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Tonight's Debate


Location: Unknown

This election is a choice between two very different visions for our nation's future, and that choice will be on full display at the debate tonight.

President Obama's imaginary recovery has taken a very real toll on America's middle class. Yet, he's offering no new solutions to turn around the stagnant unemployment and record poverty of the last four years -- just more of the same old irresponsible spending and failed policies that got us here.

Mitt Romney and I, on the other hand, have a real recovery plan for a stronger middle class that will create 12 million new jobs by the end of our first term -- and lead us out of this economic crisis.

Barack Obama doesn't have a record to run on, or a plan for the future.

We do -- and that's why we want this debate.

Donate now to help us put our plan into action and get America working again.


Paul Ryan

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