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8/29/16 Letter to the Honorable John Kerry, Secretary of the Department of State - In Defense of the Second Amendment and Small Businesses Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/27/16 Rubio Fact Checks President Obama's Zika Dishonesty Sen. Marco Rubio 8/27/16 In Iowa, Donald Trump Offers Vision Of Hope For The Powerless And Disenfranchised Donald Trump 8/26/16 As Trump and Clinton Exchange Barbs, Stein Listens to Struggling Public Housing Tenants, Homeless and Vets in Baltimore Jill Stein 8/26/16 Governor Christie Announces Additional Assistance For Municipalities Hard-Hit By Superstorm Sandy Gov. Christopher Christie 8/25/16 Rubio Statement on Obama Administration's Denial of Disaster Declaration Appeal Sen. Marco Rubio 8/25/16 Rubio Statement on the Colombia Peace Agreement Sen. Marco Rubio 8/25/16 Transcript of Hillary's Reno Speech Hillary Clinton 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements Gov. Christopher Christie 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements Gov. Christopher Christie 8/25/16 Sen. Cruz in Corpus Christi: We Must Take Care of Our Nation's Veterans Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/25/16 Donald J. Trump Addresses Clinton Corruption And Her Sabotage Of The Inner Cities Donald Trump 8/24/16 Donald J. Trump Remarks in Tampa, FL Donald Trump 8/24/16 Governor Chris Christie Acts To Make New Jersey A "Shall Issue" State For Handgun Carry Permits Gov. Christopher Christie 8/24/16 Donald J. Trump Calls For American Independence, Lays Out Need For Immigration Security Donald Trump 8/24/16 Federal Funding Critical to Stopping Zika in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio 8/24/16 The Government Needs to Stop Stifling Economic Growth Gary Johnson 8/24/16 Governor Christie On MVC: We're Trying To Make The Experience Better And Reduce Transaction Times Gov. Christopher Christie 8/24/16 Stein and Baraka Call for Halt to Dakota Access Pipeline Construction, Say US Must Honor Treaties with Native Americans Jill Stein 8/24/16 Governor Christie Announces Initiatives to Reduce MVC Wait Times, Customer Costs Gov. Christopher Christie 8/23/16 Donald Trump Remarks On New Clinton Corruption Revelations, Border Security In Texas Donald Trump 8/23/16 Gov. Christie: We Want Every Child To Have The Opportunity To Reach Their Fullest Potential Gov. Christopher Christie 8/23/16 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Trump on Deportation Stance Donald Trump 8/23/16 Governor Christie: I Am Liberated From The Normal Constraints On Politicians Gov. Christopher Christie 8/22/16 Donald Trump Calls For Special Prosecutor In Clinton Corruption Scandal Donald Trump 8/22/16 Donald J. Trump Statement on Clinton Foundation: Shut It Down Donald Trump 8/20/16 Trump Speech In Virginia: We Will Be The Party Of Lincoln Once More Donald Trump 8/19/16 New American Future: Donald J. Trump Invites African-Americans To Join Change Movement Donald Trump 8/19/16 Rubio Statement on New Zika Warning Affecting Miami-Dade County Sen. Marco Rubio 8/19/16 Donald J. Trump Statement on Paul Manafort Donald Trump 8/19/16 Rubio Visits Florida's Space Coast, Touts Industry's Innovations and Importance for National Security Sen. Marco Rubio 8/19/16 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States- Federal Assistance for Toxic Algal Bloom Sen. Marco Rubio 8/18/16 Donald J. Trump Remarks in Charlotte, NC: Building A New American Future Donald Trump 8/18/16 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State, US Department of State and Gayle Smith, Administrator, US Agency for International Development- Gaza Assistance Sen. Marco Rubio 8/18/16 Warner, Kaine Announce More Than $70,000 In DOJ Funding To Support Local Law Enforcement Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/18/16 Rubio Statement on Obama Administration's Admission Cash for Iran was Contingent on Release of Americans Held Hostage Sen. Marco Rubio 8/17/16 Governor Christie Issues Executive Order Due to Senate's Continued Inaction on TTFA Gov. Christopher Christie 8/16/16 Rubio: ObamaCare Continues to Deprive Floridians of Better Care, Lower Costs Sen. Marco Rubio 8/16/16 Gary Johnson: We Need To Stop Criminalizing Personal Choice Gary Johnson 8/16/16 Sen. Cruz Assails President Obama's Transfer of Guantanamo Bay Detainees Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/16/16 Rubio Hails Dismissal of Frivolous School Choice Lawsuit in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio 8/16/16 Gov. Christie On TTF: Dems Think It's Affordable To Take Your Money, Unaffordable To Give It Back Gov. Christopher Christie 8/16/16 Governor Christie: Unequivocal, Unashamed, Unapologetic Support Of Israel Is The Policy Of NJ Gov. Christopher Christie 8/16/16 Rubio: President Obama's Reckless Release of Terrorists from GITMO Endangers More Americans Sen. Marco Rubio 8/16/16 Sen. Cruz: Obamacare Continues to Be a Disaster for American Families Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/16/16 The Weight of Waste Sen. Rand Paul 8/16/16 Donald J. Trump Remarks on Creating a New and Better Future for America's Inner Cities Donald Trump 8/15/16 Governor Christie, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State and Local Officials Mark Completion of Bound Brook Phase of Green Brook Flood Risk Management Project Gov. Christopher Christie 8/15/16 The Craziest Election Ever Gary Johnson 8/15/16 Full text: Donald Trump's Speech on Fighting Terrorism Donald Trump 8/15/16 Governor Christie: Flood Risk Management Projects Bring Peace Of Mind Gov. Christopher Christie 8/15/16 Understanding the Threat: Radical Islam and the Age of Terror Donald Trump 8/13/16 Rubio: Mirroring Castros, Maduro Regime Denies Freedom To Political Prisoner Leopoldo Lopez Sen. Marco Rubio 8/13/16 The Miami Herald - U.S. Must Stand With the Opponents of Castro's Ongoing Tyranny Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/12/16 Letter to Joh F. Kerry, Secretary of the Department of State; the Honorable Loretta E. Lynch, Attorney General of the Dept. of Justice and the Honorable Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the Dept. of Treasury - Concerns Over Legality of Obama Administration's $400 Million Ransom Payment to Iran Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/12/16 Warner, Kaine Announce More Than $9.5 Million In Funding For Virginia K-12 Schools And Universities Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/12/16 Sen. Cruz Addresses Economic Opportunity and Healthcare with Texas Industry Leaders Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/11/16 Sen. Cruz: Texas' Agriculture and Defense Industries Are Critical to the Safety and Prosperity of Texans Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/11/16 Remarks on Working Families in Warren, MI Hillary Clinton 8/11/16 After Rubio's Multiple Requests, Obama Administration Finally Agrees to Reprogram Funds to Fight Zika Sen. Marco Rubio 8/11/16 Letter to Jason Kirk, District Commander, Jacksonville District, US Army Corps of Engineers- Florida Bay Restoration Plan Sen. Marco Rubio 8/11/16 Rubio Welcomes Report SEC is Investigating Global Ministries Foundation Sen. Marco Rubio 8/10/16 Rubio Urges Obama Administration to Actively Defend Universal Human Right of Religious Freedom Around the World Sen. Marco Rubio 8/09/16 Rubio Applauds Recovery of El Faro Data Recorder Sen. Marco Rubio 8/09/16 Sen. Cruz: El Paso's Fort Bliss Is a Crucial Base for Those Who Serve on the Front Lines to Keep Our Nation Secure Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/09/16 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Donald Trump Discusses Second Amendment Rights Donald Trump 8/08/16 Remarks on Small Businesses and Creating Jobs in St. Petersburg, FL Hillary Clinton 8/08/16 Trapped by Waste Sen. Rand Paul 8/08/16 Donald Trump's Detroit Speech on His Economic Plan Donald Trump 8/08/16 An America First Economic Plan: Winning The Global Competition Donald Trump 8/08/16 Donald J. Trump Statement on Politically Motivated Letter Donald Trump 8/06/16 Transcript: Jill Stein Accepts the Green Party Nomination Jill Stein 8/06/16 Fox News - Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Holds Rally at University of Utah Gary Johnson 8/05/16 Sen. Cruz Rebukes President Obama's Plan to Circumvent Congress to End Nuclear Testing Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/05/16 Governor Christie On Education Funding: State Aid Should Be Given Out Equally Gov. Christopher Christie 8/05/16 Letter to the Honorable Megan Brennan, Postmaster Generak and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Postal Service - Support Permanent Pocahontas Postal Facility Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/05/16 Rubio To Renew Push To Provide U.S. Troops With Additional Protections From Zika Sen. Marco Rubio 8/05/16 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States - Texas GOP Delegation Letter to President Obama Demanding Answers on Anti-Zika Funding for the State Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/05/16 The Hill - There's Another Choice Gary Johnson 8/05/16 Remarks on Criminal Justice and Immigration Reform in Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton 8/04/16 Letter to Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Broad Coalition of Senate Democrats Call on Top Consumer Agency to Move Swiftly to Limit Unfair Arbitration Agreements in Everyday Financial Contracts Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/04/16 Sens. Warner, Kaine Announce Nearly $7 Million To Support Affordable Housing Development In Virginia Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/04/16 Remarks on 100 Day Jobs Plan in Las Vegas, NV Hillary Clinton 8/04/16 Bipartisan Congressional Task Force On Economic Growth In Puerto Rico Seeks Input On How To Strengthen Territory's Economy Sen. Marco Rubio 8/04/16 Bipartisan Congressional Task Force on Economic Growth in Puerto Rico Seeks Input on How to Strengthen Territory's Economy Sen. Marco Rubio 8/04/16 Letter to Honorable Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, and the Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives - Senate Democrats Urge Congress to Return to Fight Zika Sen. Timothy Kaine 8/04/16 Rubio Meets With CDC Director In Miami, Presses Obama Administration To Ensure Anti-Zika Programs Don't Lapse This Month Sen. Marco Rubio 8/04/16 USDA Announces Safety Net Assistance for Milk Producers Due to Tightening Dairy Margins Thomas Vilsack 8/03/16 CNN Transcript: Libertarian Town Hall Meeting with Anderson Cooper Gary Johnson 8/03/16 Rubio To Introduce Legislation Stopping Obama's Ransom Payment To Iran Sen. Marco Rubio 8/03/16 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Capito, Bipartisan Senators Urge Secretary Kerry to Combat Human Trafficking Sen. Marco Rubio 8/03/16 Rubio Comments On Federal Raid Of Slumlords At Global Ministries Foundation Sen. Marco Rubio 8/03/16 Remarks on Strengthening the Economy and Protecting Public Lands in Commerce City, Colorado Hillary Clinton 8/03/16 Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on Obama Administration's $400 Million Ransom Payment to Iran Sen. Rafael Cruz 8/03/16 Rubio In Miami Today Urges President & Congress To End Political Gamesmanship On Zika Sen. Marco Rubio 8/02/16 Governor Christie: PARCC Is Undoubtedly An Effective Assessment Tool Gov. Christopher Christie 8/02/16 Letter to the Hon. Tom Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture - Revise SNAP Rule Sen. Marco Rubio 8/02/16 Ohio Announces Nation-Leading Delivery of Better Primary Care Gov. John Kasich 8/02/16 Secretary Vilsack Announces $36.5 Million for Specialty Crop Research and Extension Investments Thomas Vilsack 8/02/16 Statement from Charles Woods, Father of Benghazi Hero Tyrone Woods Donald Trump

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