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Issue Position: God, Country & the Republican Party

Issue Position


I am a Christian based upon my belief in the Bible. I am a Conservative based upon my belief in the Constitution, and I am a member of the Republican Party based upon my belief that it is the best vehicle to implement these principles. Like many other citizens I have been frustrated by politicians that "play politics". My time as township trustee has shown me the importance of holding on to strong principles while serving the public. Too often elected officials forget their promises when faced with difficult choices. I am firmly determined to be guided by my conservative values when making decisions in public office.

If we want a conservative government we must elect candidates that are truly dedicated to the Ohio & US Constitution and will implement "limited government" policies. The best vehicle for electing good conservatives is the Republican Party. Despite all its flaws and disappointments, the Republican Party is our best chance to elect officials who will turn away from the policies of the left and fight for Constitutional principles.

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