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NBC "The Ed Show" - Voter Identification


Location: Unknown


SCHULTZ: Now, yesterday, we talked about Florida. Today, we`re talking about
Ohio. Don`t anybody say a year away from election that the Ed Show didn`t
pay any attention to this. I`m giving you a year`s warning. This is how
these people play the game. For more, let`s bring in Ohio State Senator
Nina Turner who is running for Secretary of State in Ohio which I think is
one of the most important races in the country. Senator, good to have you
with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: Are these bills a response to you running because you have
been on this program numerous times, you`ve been on other shows, you have
not been afraid to speak out about voter suppression. In fact, you have
been the leader when it comes to folks out of Ohio talking about
suppressing the vote and what has to be done. Is this is a direct reaction
to you running? What do you think?

TURNER: Well, Ed I think this is more reaction of reaction to the
demographic shift that we have going on in our country including the State
of Ohio that again if Republicans don`t have better candidates with better
ideas. They try to rig the election. The first rigging was to
redistricting as you know, Ed and you have been a great champion and I`m so
glad that you are sounding the alarm bill because we need to do that. In
states like North Carolina and Texas, they made -- the Republicans are
wholesale stripping away the right to vote or creating barriers to the
right to vote by having one huge bill. But in states like Ohio, they are
chipping away brick by brick by brick .


TURNER: . and they are building a wall, a barrier between voters and
the opportunity to be equals at the ballot box, Ed. This is exactly what
is going on in the State of Ohio and across this country.

SCHULTZ: Senator, how can we interpret it any other way that it`s an
attack on Democratic voters, it`s an attack on the elderly, it`s an attack,
I mean, on low-income neighborhoods. I mean, they want to reduce the
number of voting machines. I mean, I just find that amazing. How else can
we read it other than an attack on Democratic voters?

TURNER: Well, it is and not only Democrats. There are say (ph), all
voters because as you just identified, elderly voters of all political
spectrums will be impacted by this. Policy Matters did a study last year,
Ed in which strict voter I.D. which is pending again in the Ohio House.
You stated correctly that we have about five bills in the Senate. There
are about half a dozen of bills in the Ohio House with strict
identification bills will have an impact on elderly folks in the State of

SCHULTZ: So what`s the motivation here? What`s the -- they got bills
in the House bills in the Senate, we only focus on the Senate bills tonight.


SCHULTZ: but, you know, six I.D. voter laws now coming up in the
house in Ohio. What`s the motivation?

TURNER: They want to restrict people`s opportunities to vote because
they know when more people vote, Democrats win. The bottom line here is
that we should be encouraging and protecting the right to vote. But
Republicans are doing exactly the opposite here in the legislature. And if
this happens in Ohio as you stated, this will happen -- will continue to
happen all over the country and it`s not just the Southern States. As we
see what`s happening in Ohio, this is a mo-top (ph) cocktail of deception
and what they`re trying to do is restrict access to the ballot box brick by
brick and we can`t stand for it. We cannot wait. We cannot wait. We have
to be engaged right now.

SCHULTZ: Well, let`s talk about that. Where is John Kasich on this?
Where is the executive branch? Would he sign these bills if they got
through House and Senate?

TURNER: The Governor, I wish he would come on your show, Ed and you
can ask him that question directly.

SCHULTZ: I mean, this is a fundamental. I mean, you`re either for .


SCHULTZ: . expanding the vote or you`re not.

TURNER: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: How can you .

TURNER: Well he had .

SCHULTZ: How can you call yourself a moderate if you`re going to
support radical bills like this?

TURNER: He hasn`t spoken against these bills thus far and which is
unacceptable. The current Secretary of State has not said a mumbling word
about these bills thus far either, Ed. They`re all in this together in
terms of trying to suppress the vote of certain people, young people,
elderly people, people of color. I mean, if a strict voter I.D. bill
passes in Ohio over 900,000 people do not have those types of I.D.s.
Elderly people in particular, African-American, and people who are socially
and economically challenged. All of the groups that they are trying to
stop from voting, they are taking us back.

SCHULTZ: 900,000? 900,000 people?

TURNER: 900,000, Ed. 900,000 people in Ohio. Voting is a
fundamental right and nobody should trample on that right. It is the one
place where one woman, one man, one vote where we all can be equal. This
is serious what is going on in the State of Ohio.

SCHULTZ: Nina Turner, do you think this will backfire on the
Republicans. I mean, is there enough conversation in the Buckeye State, in
the bread basket of winning elections about this?

TURNER: Well, you`re getting us started Ed and to the extent that you
continue to sound the alarm and others on the ground. We do have good
government groups going all over the state. I think it will backfire the
same way it backfired on them last year when they tried to tort access to
the ballot box. It will backfire again but we don`t have the glitz and the
glamour of a presidential election and that is why what you are doing is so

SCHULTZ: It`s the worst you`ve ever seen, right?

TURNER: Every election matters.

SCHULTZ: It`s the worst you`ve ever seen.

TURNER: Oh absolutely. It goes back. Remember the long lines in
Ohio in 2004 and juxtaposed those long lines to what happened in Florida in
2012. That is exactly what they`re doing trying to discourage people from
exercising their fundamental right to vote.

SCHULTZ: And I want to make sure I got this right. This would
diminish the powers of the Secretary of State. Correct?

TURNER: Yeah. The one bill that you named absolutely in terms of
absentee ballot applications being mailed out, that particular bill states
that only if the general assembly authorizes it through in appropriations.


TURNER: So, if the general assembly does not give money to the
Secretary of State to mail out those absentee ballot application, then the
Secretary of State cannot do that. Why would you do that? Why would you
do that?

SCHULTZ: Control (ph).

TURNER: You`re going to confuse and stop voters from exercising their

SCHULTZ: Yeah. They just want the legislature to control the state
office so it don`t get out of hand and so they can control the vote. I
mean, it is amazing what`s happening. Well, this is an opportunity. This
is a real national opportunity for John Kasich .

TURNER: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: . to step out against from radical thinking when it comes to
people going to the polls and vote. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner,
running for Secretary State in Ohio. Thanks for joining us tonight. I
appreciate your time.


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