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Congressman Cantor: President Obama's Plan Is More Debt And No Reform


Location: Unknown

"Last week, we sent the Senate a Continuing Resolution that funds the government and stops ObamaCare before it costs one more job or it costs families in this country one more dollar of discretionary income.

"We also talked a lot today about a plan we're going to put forward this week. It is a plan to address the debt ceiling. We have a debt crisis in this nation -- I don't think many people have differed with that notion. We have a plan to reduce wasteful government spending which also spurs economic growth.

"Our plan reduces energy costs for families and businesses. It calls for the reform of our tax code. It reforms Washington spending and it delays ObamaCare for one year for all American families. Now, President Obama has already delayed the law for big business, for insurance companies, and for the politically connected. So it is only fair for us to say that American families should also have the benefit of delay that the President has given to those.

"For too long, President Obama and his democratic colleagues in the Senate have chosen to ignore our looming debt crisis. President Obama's plan has been, and is still, more debt and no reform. And the American people have resoundingly rejected this idea.

"We have a recent poll out this morning -- the Bloomberg poll -- which says that the American people -- no they don't want a government shutdown, but they are tired of the debt and they want to make sure that this President sits down and negotiates with us a resolution to this problem.

"We call on the President now to sit down with us, Harry Reid to sit down with us, and let's solve the problem. This plan of more debt and no reform is absolutely unacceptable -- it is unacceptable to us and it's unacceptable to the American people who we represent."

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