Governor Kitzhaber Statement on Budget Impasse


By:  John Kitzhaber
Date: May 16, 2013
Location: Salem, OR

Governor Kitzhaber released the following statement:

"The positive revenue forecast helps us balance the state budget without further cuts to critical safety net services. It also strengthens the case for a compromise on PERS savings and new revenue to begin to reinvest in education to meet our 40-40-20 goals. I appreciate the willingness of the Senate President and House Speaker to step to the middle for the good of the state. I regret that Republican leadership has not indicated a willingness to develop a balanced compromise proposal involving both PERS and new revenue.

I believe we have no choice other than moving forward on agency budgets with the assumption of no new PERS savings or revenue. I have spoken with the presiding officers and assume the Ways and Means Committee will begin finalizing budget numbers and moving budgets next week toward a late June adjournment."

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