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Chairman Carter Opposes Military Strike Against Syria


Location: Unknown

Congressman John Carter (R-TX31), Chairman of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, is releasing the following statement regarding the situation in Syria and President Obama's request for the United States to respond with a military strike.

"My constituents and the majority of Americans have voiced their opposition to the President's ill-conceived plan for military action in Syria. As a former judge, evidence and facts are crucial to my decision making. I do not see the evidence or facts to justify an act of war against Syria. I believe the President's decision to attack Syria is not based on defending the security of our nation, but is based on defending his political agenda and his "red line.' A political agenda is no reason to put our sons and daughters in danger or involve our country in another costly war at a time when we are dealing with a budgetary crisis, the President's damaging sequester and reduced troop levels. There are many issues that our country should be focused on and kicking a hornets' nest is not one of them. If I am given the opportunity to vote on a resolution of approval for military action, I will vote NO."

Chairman John Carter is the elected Representative of Fort Hood, the largest military installation in the world.

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