Blog: Leading from Behind


By:  Tim Scott
Date: Sept. 26, 2012
Location: Unknown

As recent events throughout the Middle East and North Africa have shown us, the world is an ever-changing place. One thing that cannot change, however, is strong leadership from the United States - we are the guiding force for democracy and freedom in the world and must remain so.

Unfortunately, our President does not appear to feel the same way. His leadership has paled in comparison with former leaders of the free world, and it is endangering Americans worldwide. We cannot lead from behind.

The assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya and protests against American embassies are not "bumps in the road." The continuing Iranian threat is not something to ignore, or to skip meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu about.

The House has taken concrete steps to strengthen our relationship with Israel, and show the world we stand firmly with our allies. I am also a cosponsor of legislation that calls for a full investigation of the incident in Libya, as the Administration seems unwilling to tell the truth about what occurred.

We will stand strong, whether the President does or not.