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Issue Position: K-12

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I believe parents should have the opportunity to send their children to high-quality charter or private schools, including religious schools, especially if their children currently attend a failing public school. I believe that school choice would further increase the accountability of public schools and would reduce the burden on our public school system. In turn, with a lower student enrollment and the spirit of competition introduced, public schools would be better able to devote their resources to improving the academic performance of the remaining students. Meanwhile, the students who attended the charter or private school would also have the benefit of a more focused and friendly learning environment common in many private schools.

While I believe that our public school system will always play an integral role in educating our nation's children, our education system's persistent mediocrity should compel us to consider other educational options. As such, I will support giving parents the choice and necessary resources to send their children to private or charter schools. Along with home schooling, I believe these alternatives can redirect to excellence children who were likely destined to receive an inadequate and unacceptably poor education. We need to acknowledge the problem in order to solve it. No longer can we accept that a one-size fits all education structure is an efficient system. The youth of this country need choice and I believe we need to give them that opportunity.

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