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2/24/15 Sessions Comments On Obama's Exec Action To Unilaterally Expand Foreign Worker Programs By 180,000 Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/22/15 Bill Seeks to Improve Workplace Flexibility Rep. Martha Roby 1/15/15 Roby to Re-introduce Working Families Flexibility Act Rep. Martha Roby 1/13/15 Defeating Obama's Amnesty Rep. Morris Brooks 12/09/14 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House - Reauthorize TAA Before it Expires Rep. Terri Sewell 12/05/14 Sessions: Restoring Opportunity for American Workers Highest Priority for New GOP Congress Sen. Jefferson Sessions 10/30/14 Sessions on WSJ Report: Obama's Immigration Orders Have 'World Turned Upside Down' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 10/24/14 Economic Downturn Can't Become the New Normal Rep. Bradley Byrne 9/19/14 Easing the Squeeze on Middle Class Families Rep. Martha Roby 9/18/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Keystone XL Permit Sen. Richard Shelby 9/18/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Keystone XL Permit Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/17/14 Yellowhammer - Shelby: Obama Blocking US Energy Independence with Environmental Agenda Sen. Richard Shelby 9/10/14 Immigration Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/10/14 What's on the Minds of East Alabamians Rep. Michael Rogers 9/09/14 Brooks: Senate Democrats Allowing President to Give Americans' Jobs to Illegals Rep. Morris Brooks 9/08/14 Amnesty in America Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/05/14 Sessions: Under Obama, 13 Million More Adults But 7 Million Fewer Workers Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/29/14 Statement from Congresswoman Sewell in Observance of Labor Day Rep. Terri Sewell 8/21/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Executive Action on Poverty Rep. Terri Sewell 8/18/14 Sessions Responds to Politico Report About WH Meetings with Corporate Lobbyists to Plan Executive Immigration Actions Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/08/14 Sessions Applauds House Passage of Legislation to Halt President's Unlawful Executive Amnesty Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/05/14 Immigration Policy Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/02/14 - EPA Regulations Costing Money and Jobs, Alabama Senators Say: They Are the 'Face of Executive Overreach' Sen. Richard Shelby 8/02/14 - EPA Regulations Costing Money and Jobs, Alabama Senators Say: They Are the 'Face of Executive Overreach' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/01/14 Sessions: 4 In 10 American Adults Not Working Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/01/14 Byrne Statement on Closure of Alabama Power Coal Units Rep. Bradley Byrne 7/31/14 Sessions Announces Opposition to Both House and Senate Border Legislation Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/31/14 Sessions Says Congress Must Fight Executive Amnesty: 'This Cannot Stand. It Will Not Stand.' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/30/14 Byrne Joins Colleagues in Protesting Obama's "War on Coal" Rep. Bradley Byrne 7/29/14 Sessions: House Leaders' Border Package 'Surrender to a Lawless President' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/28/14 Sessions Warns Obama Not to Move Forward with Illegal Executive Amnesty Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/24/14 Senate Inaction Rep. Bradley Byrne 7/22/14 Immigration Takes American Jobs Rep. Morris Brooks 7/21/14 The Root - For African-American Women--and All Women--Let's Make Every Day Equal Pay Day Rep. Terri Sewell 7/17/14 Bring Jobs Back Home Act - Motion to Proceed - Continued Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/15/14 Waay TV - Congressman Mo Brooks Wants to Help Veterans With His New Bill Rep. Morris Brooks 7/15/14 Sessions Comments on GE Aviation Expansion in Auburn Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/11/14 Brooks Helps Key Job Growth Bill Pass House Rep. Morris Brooks 7/10/14 Byrne Supports Bill to Reform Workforce Training Programs Rep. Bradley Byrne 7/09/14 Roby-Amended Bill Passed, Sent to President Rep. Martha Roby 7/09/14 Owens Co-Sponsors Bill to Increase VA Hiring Preference for Veterans Rep. Morris Brooks 6/30/14 Shelby Responds to Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling Sen. Richard Shelby 6/30/14 Sessions Comments on Hobby Lobby Ruling Sen. Jefferson Sessions 6/26/14 Immigration Reform Sen. Jefferson Sessions 6/22/14 Breitbart - Pro-Amnesty Elites Treat People as 'Commodities' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 6/18/14 Congresswoman Sewell Applauds Mercedes-Benz for Adding the New C-Class Sedan to its Product Portfolio at the Vance Plant Rep. Terri Sewell 6/06/14 Sessions: 7 Million People Have Left The Workforce Since The President Took Office Sen. Jefferson Sessions 5/13/14 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Economic Challenges Facing American Women Sen. Jefferson Sessions 5/11/14 GOP Weekly Address: Roby, Colleagues Call on Senate to Act on House Passed Bills Rep. Martha Roby 5/08/14 Sessions Comments On Yellen Testimony Before The Budget Committee Sen. Jefferson Sessions 5/07/14 Energy Independence, Jobs, and a Stronger Economy: Build the Keystone XL Pipeline Now Rep. Michael Rogers 5/05/14 Federation for American Immigration Reform Rep. Gary Palmer 5/02/14 Ranking Member Sessions Statement On April Jobs Report Sen. Jefferson Sessions 5/01/14 Letter to Carolyn Colvin, Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration - Disability Benefits Being Awarded On Basis Of Inability To Speak English Sen. Jefferson Sessions 5/01/14 Sessions Comments on Senate Majority's Hypocrisy over Wages Sen. Jefferson Sessions 4/23/14 Statement from Congresswoman Sewell on the US Supreme Court Ruling to Uphold Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban Rep. Terri Sewell 4/03/14 Byrne Votes to "Save American Workers' Rep. Bradley Byrne 3/31/14 Byrne Supports Bold Action to Jumpstart Economy Rep. Bradley Byrne 3/31/14 Roby Questions OSHA's Targeting of Southern Automotive Industry Rep. Martha Roby 3/25/14 Byrne: "President Obama Has Much to Learn from Southwest Alabama' Rep. Bradley Byrne 3/24/14 Column: Cultivating Southwest Alabama's Next Generation of Leadership Rep. Bradley Byrne 3/12/14 Get Washington Out of the Way Rep. Morris Brooks 3/07/14 Sessions: Households Have Lost $278B In Income Over The Last Five Years Sen. Jefferson Sessions 2/24/14 Rogers Talks Jobs, Economy at Auto Supplier in Chambers County Rep. Michael Rogers 2/12/14 Blog: Obamacare's Future: Will Hurt Jobs Rep. Michael Rogers 2/11/14 Hearing of the Senate Budget Committee - CBO's Obamacare Report And Budget Outlook Sen. Jefferson Sessions 2/07/14 Sessions: Time To Begin National Conversation About Moving People Off Welfare And Into The Workforce Sen. Jefferson Sessions 2/06/14 Letter to Jeb Hensarling, Chairman House Financial Services Committee, and John Campbell, Chairman House Financial Services Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade - Hearing on Export-Import Bank Rep. Terri Sewell 2/05/14 Senate Budget Committee Analysis Of CBO Baseline Outlook Sen. Jefferson Sessions 2/05/14 Rogers: CBO Report: Obamacare Threatens Jobs Rep. Michael Rogers 2/05/14 - Obamacare Bad For Business? That's No Surprise to Rep. Mike Rogers Rep. Michael Rogers 2/01/14 Hearing of the Senate Budget Committee - The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2014-2024 Sen. Jefferson Sessions 2/01/14 Bipartisan Solutions in Weekly Republican Address Rep. Martha Roby 1/31/14 Feature in Weekly Republican Address Rep. Martha Roby 1/30/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Fulfilling the Promise of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Rep. Terri Sewell 1/30/14 Agricultural Act of 2014 Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/29/14 Blog: The Uncertain State of Our Union Rep. Michael Rogers 1/28/14 Statement From Congresswoman Sewell on the State of the Union Address Rep. Terri Sewell 1/28/14 Ranking Member Sessions Comments On State Of The Union Address Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/28/14 State of the Union: Roby Reacts Rep. Martha Roby 1/27/14 Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/22/14 Rogers Takes Jobs Tour in St. Clair County Rep. Michael Rogers 1/22/14 Rogers Tours KwangSung Corporation in Dadeville Rep. Michael Rogers 1/10/14 Ranking Member Sessions On Jobs Report: Nearly 5 People Left Workforce For Each 1 Job Added Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/09/14 Ranking Member Sessions Responds To Obama's Speech On "Promise Zones' Sen. Jefferson Sessions 1/06/14 National Review - Crowding Out U.S. Workers Sen. Jefferson Sessions 12/04/13 Letter to Senator Patty Murray, Representative Paul Ryan, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Representative Chris van Hollen - Mikulski Urges Conferees to Reject Draconian Increases to Federal Employees' Retirement Contributions as Work on Budget Deal Continues Sen. Jefferson Sessions 11/05/13 Alabama Political Reporter - Roby Reports That Her "Working Families Flexibility Act" Is Gaining Traction in the Senate Rep. Martha Roby 10/31/13 Roby's "Working Families Flexibility Act" Gains Traction in the Senate Rep. Martha Roby 10/08/13 Ranking Member Sessions Responds To Secretary Sebelius' False Claim On Part-Time Work Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/27/13 Sessions Delivers 2nd Address In Series On American Workers, Calls On Both Parties To Reject Special Interests Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/11/13 The Hill - Need to Hel Americans Find Jobs, Not Replace Them Using Immigration Policy Sen. Jefferson Sessions 9/06/13 Sessions Comments On August Jobs Report Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/21/13 Aderholt Commends Alabama Students Honored at National SkillsUSA Championships Rep. Robert Aderholt 8/13/13 Aderholt: 'The Only Climate We Should be Talking About Today is this Country's Stalled Economic and Jobs Climate' Rep. Robert Aderholt 8/02/13 Sessions Comments On July Jobs Report Sen. Jefferson Sessions 8/01/13 Promoting Energy Savings in Residential Buildings and Industry--Motion to Proceed--Continued Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/17/13 Nomination of Thomas Edward Perez to be Secretary of Labor Sen. Jefferson Sessions 7/09/13 Letter to Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate - National Labor Relations Board Nominees Rep. Terri Sewell 7/03/13 Sessions: New Report Underscores How Senate Immigration Bill Would Negatively Impact American Workers Sen. Jefferson Sessions