Udall Welcomes Passage of ASSET Bill at Colorado Capitol


By:  Mark Udall
Date: March 8, 2013
Location: Unknown

Mark Udall, who has been a vocal advocate for comprehensive, accountable immigration reform, welcomed the Colorado Legislature's passage today of legislation to secure fair tuition rates for students who attend at least three years of high school in Colorado, regardless of their immigration status. He urged Congress to set aside partisanship on this issue and follow suit.

"We are stronger as a country because of immigrants. I am proud that the Colorado House and Senate have acknowledged this and passed the ASSET Bill to ensure that high-achieving high school graduates will be able to afford a college education," Udall said. "Washington would be wise to follow Colorado's lead. I stand with business, religious, agricultural and labor leaders -- and Coloradans of all colors -- when I say the time has come for Congress to set partisanship aside and pass comprehensive immigration reform, including the DREAM Act. Common-sense legislation like the ASSET Bill will remove barriers to Colorado students building a future in the only country they've ever known -- the United States."

Udall, who recently wrote an op-ed in the Denver Post on the issue, has been a vocal advocate for fixing the country's broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act. Udall also welcomed the president's decision last year to focus federal law enforcement resources on the deportation of violent felons and not of non-violent youth brought to the United States as children.

Udall also supported the bipartisan Colorado Compact on immigration and attended its unveiling in early December.

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