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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, as the oldest Member in the history of this body, I rise with more concern today for our country than ever before.

Mr. Speaker, I was a Member when we had the last shutdown. It spawned a balanced budget. Today, unfortunately, we have a President and a Senate who so far are unwilling to negotiate on a budget that will accomplish these same goals.

We need to rein in Federal Government, cut wasteful spending, fix the Tax Code, protect and strengthen Medicare and our national defense, balance the budget, and address the harmful ObamaCare. And now people tell me to continue to object to ObamaCare and don't let up.

The President needs to give the American people the same privileges he's given to big business and small business--a 1-year delay and a mandate on ObamaCare.

The Senate rejected all four negotiation attempts proposed by the House. The result of their refusal? A shutdown of the government. They, with this President, shut this government down.

Mr. Speaker, I urge the President and Senator Reid to work with us on a responsible budget. We should all work toward the same goal: protect the best possible opportunity for Americans to prosper, the greatest good for the greatest number, our children.

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