. Jack Markell 8/04/14 Governor Markell Signs Bill Authorizing Law Enforcement to Carry, Administer Anti-Overdose Medication Gov. Jack Markell 8/01/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Strengthening our Education System by Better Supporting our Teachers Gov. Jack Markell 7/31/14 Governor Markell Signs Legislation to Strengthen Animal Welfare Laws Gov. Jack Markell 7/29/14 Governor Markell Testifies in Support of EPA Plan to Cut Power Plant Emissions Gov. Jack Markell 7/28/14 Delaware Division of the Arts invests $2.9 million in the arts sector for Fiscal Year 2015 Gov. Jack Markell 7/25/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Creating Economic Opportunity While Preserving our Past Gov. Jack Markell 7/24/14 USDA and State of Delaware Increase Incentives for Delaware Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Gov. Jack Markell 7/23/14 Governor Jack Markell signs House Bill 310 to create Fort DuPont Redevelopment and Preservation Corporation Gov. Jack Markell 7/22/14 Governor Signs Bills to Increase Transparency in Political Process Gov. Jack Markell 7/18/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Strengthening Our Economy Through Technology and Innovation Gov. Jack Markell 7/17/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Harry Reid, Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader; Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader - Export-Import Bank Gov. Jack Markell 7/15/14 Governor's Signature Signals Progress in Push to Spur Entrepreneurship and Innovation Gov. Jack Markell 7/11/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Giving Every Delawarean a Fair Shot Gov. Jack Markell 7/09/14 Governor Signs Criminal Justice Reforms into Law Gov. Jack Markell 7/03/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Ensuring Economic Opportunity For All Delawareans Gov. Jack Markell 7/02/14 Governor Announces Release of Draft Downtown Development District Application Gov. Jack Markell 7/02/14 Delaware Beaches Again Land Distinction as No. 1 in Nation Gov. Jack Markell 7/01/14 Governor Signs Balanced Budget Expanding Economic Opportunity Gov. Jack Markell 6/27/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Expanding Broadband Access to Strengthen Our Economy Gov. Jack Markell 6/26/14 Campaign Finance Transparency Law Passes General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/26/14 Governor Signs Four-Bill FOIA Package Gov. Jack Markell 6/26/14 Final Piece of Governor's Criminal Justice Reform Package Passes General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/25/14 Third Piece of Governor's Criminal Justice Reform Package Passes General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/25/14 Workers Compensation Recommendations Pass General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/24/14 Governor Announces Expansion of High-Speed Broadband Access in Sussex County Gov. Jack Markell 6/24/14 Delaware Steps Up Fight to Protect Kids from Child Predators Gov. Jack Markell 6/24/14 Governor Signs Legislation Creating a Division of Forensic Science Gov. Jack Markell 6/24/14 Legislation to Reform Delaware Election Laws Passes General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/20/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Shoring Up Delaware's Response to Natural Disasters Gov. Jack Markell 6/18/14 Unique Gordons Pond Trail Opens at Cape Henlopen State Park Gov. Jack Markell 6/18/14 Sentencing Reform Legislation Passes General Assembly Gov. Jack Markell 6/13/14 Governor's Weekly Message: Increasing College Access Among Delaware Youth Gov. Jack Markell 6/12/14 Governor Signs Bill to Prohibit Selling E-Cigarettes to Minors Gov. Jack Markell 6/06/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Addressing the Effects of Climate Change Gov. Jack Markell 6/05/14 EPA Highlights Delaware as Model for Reducing Power Plant Pollution Gov. Jack Markell 6/05/14 Governor Markell Signs Bill to Revitalize Urban Areas, Spur Economic Development Gov. Jack Markell 6/02/14 Governor Markell Applauds EPA Effort to Cut Power Plant Emissions Gov. Jack Markell 5/30/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Preparing Youth for the Global Economy Gov. Jack Markell 5/27/14 World Language Expansion Program Shows Growth, High Parent Satisfaction in Second Year Gov. Jack Markell 5/23/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers Gov. Jack Markell 5/16/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Supporting Innovation in Small Businesses Gov. Jack Markell 5/09/14 Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Honoring Those Who Serve and Protect Gov. Jack Markell 5/08/14 Governor Bans the Box for Delaware Public Employees Gov. Jack Markell 5/08/14 Letter to Ian Read, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer - Potential Acquisition of AstraZeneca Gov. Jack Markell 5/07/14 Governor, Legislators Propose Doubling R&D Tax Credit for Small Businesses Gov. Jack Markell 5/05/14 Governor Markell Establishes Youth Re-Entry Education Task Force Gov. Jack Markell