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Congressman Holding Votes Against Senate Budget Deal


Location: Washington, DC

Following House passage of a bill to temporarily fund the government and raise the debt ceiling, Congressman George Holding released a statement:

"In one sense, this may be an oversimplification -- but in Washington today there are two philosophies.

One philosophy holds that the government continuing to spend much more than it takes in is simply unsustainable. Excessive spending is one of the root causes of our economic decline, and it is just plain wrong.

The other philosophy holds that we'd be better off -- and the economy would prosper -- if the government spends more.

The difference between these two philosophies is at the core of the debate of tonight's vote on the Senate budget deal to temporarily fund the government and raise the debt ceiling.

Tonight, I voted against the bill to borrow more because it fails to cut spending. I realize that is controversial -- but consider this: those who believe we need more government refused to even discuss ways to cut spending. That worked as a legislative strategy -- but was it reasonable?

If anyone had any doubt Washington politics are broken, look at what happened tonight: after ten months of deliberation Congress voted to borrow more. Not to cut spending. And to repeat the same debt ceiling and Continuing Resolution process, we've just been through, in a few months. That is the culmination of broken politics."

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