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Governor Bullock to Dark Money Groups: "You're Not Welcome Here"


Location: Helena, MT

Governor Steve Bullock released the following statement in response to a decision from First District
Court Judge Jeffery Sherlock, fining the "dark money" group American Tradition Partnership $260,000:
"Montana has a history of clean and fair elections, but that history was tarnished in recent years by secretive,
out-of-state special interests who tried to buy our elections.The message to those who seek to hide in the
shadows while using despicable tactics to con Montana voters is clear: you're not welcome here."
As Attorney General, Bullock led the fight to protect and preserve Montana's campaign finance laws. He
personally defended our 100 year old Corrupt Practices Act, a measure that was ultimately struck down by the
U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision. Bullock was called "the biggest threat to Citizens United." As Governor,
he continues to advocate for clean elections and responsive government.

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