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Courtney statement on White House report outlining damaging impact of sequester on Connecticut


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Joe Courtney today released the following statement in response to a new White House report outlining the damaging impact of sequestration's cuts on Connecticut:

"As today's report confirms, sequestration would have a sweeping impact on everything from Naval shipbuilding and Head Start to Medicare payments and wait times at the airport--outcomes that touch every single American. The cuts are so mindless and so damaging because they were never intended to go into effect. As former-Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX) said about sequestration when it was first implemented in 1985 as part of an effort to spur deficit reduction: 'It was never the objective of Gramm-Rudman [legislation that used sequestration in 1985] to trigger the sequester; the objective of Gramm-Rudman was to have the threat of the sequester force compromise and action.'

"That was the case this time around, too. No one advocated the sequester's specific cuts; they advocated sequester as a tool to spur thoughtful action to avoid its implementation. With a March 1 deadline looming and doomsday cuts on the horizon, the Congress should be working overtime to negotiate a balanced, bipartisan solution to defuse the sequester, which is why I voted against adjournment nine days ago. There is still time to act and prevent a devastating blow to our economic recovery. As today's report outlines in stark terms, failure to do so would be unacceptable."

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