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8/22/14 Keeping the Fairbanks Community Informed about the F-35s Next Steps and Gray Eagle Program Sen. Mark Begich 8/22/14 Sen. Murkowski Expresses Guarded Optimism About Big Thorne Timber Project Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/15/14 $7.8 Million in Fishery Disaster Funding Set to Arrive in Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/15/14 $7.8 Million in Fishery Disaster Funding Set to Arrive in Alaska Rep. Donald Young 8/14/14 Murkowski: Interior Department's Response Confirms Worst Suspicions Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/13/14 At Alaska Tribal Health Meeting, Begich Reports Alaska Tribal Contract Settlements Reach $449 Million Sen. Mark Begich 8/12/14 Begich Demands Answers on Military Contractor Sen. Mark Begich 8/11/14 Cantwell, Begich Call for National Strategy on Ocean Acidification Sen. Mark Begich 8/11/14 Murkowski Lauds F-35 Preliminary Basing Decision for Eielson Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/11/14 Dept. of Homeland Security Implements Begich's Recommendations on FEMA Transparency Sen. Mark Begich 8/08/14 VA Reforms Begich Championed in Alaska Now Law Sen. Mark Begich 8/07/14 After Years of Pressure from Begich and Delegation, Air Force Selects Eielson as Likely Home of F-35s Sen. Mark Begich 8/07/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - Expanded Access to Federal Offshore Areas is Absolutely Vital Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/06/14 FEMA Administrator Appoints Alaskan to National Advisory Council Sen. Mark Begich 8/06/14 Begich Supports Funding for New Arctic Maritime Security Research at UAA Sen. Mark Begich 8/06/14 ICYMI: "The United States Needs to Turn its Attention to the Arctic Ocean" Rep. Donald Young 8/06/14 Letter to Penny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce - Call for USPTO to Improve Patent Quality, Pave Way for Innovation Sen. Mark Begich 8/05/14 Congressional Arctic Working Group Will Help Better Coordinate and Advance U.S. Arctic Policy Rep. Donald Young 8/05/14 Senator Murkowski E-Newsletter for the Week of August 5, 2014 Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/04/14 Begich Pays Tribute to Alaska's Korean War Veterans Sen. Mark Begich 8/01/14 Reed and Murkowski Release Chairman's Mark of Interior, Environment & Related Agencies Appropriations Bill Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/01/14 Begich introduces Aleut Relocation Study Act of 2014 Sen. Mark Begich 8/01/14 Murkowski Votes for VA Reform Bill, Calls It a "First Step" Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/01/14 Murkowski Announces Results of Interior Funding Negotiations, Funding Bill to Strengthen Alaska's Tribes, Lands and Parks Sen. Lisa Murkowski 8/01/14 House Passes Supplemental Package to Address Border Crisis Rep. Donald Young 7/31/14 Wainwright Dew Line Land Acquisition Act Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/31/14 Letter to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations - UN Response to the Conflict in Gaza Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - A Call for More Offshore Energy Production, Expanded Revenue Sharing Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Veterans Reforms Begich Championed in Alaska to Become Law Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Begich Ensures Alaska Natives Are Heard and Disaster Relief Needs Are Met Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Sen. Murkowski Welcomes Continued Approvals of LNG Export Capacity Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/31/14 Begich Statement on Arctic Inupiat Offshore Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Letter to Michael Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration - Keep Dubuque Air Traffic Control Tower Open Rep. Donald Young 7/31/14 Sen. Murkowski Applauds Shell Offer to ASRC of Equity Stake in Chukchi Sea Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/31/14 Murkowski Votes Against Advancing Emergency Supplemental Bill Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/31/14 Begich Sponsors Bill to Expand Birth Control Access for Military Women Sen. Mark Begich 7/31/14 Murkowski Votes Against "Déjà Vu Messaging" Bill Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/30/14 House Moves Forward On Executive Civil Lawsuit Rep. Donald Young 7/30/14 Begich to Senate Democrats: Let's Vote on Amendments Sen. Mark Begich 7/30/14 Murkowski: Lessons of Galena Need to Be Learned Nationwide Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/30/14 Murkowski Stresses Urgency in Support of Native Languages Immersion Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/30/14 VA Reform Bill Passes House with Strong Bipartisan Support Rep. Donald Young 7/29/14 House Votes to Bring 21st Century Innovation to Outdated Endangered Species Act Rep. Donald Young 7/29/14 Begich Bill Takes Steps to Spur Renewable Marine Energy and Create Jobs in Alaska Sen. Mark Begich 7/29/14 Sen. Murkowski Alarmed by Potential Roadless Restriction in NPR-A Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/29/14 Begich: New VA Secretary Will Have Authority, Resources to Overhaul VA Health System Sen. Mark Begich 7/29/14 Murkowski Votes to Confirm New VA Secretary Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/29/14 Begich Signs Veterans Conference Report, Includes Reforms He Championed in Alaska Sen. Mark Begich 7/29/14 Begich Statement on Vote to Advance Immigration Bill for Debate Sen. Mark Begich 7/25/14 Sen. Murkowski Welcomes Signing of Gull Egg Use Bill Into Law Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/25/14 Administration Approves Begich Call for Health Care Fix Sen. Mark Begich 7/25/14 House Passes Commonsense Reforms to Improve Tax Code for American Families Rep. Donald Young 7/25/14 Begich Introduces Bill to Provide Aid to Thousands of Homeless Families Sen. Mark Begich 7/25/14 House Sends Clear Message to President, No Troops in Iraq Without Congressional Approval Rep. Donald Young 7/24/14 Bring Jobs Back Home Act - Motion to Proceed Sen. Mark Begich 7/24/14 Murkowski Continues Fight for Access to Alaska's History Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/24/14 The Juneau Empire - My Turn: Hobby Lobby Decision Should Outrage Alaskans Sen. Mark Begich 7/24/14 Begich Committee Report Finds $1.4 Billion in Taxpayer Savings Sen. Mark Begich 7/24/14 Begich Bills Would Ensure Payment for Alaska Native Contracts Sen. Mark Begich 7/23/14 Congressman Young Continues to Seek Resolution for Traditional Alaska Native Artwork Containing Bird Parts Rep. Donald Young 7/23/14 Murkowski Urges Relief from FEMA Red Tape for Juneau Development Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/23/14 Letter to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior - Seven Months Later, Still No Help for King Cove Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/22/14 Murkowski Applauds Signing of Jobs Bill Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/22/14 Murkowski: Administration Blocking Jobs and Revenue Generation from Public Lands Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/21/14 Murkowski's 10,000th Book Donation Honors Longtime Anchorage Librarian Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/21/14 Congressman Young Shares Thoughts on 17 Billionth Barrel Milestone Rep. Donald Young 7/21/14 Revised Magnuson-Stevens Draft Available Online Sen. Mark Begich 7/21/14 Begich Statement on TAPS Milestone: 17 Billion Barrels Delivered Since 1977 Sen. Mark Begich 7/21/14 Begich Statement on Alaska LNG Project Filing Dept. of Energy Export Application Sen. Mark Begich 7/21/14 Murkowski Comments on EPA Restrictions on Bristol Bay Watershed Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/18/14 Murkowski Comments on EPA Restrictions on Bristol Bay Watershed Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/18/14 Begich Ensures Alaska Priorities Represented in White House Push for Climate Preparedness Sen. Mark Begich 7/18/14 Murkowski Criticizes Latest Health Care Move Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/18/14 House Passes Spending Measure to Rein in IRS and Streamline Critical Financial Services Rep. Donald Young 7/18/14 Murkowski Nominates Alaska Libraries and Museums for National Honor Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/18/14 Begich Sponsors Duck Stamp Bill to Protect Habitat for Hunters Sen. Mark Begich 7/18/14 Begich Statement on EPA's Proposed Bristol Bay Designation Sen. Mark Begich 7/18/14 Murkowski Locks in Funding to Combat Military ALS Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/17/14 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Sen. Mark Begich 7/17/14 Murkowski Works for Alaska Military Pay, Priorities in Committee Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/17/14 Begich Introduces Bill Requiring Companies to Disclose When They Refuse to Cover Birth Control Sen. Mark Begich 7/17/14 Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2014 Rep. Donald Young 7/17/14 Murkowski Introduces Legislation Requiring Congressional Approval of National Monuments Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/17/14 Begich Chairs Roundtable with Alaska Native Leaders to Discuss Voting Rights Sen. Mark Begich 7/16/14 Sen. Murkowski Comments on New Round of Sanctions on Russia Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/16/14 Sen. Murkowski Thanks Secretary Pritzker for Open Discussion Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/16/14 Congressman Young Leads Effort to Reverse EPA Wage Garnishment Regulation Rep. Donald Young 7/16/14 Murkowski: Papp's Arctic Knowledge "Vast as the Region Itself" Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/16/14 Murkowski Heading to U.S./Mexico Border to Get Questions Answered Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/16/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Adoption Crisis in the DRC Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/16/14 Begich Disappointed Bill Protecting Women's Access to Health Care Fails in Senate Sen. Mark Begich 7/16/14 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Adoption Crisis in the DRC Rep. Donald Young 7/15/14 Begich Welcomes Dynamic Duo to Oversee U.S. Arctic Interests Sen. Mark Begich 7/15/14 Murkowski: Money Alone Won't Fix Forest Service's Fire Funding Challenges Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/15/14 House Votes to Permanently Ban State and Local Governments from Taxing Internet Access Rep. Donald Young 7/15/14 Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 Rep. Donald Young 7/15/14 Murkowski Committee Work Boosts Alaska's Military Efforts Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/15/14 Executive Session Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/15/14 Letter to Thomas Perez, Secretary of Labor - Wage Hike at Fast Food Restaurants on Military Bases May Lead to Restaurant Closings Sen. Lisa Murkowski 7/14/14 Congressman Young and Senator Murkowski Welcome Army Corps Decision Rep. Donald Young