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4/04/14 Gov. Malloy Announces Collaboration With IBM to Launch State's First P-TECH Model School in Norwalk Stefan Pryor 4/03/14 Gov. Malloy, DEEP Commissioner Klee and Mayor Jackson Join Elementary School Students for Trout Stocking Event in Hamden Robert Klee 4/02/14 Gov. Malloy: Agreement Reached to Turn Vacant Buildings into Bioscience Business Incubator, New State Data Center Donald DeFronzo 4/01/14 Gov. Malloy: "Electric Supplier Consumers' Bill Will Create New Consumer Protections in Electronic Supplier Market George Jepsen 3/31/14 Gov. Malloy Launches Data.CT.Gov to Give Public Unprecedented Amount of Access to Government Data Kevin Lembo 3/20/14 Gov. Malloy: State Must "Preserve Our Agricultural Heritage and Help It Expand and Create Jobs" Steven Reviczky 3/19/14 Gov. Malloy and Treasurer Nappier: Let's Help Students Realize Their Dreams Denise Nappier 6/04/12 Gov. Malloy Signs Voting Rights Legislation Denise Merrill 5/21/12 Gov. Malloy, Attorney General Jepsen Announce Allocation of Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Funds George Jepsen 1/01/14 Issue Position: Protecting Seniors and Consumers George Jepsen 1/01/14 Issue Position: Financial Crisis Accountability George Jepsen 1/01/14 Issue Position: Privacy and Data Security George Jepsen 1/01/14 Issue Position: Help for Struggling Homeowners George Jepsen Issue Position: Business Competition George Jepsen Issue Position: The Answer is Leadership Kevin Lembo Issue Position: Protecting Our Quality of Life George Jepsen Issue Position: Giving Consumers a Voice George Jepsen Issue Position: Protecting and Advancing Civil Rights George Jepsen Issue Position: Health Care Reform George Jepsen Issue Position: Efficiency, Accountability and Advocacy Kevin Lembo