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Real ID Act of 2005

Location: Washington, DC

REAL ID ACT OF 2005 -- (House of Representatives - February 09, 2005)


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Chairman, our committee chairman is exactly right; we can go to page 384 in the 9/11 Commission Report. And I encourage all of my constituents to do this, look at this: "For terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons." And what is the number one travel document? It is a driver's license. It is a huge gaping hole that we have. That is why it is imperative that we pass the REAL ID Act today and we set a national standard.

Maybe that is just too much common sense for some of my friends that do not want us to do that, but if someone is going to use a travel document as a driver's license and use it as a way to circumvent our laws and harm our citizens, then it is imperative that we close that loophole. Having standards that all the States would follow is a great way to close that loophole.

I would encourage my colleagues to support the REAL ID Act.

I thank the gentleman from Virginia (Chairman Tom Davis) for his good work on this issue, and I encourage our constituents to read this report and see the importance of the actions that we are taking today.


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