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EPA Proposes Rule That Will Harm Consumers at the Pump


Location: Washington, DC

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposed rules on Tier 3 emission requirements for vehicles and fuels, which could lead to increased costs at the gas pump. Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) issued the following statement regarding these proposed rules:

"The EPA has already achieved significant improvements under the existing Tier 2 requirements, but despite these improvements the EPA has insisted on moving forward with its proposed Tier 3 rules without providing scientific justification or a cost analysis. A recent study projects the upfront compliance costs under these new regulations to refiners at $9.8 billion, and would raise costs by 6 to 9 cents per gallon. I am concerned that these regulations will result in increased fuel prices for consumers at the pump, and hinder the industry's jobs.

"Everyone agrees that we should strive for clean air and a healthy environment, but when proceeding with new regulations we must also look at how it will affect economic growth and national energy security."

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