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Social Security Reform

Location: Washington, DC

SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM -- (House of Representatives - February 09, 2005)


Mr. WICKER. Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate the gentleman for his remarks. We can save the Social Security system and also we can get a better deal for our young workers in retirement.

Let me make one quick point and see if I have it right. There are actually three aspects to the Social Security system. One is Social Security disability, another is the survivorship program, and the other is the old age retirement program.

I think what most of us are saying is, we can save the retirement program through these individual accounts, but we do not have to do one single change to disability. People do not have to worry about losing their disability and they do not have to worry about the survivorship. So if people raise that red herring, that is exactly what it is: It is a false charge. Nothing will be done to disability and nothing will be done to survivorship; is that correct?

Mr. SHAW. The gentleman from Mississippi (Mr. Wicker) is absolutely correct and understands it perfectly.

Mr. WICKER. Mr. Speaker, I just want our constituents to understand that, and I want the Members of this body to understand that. I thank the gentleman for his leadership on this issue.

We are not going to do anything to Social Security disability and survivorship, but we do need to give our younger workers an opportunity not only to save the system for their future, but to get a better deal than the one-half percent return or 1 percent return that they are getting now.

We can do better; and if we can, we certainly ought to for retirees now and also for future generations. And I thank the gentleman for yielding to me.


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