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Rep. McKinley: "No Budget, No Pay"


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. David B. McKinley (R-WV) issued the following statement on confronting the need for a national budget in order to solve the nation's spending problem:

"Without a budget any household or business will spend too much and run up debt," said Rep. McKinley. "That's no different with our country. For the past four years, the Senate has failed to pass a budget, so it's no wonder the government has accumulated trillions of dollars in debt."

"Congress needs to do its job and pass a responsible budget, and if it doesn't, Members of Congress should be not paid," said McKinley. "It's that simple: no budget, no pay."

"Next week, the House will consider a common sense bill that will temporarily raise the debt limit for three months, and requires the Senate to adopt a budget by April 15, 2013," continued McKinley. "Before there is any increase in the debt limit for a long term, we need to make responsible and significant reforms and cuts."

"Until we address the federal government's spending problem, we continue to allow our children and grandchildren's economic future to be whittled away," said Rep. McKinley. "Passing a budget that cuts spending is the first step to putting the country on a sustainable fiscal path. Families and businesses across the country have to follow a budget, Washington should too."

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