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President Obama Misses Legal Deadline for Submitting Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Earlier this week, President Obama missed the deadline for submitting his own budget for the fourth time in the last five years. Today, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) said "enough is enough," joining other Republicans in supporting the "Require a PLAN Act," which demands that President Obama explain his plan for balancing the budget.

"Hard-working American families live within a budget. Successful businesses work within a budget. Why is it such a radical idea for the United States Government to have a budget," asked Congressman Pittenger.

"President Obama continues to blame everyone else for Washington's fiscal problems, yet he has consistently failed to fulfill his duty to submit a budget. No wonder he has increased our debt by almost $6 trillion."

The Require a PLAN Act demands that the President explain to the American people how he intends to balance the budget. House Republicans have a common-sense plan for reasonable spending cuts, tax reforms, and restructuring to balance the budget and preserve America for future generations.

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