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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

* I believe that the current rate of State spending is out of control. The State's capital budget has seen an increase from under $500 million to $3 billion in the last decade. I believe that our last legislature defaulted on its responsibility to protect our tax dollars.
* I will push for serious cuts to non-vital portions of the operating and capital budgets, especially where the proposed item is not a core governmental function. I will not vote to spend your money on frivolous line-items like Shootout tickets or other tax giveaways.

* I believe that we should avoid committing to new spending projects while old spending commitments remain unresolved.
* I will work to hold government sectors accountable. The Department of Transportation reports it cannot efficiently oversee those construction projects for which funding has already been provided. I will work to hold the Legislature's capital budget writers accountable. We need set the standard that before we spend money on new projects; we have a realistic plan for completing or terminating pre-existing projects.

* I believe in honoring the State Government's commitments to the citizens of Alaska.
* I will fight to protect your PFD and stand opposed to any movement to reduce our Permanent Fund Dividend.

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