Fiscal Cliff

Floor Speech

By:  Susan Davis
Date: Sept. 20, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speaker, last week the San Diego Chamber of Commerce sent its largest ever delegation of community and business leaders to Washington. They came because they know Washington can help them spur the economy, innovate, and employ local workers if we can all get on the same page.

What grand request did they have for this Congress to help make progress happen? Well, just that we do our job: that we roll up our sleeves, work together across party lines, and find a sensible, not an arbitrary, balance of cuts and spending.

Yes, Mr. Speaker, this country is facing some hard choices, and, yes, there is division in this Chamber, but we do not need to add to the serious challenges facing American businesses and families by sitting on the sidelines watching a completely manmade disaster explode upon our economy.

Let's work together to come to decisions now. The American economy should not be facing a fiscal cliff; it should be receiving a fiscal roadmap. By actually doing our jobs, we can make the jobs of our hardworking constituents a little easier.

Our job is not done, Mr. Speaker. Cancel the congressional recess.